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The 15 best sentences of Mark Zuckerberg

The 15 best sentences of Mark Zuckerberg

June 17, 2024

Mark Zuckerberg, the founding genius of Facebook , is an essential figure for anyone who wants to start a business.

Born in 1984 in the city of White Plains, near New York, he studied computer science at Harvard, although he would not officially finish his studies until 12 years later, when he had already founded Facebook.

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The best quotes from Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook

The success of the social network Facebook has made Zuckerberg one of the richest people according to Forbes magazine, and an idol for entrepreneurs and Internet users worldwide.

In this article we will review the best quotes from Mark Zuckerberg, as well as some quotes from his lectures, interviews and books.

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1. Ideas have to take shape. They become reality when working on them. Just get going.

An essential key for any project: the road is made walking.

2. It is very good to be an idealist, but you must be prepared to be misunderstood.

Bright people are usually slow to receive approval of their environment.

3. Motivation is to think that we are part of something bigger, that we are necessary, that we have an objective to work for. Motivation is what makes us really happy.

Having goals is essential to move towards happiness.

4. The best memory I have of Harvard was to meet Priscilla.

He talks about his wife, whom he met in the corridors of the faculty.

5. Entrepreneurship thrives when it is easy to try many different ideas. Facebook was not the first project I developed.

The ability to test ideas is what makes a project move in the right direction.

6. I want to talk to you about three ways to create a world where everyone has a motivation: by taking important big projects together, redefining equal opportunities to have the freedom to choose our motivation and creating a world community.

One of Zuckerberg's phrases that best define his philosophy of work.

6. What if we modernize democracy so that everyone can vote on the Internet and personalize education so that everyone can learn?

His desire to democratize all facets of public life can come true soon.

7. Everything we do will pose problems in the future, but that should not leave us behind.

As new and better technologies emerge, new and more complex problems appear.

8. Anyone who has initiative, will always be criticized for going too fast because there is always someone who wants you to fall.

An unavoidable truth that we must take into account.

9. The most important successes are achieved when there is a possibility of failure.

Otherwise, we would not discover the joy of overcoming doubts and obstacles.

10. A very simple rule for business is to start with the simplest things, so progress will come.

Do not want to start your project wanting to cover a thousand things. Focus on one and develop it to perfection.

11. People can be very intelligent or have really admirable abilities, but if they do not believe in them and their ideas, they will not work hard for them.

The key to success is not the potential, but knowing how to implement it in the right way.

12. I started in this with 19 years and without having any business idea. If I could, everyone can.

A motivating phrase for anyone who wants to start a business, at any age.

13. I think that over time people are remembered for what they built, people do not care what someone says about you in a movie. It matters what you have built.

On the fame and the memory that it generates in the people.

14. We look for people who are passionate about something, who demonstrate initiative by doing things for themselves.

In this reflection, he explains his criteria for recruiting new talents for Facebook.

15. We are all in this life to make a long-term wish come true, anything else is a mere distraction.

His vision of life is summarized in this phrase.

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