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The 14 most common problems in relationships

The 14 most common problems in relationships

February 16, 2024

By logic, l Relationships of a couple do not always go through their best and, on occasions, crises may appear for different reasons. Relationships are interpersonal relationships and therefore our beliefs and our way of behaving will be decisive when it is satisfactory or not.

It should be remembered that it is possible to solve many of these disagreements so that stability reigns within the relationship. That yes, this requires will and, in serious cases, help from a psychologist.

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The most frequent problems in a relationship

It is strange that couples do not find bumps in their way , because each member of the relationship has their way of thinking and behaving, which can cause that sometimes it is necessary to debate and reach consensus in order to enjoy good health in company. In other words, even though each relationship has its ups and downs, successful couples learn to manage conflicts and are aware of the importance of taking the needs of the other into account.

But what are The most common conflicts that may arise in relationships ? Below you can find the answer to this question.

1. Communication problems

As I said, couples learn to handle conflicts, and in this aspect communication is very important. Dialogue is essential for the good progress of the relationship and is one of the basic pillars of this, because it allows to maintain the project of life in common initiated by two people who love each other.

If one of the members does not have enough empathy and he is not able to understand the other, or if he does not have the capacity to express his opinions in an assertive manner, a relationship can hardly work because conflicts are assured.

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2. Coexistence

One of the most frequent problems in relationships is coexistence. Many times we have unreal expectations about what it will be like to live with that person we love , and sharing space for so many hours, these false beliefs can cause conflicts to flourish that must be managed in the right way at the right time. In coexistence with others it is always necessary to negotiate, give in and reach agreements, and relationships are not an exception.

3. Infidelity

Although infidelity tends to have other causes, for example, poor communication or lack of affection, it becomes a very serious problem within the couple, which often can not be overcome. In several surveys conducted in Spain, the data conclude that 60% of men and 45% of women said they had committed some infidelity throughout their lives. Therefore, it seems that infidelity is something that is very present in relationships. Couples therapy can be very effective in overcoming this problem.

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4. Sexual problems

When there is little harmony in intimate relationships the conflicts in the couple's relationship increase, since it affects the expression of affectivity and the stability of the relationship. The caresses, the look in the eyes in silence, the hugs and, of course, sexual relations help the couple feel united and loved.

Some sexual problems that can affect not only the individual who suffers but their partner or life partner are: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and lack of desire, in men; and anorgasmia, lack of desire, vaginismus and dyspareunia, in women.

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5. Differences in fundamental values

The fundamental values ​​of a person influence the opinions that each member of the couple defends and in their behavior, and when they do not fit with the couple, they usually cause serious conflicts. Although it is not always easy to overcome them, Respect for the opinions of others It is key to minimize these conflicts, although sometimes you do not share them.

6. Traumatic events

Sometimes traumatic events can occur in the life of one of the members of the couple that can lead to an existential crisis. This, obviously, will also influence how the couple relates and in the welfare of the latter. If either of you has gone through a delicate moment , for example, the death of a close relative, in many cases it is advisable to go to psychological therapy so that the personal situation does not end the relationship.

7Problems outside the couple

While traumatic events can wreak havoc on the relationship, other problems unrelated to the relationship can also influence the union of the members. For example, when one of the two feels stressed or burned at work , this may also be noticed at home.

The excess or shortage of work, strict or inflexible schedules, job insecurity or bad relationships with colleagues can be noticed not only in the workplace, but also in the relationship.

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8. Problems with the couple's family

Occasionally, conflicts may occur have no direct relationship with lovers , but they can arise with members of their family (and even with close friends) of these which can hinder the smooth running of the relationship and affect the couple. And is that if for example problems arise with the mother-in-law or father-in-law, in a short time this will have an impact on the relationship.

9. Economic difficulties

As I said, work stress can be a problem, but it can also be a problem not having a job and going through serious financial difficulties . The inability to have family economic stability makes it difficult to visualize the future and, therefore, conflicts are frequently present in the relationship.

10. Children

Having children is undoubtedly one of the best experiences and consequences of loving someone, because it represents absolute love and the presence of a new member in the family. However, this that can be really beautiful can also be complicated at times, largely because of unrealistic expectations about having children or because of role conflicts, and for the stress that parenting causes .

11. Uncertain future

Couples that enjoy good health are those that have a shared project, that is, a project in common . They look together and, therefore, act in awareness to this possibility. But when members of the couple have doubts about being with each other, then difficulties arise. Conflicts in this situation are frequent.

12. Monotony

One of the big problems of the couple is the monotony, which usually appears when the two members have been together for a while. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to prevent this from happening. For example, in the sexual field, experts recommend trying new experiences so that the flame does not go out.

13. Emotional dependence

Emotional dependence also creates serious problems in the relationship. Generally, this happens because one of the two members he has low self-esteem and becomes addicted to the couple . Then, it loses objectivity and the relationship becomes a constant conflict.

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14. Disappointment

Sometimes we have unrealistic expectations of the couple, and when we begin to have more contact with her we realize that it was not what we had imagined . That does not mean that our partner is not a worthy person, but often it is we who create these unrealistic expectations about what love is and about the person with whom we live.

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