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The 11 differences between the countryside and the city

The 11 differences between the countryside and the city

July 15, 2024

Some individuals, at some point in their life, consider the possibility of changing the field for the city and vice versa. Both the countryside and the city have their peculiarities and have their advantages and disadvantages, and all of them affect our lives from a psychosocial perspective.

Either because you are stressed by the pace of life in the city and you want to live in a quieter place, or live in the countryside and want to live in the city to opt for more work opportunities, change your place of residence to one of these two environments it requires a deep reflection.

In this article you can find the differences between the countryside and the city so you can make a better decision.

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Characteristics of the field

When we think of the countryside, we usually imagine an environment with fewer inhabitants, surrounded by animals and vegetation (grass, trees, crops). Logically, we associate it with a poorly polluted environment. A quiet place in which luxuries (from the material point of view) are not abundant.

Undoubtedly, if a person wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the countryside is a good solution because it is possible to be more relaxed and find peace of mind more easily . The countryside is often seen as a remote and even isolated place if we think that the majority of the population and economic power are located in cities. Being in the countryside would be far from all the cultural events that can occur in cities.

If you're looking to be away from crowded areas and find a quiet area , with a green landscape and being able to connect with nature, the countryside is a perfect place to live.

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Characteristics of the city

After describing what the field is like, let's see what can be done to live in the city and what are its advantages.

Cities are places where a large number of people live, and are characterized by offering a civilized environment, developed and in which, generally, people live surrounded by new technologies and very precise services.

However, the level of technological development of a city depends on the economic situation of this and the country where it is located. In cities, a cultural environment and lifestyle different from that found in the countryside can be breathed: much more hectic and, at times, stressful.

Since cities are places of investment for governing bodies, there are usually more infrastructures, good transportation networks, large businesses, building companies, university institutions, shopping centers and much more.

Now, even though the city it's a place with a lot of job opportunities and in which the university education is usually of higher quality, people tend to live with higher levels of stress.

What makes the city's field different

The differences between the countryside and the city are many, but decide living in one place or another depends on the needs of the person and what do you look for in your life? Now, what are the differences between these two environments? Below you can find the answer to this question.

1. Access to healthcare

Although it is true that in the countryside it is possible to lead a healthy life (with fresh foods), far from a sedentary lifestyle, it is also true that there is less access to complex medical services, needed . For example, when a person must be operated on urgently.

2. Infrastructure

As I have said, a large part of a country's economy is found in cities and, therefore, also investments in infrastructure, transport networks, etc. . In the countryside, on the other hand, life is more peaceful and there are other needs.

3. Education

Education in cities is different from that in the countryside. If we think of a metropolis, we can imagine large university campuses, which aim to cover the labor needs of that context.

4. Tranquility

The countryside is a much quieter place than the city, not only for the number of inhabitants, but also for the lifestyle , much more relaxed and in which one is continuously in contact with nature.

5. Contact with nature

Therefore, there is more vegetation, it is possible to breathe fresh air, eat fresh foods freshly extracted from the garden and the farms.

6. Society and values

In capital cities, capitalist influence tends to predominate, often generating psychological and social phenomena different from those of the countryside. The person usually feels more like an object than a subject , with a predominance of the sensation of anonymity, and the hectic pace of life and the influence of capitalism tends to cause more superficial affective bonds.

Since the pace of life in the countryside is slower, people often recognize themselves as unique beings, which connect with their identity, that of others and nature.

7. Employment opportunities

The development of industry and technology it causes that in the cities there is greater demand for employment. In terms of production levels, the primary sector predominates in the countryside, and the tertiary sector in the city, although in recent times the Quaternary sector also has great importance.

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8. Landscape

The landscape is very different between the countryside and the city. In the countryside green predominates while in the city it is possible to see large buildings, shops, transport ...

9. Pollution

Living in the city also means breathing higher levels of pollution than in the countryside, where the air is much purer and beneficial for health .

10. Population density

The population density is much higher in cities than in the countryside. In the countryside there are fewer inhabitants and they live more dispersed.

11. Art, culture and leisure

Cities are great alternatives for art, culture and leisure, so It is possible to do many fun activities related to group initiatives unlike the countryside, which is a quieter place and in which it is possible to find both physical and mental relaxation.

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