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The 14 best laugh movies (to enjoy the humor)

The 14 best laugh movies (to enjoy the humor)

July 12, 2024

Humor is one of the most contagious human responses and that greater feeling of satisfaction and well-being leave both in our body and in our psyche. But usually, laughter rarely arises spontaneously, should be exposed to situations that can generate it, or to the evocation and imagination of these.

Fortunately, the positivity generated by laughter has made the human being actively seek to provoke it, incorporating it among other aspects of the arts. Among them is the cinema, which throughout history have produced a large number of works of great quality. That is why in this article we can make a brief selection of 14 laugh movies, with the purpose of showing different examples of comedy in the seventh art.

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Laughter and comedy movies

Below we present a small collection of humor and comedy films from different periods and designed for different audiences.

1. Scary Movie (2000)

A funny parody of the film Scream, which has several sequels in which elements of different horror movies and science fiction are used ridiculously . The original used, on the basis of Scream, elements of I know what you did last summer, The Shining, Matrix, Carrie, American Pie or Halloween. The plot revolves around Cindy Campbell, which years after having committed a fatal (or almost) outrage, links this fact to the sudden persecution and murder of the members of the group of friends.

Although it would not be the first parody of a film genre (in fact, much earlier than this can be seen in the list), in addition to its official sequels, this film gave rise to the profusion of films that used the same tone and the use of elements of multiple cinematographic works to perform a parody, such as Spanish Movie.

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2. The great dictator (1940)

This old movie was the first with sound made and starring Charles Chaplin, being a criticism of the Nazi dictatorship and fascism in general. The protagonist does at the same time the role of dictator and Jew persecuted by this. More than laughing, we could consider it an interesting satire or dramatic comedy that makes humor with one of the most rugged and sad issues of the last century. Curiously and despite being released in times of war, the film was generally well received and had great success.

3. Alone at home (1990)

If we talk about Macaulay Culkin we will probably end up talking about one of his most well-known roles: that of Kevin, protagonist of this film. It's about an eleven-year-old boy who is accidentally forgotten by his family at home due to the rush to catch a plane and that will have to protect his house from the assault of thieves, putting ingenious traps that will make life miserable for criminals . It had several sequels.

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