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The 12 biggest 'influencers' in the field of Psychology

The 12 biggest 'influencers' in the field of Psychology

July 12, 2024

New technologies bring new ways of understanding communication . This is especially interesting in social networks, where the old media are losing ground.

Who benefits from this change in the state of things? A lot of professionals who, autonomously, create their own content and ways to connect with the audience through their blogs and Twitter accounts, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network.

The greatest influencers of Psychology and Psychotherapy

In the field of mental health and Psychology, there are different proper names that should be taken into account for their work and visibility in the world 2.0. They are psychologists who, dedicated in body and soul to their professional work, find the time to spread knowledge and reflections about their day to day.

In this ranking of best influencers in the field of Psychology and mental health we wanted to pay tribute to these people . Our criteria to establish this classification has been based on the following points:

  • Number of followers on Facebook
  • Number of followers on Twitter
  • Relevance and scope of their professional work
  • Number of books published
  • Other merits

So, we are going to discover who are these great professionals of Psychology who are worthwhile to follow and read every day.

1. Sònia Cervantes

  • Followers on Facebook : 4,000 in your personal profile
  • Followers on Twitter : 35.000
  • Published books : Two: "Live with a teenager" and "Do you live or survive?"
  • Main occupation and other merits : Lecturer, clinical psychologist and television appearances

Born in Barcelona, Sònia Cervantes is probably the Spanish psychologist with the highest notoriety . She is known throughout Spain for her role as a psychologist of conflicting teenagers in the "Hermano Mayor" program of the Cuatro network. In this interesting television format, Cervantes assisted rebellious teenagers with problems of self-esteem and aggression.

In addition to her appearances in Hermano Mayor, Sònia Cervantes is the author of two books and has a proven track record as a clinical psychologist.

  • Here you can read the interview we did in 2016 to Sònia Cervantes.

2. Rafael Santandreu

  • Followers on Facebook : 68.000
  • Followers on Twitter : 12.700
  • Published books : Three: "Be happy in Alaska", "The glasses of happiness" and "The art of not bitter life"
  • Main occupation and other merits : Lecturer, clinical psychologist and television appearances

Another psychologist who enjoys great popularity is the Catalan Rafael Santandreu. Especially known for his books, Santandreu has an exceptional track record both in the therapeutic field and in the publishing field, where has managed to be best-seller with each of his proposals . One of those all-terrain psychologists who are worth watching closely.

3. Nacho Coller

  • Followers on Facebook : 14.000
  • Followers on Twitter : 2.800
  • Published books : None.
  • Main occupation and other merits : Lecturer, clinical psychologist, professor and appearances in radio and written media

The Valencian Nacho Coller is one of the most versatile figures in the field of mental health . His passion for social networks allows us to continue his walks in different facets: as a clinical psychologist, as a sports lover and as a blogger. He is a regular on the radio and it is possible to attend any of the conferences he teaches in different parts of the Spanish state.

4. Jonathan García-Allen

  • Followers on Facebook : 3,800 in personal page, 785,000 in Psychology and Mind
  • Followers on Twitter : 1.300
  • Published books : Two: "Psychologically speaking" and "Multiple intelligences"
  • Main occupation and other merits : Psychologist of organizations and human resources, blogger, appearances in written media

Jonathan García-Allen from Tarragona is a versatile psychologist: Expert in Human Resources, Trainer in Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence and sports psychologist . He is the co-author of two highly successful scientific publishing works. In García-Allen's curriculum, his role as founder and communication director of Psychology and Mind, a website he founded with Bertrand Regader and Adrián Triglia, stands out.

5. Miguel Ángel Rizaldos

  • Followers on Facebook : 41,000 in Psychology 2.0
  • Followers on Twitter : 15.000
  • Published books : One: "Mini-Guide for Dads"
  • Main occupation and other merits : Clinical psychologist, professor and lecturer

Miguel Ángel Rizaldos is one of the most known "online psychologists" in the Spanish and Latin American scene . Based in Aranjuez, his influence in social networks brings us closer to the world of therapy. Always willing to share his experiences, he also acts as a lecturer and communicator in both written and television media. If you are interested in clinical psychology, Rizaldos can not miss your favorite list.

6. Yolanda Cuevas

  • Followers on Facebook : -
  • Followers on Twitter : 9.000
  • Published books : None
  • Main occupation and other merits : Clinical psychologist, instructor in Mindfulness and lecturer

From Zaragoza, Yolanda Cuevas exerts an outstanding and versatile role in the field of mental health . Her influence as a clinical psychologist has gained momentum in recent years, especially thanks to her excellent work in online therapy. Another professional of exceptional trajectory to follow very closely to be informed.

7. Leocadio Martín Borges

  • Followers on Facebook : 2,000 in personal page, 64,000 in Change
  • Followers on Twitter : 9.800
  • Published books : None
  • Main occupation and other merits : Clinical psychologist, blogger and media appearances

From his website Change, Leocadio Martín Borges write valuable reflections to face the good and bad moments of life . This experienced Canarian psychologist is a regular on the television programs of the islands and, in addition, maintains one of the most active media profiles in social networks. Essential and unique.

8. Isidro Migallón

  • Followers on Facebook : 194,000 in Psicocode
  • Followers on Twitter : 2.700
  • Published books : None
  • Main occupation and other merits : Blogger, winner of the Logos and media appearances award

Isidro Migallón is a young Alicante whose career as an influencer in Psychology is atypical. He is the founder and director of Psicocode , one of the most prominent websites for outreach in mental health and coaching. In addition, he is in love with digital marketing and often talks about new technologies and innovative ways to reach the general public.

9. Javier García Campayo

  • Followers on Facebook : 5.000
  • Followers on Twitter : -
  • Published books : Five: "The science of compassion. Beyond mindfulness "," Mindfulness and Christianity. Between the Word and the Silence "," Mindfulness and Compassion. The new Revolution "," Practical Handbook of Mindfulness. Curiosity and acceptance "and" Mindfulness and science. From Tradition to Modernity "
  • Main occupation and other merits : Psychiatrist, and recognized as the greatest expert in Mindfulness in Spanish speaking

Javier García Campayo is a psychiatrist and therapist world renowned for his enormous work as a researcher and disseminator of Mindfulness philosophy . It has no presence on Twitter, however its profile on Facebook is one of the most recommended and updated. If you have special interest in the world of Mindfulness, García Campayo is an essential figure.

10. Iñaki Vázquez

  • Followers on Facebook : 1,900 in Mind in Positive
  • Followers on Twitter : 500
  • Published books : Three: "How to succeed in your next relationship as a couple", "Dancing with reality: Stories of people that will thrill you" and "Ysinembargotequiero"
  • Main occupation and other merits : Psychiatrist, lecturer, vlogger and expert in couples therapy

The psychiatrist and therapist from Bilbao Iñaki Vázquez is a curious and extremely interesting profile . His specialty is couple psychotherapy, and in his YouTube channel he brings us many of the keys to living love in a healthy way, as well as other issues that will be useful both if you are a psychologist or if you just want to know more about how the human mind works.

11. Mertxe Pasamontes

  • Followers on Facebook : 4.000
  • Followers on Twitter : 11.200
  • Published books : "Study techniques and emotional intelligence" and "Guide to learn to prevent drug use"
  • Main occupation and other merits : Coach, psychotherapist and writer

From Barcelona we have another versatile profile with a long-term career and training. Mertxe Pasamontes is a coach and develops his professional facet in different fields of therapy . In addition, its informative work in social networks is highly recommended for both professionals and curious mental health.

12. Helena Matute

  • Followers on Facebook : -
  • Followers on Twitter : 3.700
  • Published books : None
  • Main occupation and other merits : Professor in Psychology and scientific disseminator

An academic profile of the highest merit. Helena Matute, far from being limited to her work as a professor in experimental psychology, find the time necessary to make science popular in social networks . Your accounts are of great interest among people looking for a reference professional in the field of research.

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