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The 18 best sentences of George Sand (Baroness of Dudevant)

The 18 best sentences of George Sand (Baroness of Dudevant)

May 17, 2024

George Sand (1804 - 1876), pseudonym of Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin, Baroness of Dudevant, was a French writer, author of works of great diffusion and success, such as Indiana (1832), Lélia (1833), The Companion of France (1840), Consuelo (1843) or The Dreaming Masters (1853).

Friend and discussion of great figures of his time as Franz Liszt, Delacroix, Jules Verne, Honoré de Balzac or Victor Hugo, this writer was born into a well-to-do family. He not only developed a powerful literary work, but also dramaturgical.

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Famous quotes from George Sand

In today's article we will get to know the thoughts and reflections of this fantastic French literature through the 12 best sentences of George Sand . We are before a figure that left us great famous quotes, some wrongly attributed to other authors.

1. The true way of knowing nothing is to learn everything at once.

Learning requires tempos and breaks.

2. Memory is the perfume of the soul.

Magnificent poetic reflection.

3. Intelligence seeks, but who finds is the heart.

Our cognitive part can never supply our search for exciting experiences.

4. Do not love who you do not admire. Love without admiration is only friendship.

One of those phrases about love that can make us reflect.

5. Love It is the only good in life.

On the importance of maintaining positive relationships.

6. The woman does not exist. There are only women whose types vary to infinity.

On the female gender and its multiplicity of forms and contents.

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7. Woe to the man who wants to act sincerely in love!

Probably, George Sand was referring to the fact that sincerity is never a good strategy, unfortunately.

8. Time does not cure the great pains, but it does numb them.

A natural anesthetic: the passage of time.

9. In women, pride is often the motive of love.

Nothing more reprehensible than to love a man for mere pride.

10. We are not only body, or only spirit, we are body and spirit at the same time.

Your conception of the human soul.

11. My profession is to be free.

Phrase about freedom, even in a terrain that is usually linked to the yoke.

12. There is no true happiness in selfishness.

Happiness, if it exists, must be shared with other people.

13. Disappointments do not kill, and hopes make life.

Hope makes us keep going despite everything.

14. Nature is a work of art, but God is the only artist that exists, and man is no more than a worker in bad taste.

On the natural world and its divine perfection.

15. To love without being loved is like lighting a cigarette with a match already extinguished.

The rejection of love can be as painful as an illness.

16. Love does not live long with sweet looks and love letters.

Sad but successful reflection.

17. Never be discouraged. Dreams fly, work remains.

One of the most remembered phrases of George Sand.

18. I have read somewhere that to love one must have similar principles, with opposite tastes.

A curious reflection on couples that can fit.

Indiana by George SAND read by Mary Herndon Bell Part 1/2 | Full Audio Book (May 2024).

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