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The 12 most useful and successful websites to link

The 12 most useful and successful websites to link

July 14, 2024

New technologies have broken into our lives and changed the way we relate to others, and although there is always someone who is against finding a partner online, the truth is that the digital world allows you to meet many interesting people, especially those who are away from our circle of close friendship.

On the other hand, new technologies also allow us to contact people with interests similar to ours and who are near the place where we are. This fact has allowed the development of websites to link very useful for those people who due to lack of time or other reasons have problems to find people that attract them.

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The best websites to link

There is a wide variety of websites to link and meet people . Some of them are more serious and are aimed at achieving a stable relationship; however, others are ideal for finding candidates for sporadic relationships. What are the best "sites" to flirt, flirt or have something serious? In the following lines I present a selection with the best pages to link.

1. Meetic

Meetic is surely the most popular website to link , partly because it acquired in 2009. It is considered a serious page, in which its participants look for stable partners, or at least a potential person to be. If you are looking for sporadic relationships, maybe this website is not what you are looking for. Meetic has put a great effort into the development of this platform and is responsible for achieving the affinity between couples with similar tastes and compatibility.

2. Badoo

Badoo is possibly the best known dating website, and although it is possible to find a stable partner on this page, there are also plenty of people who just want to have a good time in the company of other users for whom they feel attraction . Although it has lost popularity in recent times, it is still one of the most popular and successful. It is possible to connect to Badoo from the computer or from the mobile.

3. eDarling

It's similar to Meetic, and it's also a well-known link website. Usually used by users with a higher average age than the previous , and as its advertising slogan says "is for demanding singles". Therefore, its purpose is the search for a partner and not an adventure.

4. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a popular dating site that has nothing to do with the previous ones, as its main users are people who want to have extramarital sex. That is, it facilitates committing infidelities. It is well known, and a few months ago it was hacked. Its users were threatened with revealing their identity.

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5. Victoria Milan

Similar to the previous website, we found Victoria Millan. That is, it is a website for married or people with a partner who want to commit infidelity, although in practice it can be used by single people interested in a high age range . This "site" provides a service with maximum discretion for those individuals who seek an adventure outside of their relationship.

6. Twoo

Twoo is a website to meet new people and, therefore, to connect. It is intended for those individuals who seek to know online links, so that offers many options to interact . Its aesthetic is innovative and daring, and is also ideal for making friends, not just to end up in bed.

7. POF

POF, which is the acronym for Plenty of Fish (many fish) is a very popular page and one that enjoys great fame because users tend to be successful. It is famous not only in Spanish-speaking countries , but it is used all over the western world. POF has more and more followers, and is ideal for when you are looking for sporadic relationships and not complicate your life too much.

8. Parship

Parship is a website that despite not being well known, seems to be very effective. Each week it has 23,000 new users, with 51% of men and 49% of women, the success rate is usually around 40%, and 52% of its users have a high academic level. To improve the chances of finding a partner , users fill in a personality and interests questionnaire.

9. C-date

C-Date is a dating page that helps you make exclusive meetings without compromise. It is different from other websites, because it highlights the erotic and sexual experiences. Among your options it is possible to find single people, love relationships, flirting , games, voyeurism or chat.

10. Okcupid

A website that began in the United States in 2004, and that is currently successful in many countries.It can be used both on the computer and in the mobile app. According to this page, it has 40 million active users.


This website is one of the dating websites most likely to link, but what is sought is not precisely a long-term relationship, but something casual and passionate. It is one of the portals of meetings that better opinions are having . In it it is possible to find all kinds of profiles of people.


Although the name indicates that this contact page is to find friendship, it is actually a page that allows singles to find friendships and what comes up. It is one of the most popular websites although its design is, perhaps, a little outdated. Its functionality is good and its success rate too.

Apps to flirt

Although web pages can also be used in mobile phones, there are apps to link that are only available in mobile application and not in computer. Happn and Tinder are some examples, but there is more. You can know them in our article "The 10 best apps to link. Essential! "

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