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The 12 best TV series for teenagers

The 12 best TV series for teenagers

February 4, 2024

Since the invention of television, an increasingly wide variety of series and programs have been emerging, aimed at different audiences. One of the most particular targets and for which a specific programming is usually designed is that of adolescents, and that is why there is a great diversity of series directed to them or based on the problems of this sector of the population.

In short, adolescence is an age group that consumes many audiovisual fictions, and therefore it is important that there are good references in this medium.

That is why throughout this article we will see some of the best series for teenagers, usually starring themselves .

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Teen series that are recommended

This is a selection of television series with a teen theme or focused on the type of problems that they usually face in their day to day. In this list there are some examples that are highly known nowadays or that were tremendously popular at the time, as well as some examples of less known series of possible interest.

1. Merlí

Catalan series of great success and high quality, of which a total of three seasons (between 2014 and 2018) have been broadcast on TV3 and from which versions have been made in other countries.

Merlí shows us the story of a very particular philosophy professor , who goes to work at the Àngel Guimerá Institute to make his students reflect on their subject with a creative and unusual methodology. In addition to this, we will see how their students relate to each other and how they deal with their life and socio-family dynamics, making reference to diverse and profound topics in a natural and critical way.

Top 10 tv series for teen (February 2024).

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