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The 13 best books about Yoga

The 13 best books about Yoga

June 12, 2024

Yoga is an ancient practice very popular nowadays for its health benefits: it improves flexibility, helps reduce stress, improves concentration, improves coordination ... In other words, it guarantees a state of harmony.

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Best books on yoga

Thanks to the fact that yoga improves our well-being in many ways, many books have been published with the intention of getting the theoretical and practical knowledge of this millenary method to readers.

But how to decide between so many texts? In this article you will finda selection of the best books about yoga . They are the following.

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1. Light on Yoga: Yoga Dipika (B. K. S. Iyengar)

Among the many types of yoga highlights Iyengar yoga, which emphasizes alignment, even in sitting postures ; The alignment of the head, spine, hips and feet are present for the correct flow of energy.

It owes its name to its founder, and is one of the most popular types of yoga today. This text is a book full of illustrations that aims to make the practice easier for readers, and provides useful instructions to know exactly what to do in each moment. You can read more about this work by clicking here.

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2. Anatomy of yoga (Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews)

Few yoga manuals are as complete as this work, which in its new edition has been updated and is much more complete. It contains a large number of illustrations and the information is very well organized.

It is a great book, not only useful for those who are starting but also for those who have been practicing it for years. The authors have created a very complete consultation work. In the new edition, more than 300,000 copies have been sold around the globe.

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3. Keys to yoga (Danilo Hernández)

Keys to Yoga is a very complete manual, both theoretical and practical, in which the information is detailed and expressed in a clear and pleasant way. The author of the book he is a great practitioner who has been trained in India . It is useful both for the advanced practitioner and for those who want to introduce themselves in this millenary practice.

  • To know more about this book or to acquire it, you can click here.

4. The heart of Yoga: Developing a personal practice (TKV Desikachar)

This book helps readers find their own essence and connect with themselves through yoga. It is a current classic, written by Desikachar considered the father of Viniyoga, a type of yoga that focuses on individual needs. A personalized way to benefit from this habit ancestral .

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5. Yoga sequences. How to create magnificent Yoga classes (Mark Stephens)

A great resource for yoga teachers, which helps them create beneficial and enjoyable classes. In its pages it is possible to find 77 models of sequences of asanas that can be used taking into account the levels of the students. It is composed of more than 1000 photos, which facilitate the teaching of this millenary practice.

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6. The tree of Yoga (B. S. K. Iyengar)

Another work by BKS Iyengar that enters this list. This book is an easy text to assimilate, with a simple reading and a concise language. It is a book that delves into this practice and that delves into the philosophy of this spiritual experience. Some questions are answered, such as, for example, how to include yoga in everyday life . It is a good reference manual, ideal for those who are not experts and for those who are.

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7. The wisdom of Yoga (Stephen Cope)

As the name of this work indicates, practicing yoga is an extraordinary experience. That is why the car decided to create a guide so that anyone can benefit from the tradition and practice of yoga. Stephen Cope is one of the most recognized yoga experts in the West.

  • On this page you can read more about the book.

8. Yoga An adventure for children (Helen Purperhart)

Yoga is not only beneficial for adults, it is also beneficial for children. That's why the author of this book decided to create a work, with scientific backing , that facilitated the work of the teachers so that they could teach this healthy practice to the little ones.This book provides a creative vision of yoga, which includes play, dance, music and drawing.

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9. The Yoga Bible: Essential Guide to Yoga Postures (Christina Brown and Nora Steinbrun)

Although it refers to the bible, this book has nothing to do with religion. It focuses on reviewing the philosophy behind yoga, and provides the keys to understand as easy as practical the different asanas , as well as the other elements that make up this very old method.

  • For more information, you can access this page.

10. The key muscles in Hatha Yoga (Ray Long)

A great text, but indicated for yoga teachers. It deals with the anatomy and the functioning of the muscles during the practice of yoga. Hatha yoga is a type of yoga, the most practiced in the world, and also the most physical.

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11. The tradition of yoga (Georg Feuerstein)

It is rather a theoretical book that helps to understand yoga since its inception, since yoga is not only a physical practice, but also mental and with a great tradition. Is intended for individuals who want to know more about this healthy method and understand where it comes from and what its purpose is.

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12. Yoga: The Spirit and the practice of moving to stillness (Erich Schiffmann)

As an oriental practice, yoga is ideal for achieving inner peace, living in the present and being aware of what surrounds us and of ourselves. The author of the text is Erich Schiffmann, a renowned teacher, of the first to combine Hatha Yoga and meditation. Therefore, this book not only deals with the subject of yoga, but also with mindfulness.

13. Yoga, pregnancy and birth (Janet Balaskas)

Yoga can be a very useful tool for pregnant women , because it can help them to face both pregnancy, birth and the first stages after childbirth.

"Yoga, pregnancy and birth" is a very useful work, in which it is possible to find from the most appropriate exercises, soft and safe to the most advanced to help the pregnant woman to be in contact with herself. In the pages of this book it is possible to find tips to be aware of one's own breathing, of the body, of the mind in this great vital moment.

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