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The 15 types of tattoos (according to their style and characteristics)

The 15 types of tattoos (according to their style and characteristics)

June 21, 2024

As tattoos are increasingly accepted in Western societies, there are more adepts to this fashion. And no one can doubt that tattoos are fashionable; Many people choose to dress with them as an aesthetic form because it is already part of our culture, especially among the youngest.

Some decide to simply have a symbolic tattoo, while others cover their bodies with authentic works of art. Through these drawings pretend to express their concerns, tastes and even their personalities. The different types of tattoos serve to express different aspects of the society.

But not all tattoos are the same or all mean the same. Actually, there are many varieties, and the range to choose what a person tattoos is very broad.

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Types of tattoos

And since it is sometimes not easy to decide what to tattoo, in this article you can see the different types of tattoos and the explanation of their characteristics. If you are wanting to mark your skin with ink, pay attention to the following lines.

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1. Realistic

These tattoos, as the name suggests, have a very real image. They are tattoos that could be pictures of painting, in which portrayed characters would appear. The skill of the tattooist makes that realistic tattoos look almost like a photograph . Surely, the tattoo artist has an image in front to be inspired and able to elaborate this masterpiece.


2. Watercolor

This style of tattoo is gaining more followers every day, because watercolor tattoos imitate an artistic process, using splashes and stripes of color to give the same impression as the paint that is used on canvas or paper. The watercolor effect leaves a characteristic touch on the skin, very different from other types of tattoos. Bright colors are often used and nature issues are treated.


3. Tribal

One of the styles of tattoo based on an older aesthetic and ancestral Almost always black, often using symmetry and geometric design. The tattoo artist also uses details with extreme precision and delicacy. A tattoo that has passed something fashionable, but still has followers.


4. Graffiti

Graffiti or new school style is a style of tattoo that uses cartoons, influenced by the techniques and artistic styles of graffiti and hip-hop . Designs with bright colors and exaggerated features. A type of tattoo with a youthful and transgressive touch.


5 Traditional or old school

The tattoos old school, in Castilian called of old school, receives this name because they are used different classic or traditional motifs , such as: hearts, anchors, swords, cards, snakes, lions boats, etc.


6. Neotraditional

Like the previous ones, these use bold outlines and a careful and precise shading, but unlike traditional ones, they are more detailed, more experimental with the color and the mixture and, often, brighter, although with a limited symbology and the specific technique of the traditional tattoo.

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7. Gothic

Gothic tattoos are related to an underground lifestyle or subculture rather than to traditional Gothic art. It's a type of tattoo that brings a sense of darkness or desolation , in which the skulls tend to predominate.


8. Writings

Written tattoos are a very popular tattoo that can vary in its content and form. Currently, less exaggerated writings stand out , with representative phrases and with a style of calligraphy by hand. Although they can also include other types of letters, for example with Gothic writings.


9. Geometrics

Geometric tattoos are also very fashionable. They are characterized by complex designs that can use asymmetry and repetition to create a larger and more striking design. But nevertheless, you can also use smaller geometric shapes and discreet. They are often in black, but you can use other tones to create a 3D effect.

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10. Dotwork

The dotwork or dotted tattoo style is one of the most modern and employs many tiny dots in areas where shade can usually be used and forms are created with these points . It is based on impressionism.


11. Japanese

Japanese art is one of the oldest tattoo arts. It contains detailed designs that often cover large areas of the body like the back or the arm. This style follows very strict artistic guidelines: positioning, used images, direction, color ... to give a traditional Japanese image. The tattoos include: cherry blossoms, dragons, geishas, ​​etcetera.


12. Arrows

Arrows are tattoos that are very fashionable. Although the arrows have no secret, the shapes and styles of these combine to create tattoos that look great. For the person who is tattooed it can have different meanings, but generally they refer to dreams and objectives or to the way forward .


13. Glyphs

The glyphs they are recorded signs , written or painted that have been used in different cultures. For example, by the Maya or the Greeks. they are what is known as hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt. Ideal for any part of the body, but always in small dimensions.


14. Roman numerals

Roman numerals are also a very popular tattoo. These numbers have a long historical tradition , but, in addition, they are very good as a tattoo.


15. Hearts

Hearts are one of the types of tattoo that are used the most. They can be found in different sizes and colors, but they generally represent love .


All The Different Tattoo Styles (June 2024).

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