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The 15 best apps for traveling

The 15 best apps for traveling

November 4, 2022

See new cultures, cities, landscapes, people, ways of life, monuments, celebrations ... and not only see them but also feel them and participate in them. Live new experiences, some of them can even change our lives. All this is allowed by the fact of traveling, something that is very appealing for a large majority of the population. But traveling requires some preparation.

Fortunately, new technologies can make it easier for us to move around different places and solve unforeseen events, thanks for example to the appearance of a large number of smartphone applications created for this purpose. In this article we are going to make a selection of some of the best travel apps , being able to be useful in different ways.

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The 15 best apps for traveling

There are many needs that we can have when planning a trip or solving unforeseen events that occur during this. For example, we may need to know where to move, ask for transportation, help communicate in an unknown language, find accommodation or specific establishments, ask for help, change currency or learn to apply first aid.

Fortunately there are many applications that have been developed to cover these needs . In view of this, here are some of the 15 best apps to travel.

1. Google Maps

Perhaps this application is one of the most obvious, and it is most likely that most of us have it installed by default in the mobile. However, it is one of the most useful, since it allows us to obtain an image of the area and the streets of the places we go or are visiting and even find updated information on how to go to a certain address, whether on foot, by car or by public transport.

2. AroundMe

Well-known free application available on Android and iOS, which allows us to locate different types of establishments around us: from hotels to supermarkets.

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3. Alpify Safe365

An essential application that can help us if you need urgent help, especially for children and the elderly. This application allows us geolocalize specific telephone numbers that we have protected (being necessary for the other user to accept), warn us when entering and leaving selected sites and also in case of need we will need to press a button to send an emergency notice to 112. Yes, coverage and data are needed and for the moment only works in some specific countries.

4. XE Currency

Available in both Android and iOS and free download (although with an option to purchase within the app), this application is a useful tool that allows us to calculate the value of our currency in other countries . It is a good currency converter.

5. Airbnb

This application is highly known, as a network that allows us to contact the owners of private homes that put their house or a room for rent.

6. Splitwise

A free application of great utility for Android and iOS that is very useful when it comes to Generate groups to split equally a specific amount , something useful in group travel. It allows us to calculate how much you owe and how much each one has paid.

7. Booking

Free application of the hotel search engine of the same name, which can be used to find accommodation and make reservations in different parts of the world.

8. SAS Survival Guide

Also for Android and iOS, this is a type of application that can help us in situations where it is in danger of survival. Find water, light a fire or navigate using the stars are some of the aspects that this application tries to teach. The application is paid, but the Lite version is free.

9. iTranslate

A useful translation application, free download on Android and iOS, which allows us to understand in more than 90 languages. The PRO version allows you to make voice conversations and use it without having to be connected.

10. Trazers

Free application that is based on viewing videos left by other users for have a look at the monuments, buildings and sites that we want to visit (as long as someone has recorded some and put it in the app).


An application in the form of audioguide that allows us to walk through different cities while the app is explaining different aspects of the city and its history in various predefined routes. It does not need connection as long as we have pre-downloaded the guide that we want. The download is free, but you have purchases within the application.

12. Moovit

Application is very useful to learn to move around the different cities of the world, it indicates and assists us when it comes to taking public transport .

13. First Aid-IFRC

Available on Android and iOS. For free, this application offers a useful first aid guide to try to control risk situations and know how to react if necessary.

14. TripAdvisor

Another great knowledge, TripAdvisor allows us to assess the opinions of users and travelers from different places and establishments , as well as hotels and flights. It also allows you to compare prices. Free on Android and iOS.

15. Flush

It may seem ridiculous, but the truth is that this free application for Android and iOS can save us more than an uncomfortable moment: it is an application to find public toilets in different cities of the globe.

The Best Apps for Travel 2018 (November 2022).

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