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The 19 best Facebook groups to learn Psychology

The 19 best Facebook groups to learn Psychology

July 19, 2024

Psychology is an exciting world but also absorbing . To know how to deal with the challenges that are faced from this discipline it is necessary to be in continuous contact with texts, news and people who are dedicated to studying the behavioral sciences.

However, it is not always easy to access content and discussions related to psychology beyond the doors of the faculty. That is why it is especially useful to know how to get knowledge in this area on the Internet. And ... what better place for it than the most used social network?

The 19 best Facebook groups that talk about Psychology

Below you can find seventeen of the best groups to learn psychology that are available on Facebook: small virtual communities in which it is possible to continue forming and debating with other people in constant training.

Clicking on the title of each group you can directly access it, and of course we invite you to join all the communities you want.

Let's start, first of all, by looking at several Psychology groups classified according to the country in which their members live . After these, we will see several classified by more specific thematic areas.

1. Psychologists and Psychologists in Mexico

Being one of the most populated countries in the world, it is normal that there are many Mexicans interested in Psychology. On Facebook, this is your meeting place.

If you reside in Mexico, this is your group . Thousands of professionals across the length and breadth of the Mexican Republic offering advice, news and all kinds of materials and resources to make professional practice more comfortable.

2. Psychology in Colombia

The perfect group for Colombian students and professionals of Psychology with desire to generate debate, ask and solve doubts, etc. In addition, it is moderated so that only relevant publications appear.

3. Psychologists in Spain

The group Psychologists in Spain is newly created and aims to bring together all students and professionals of the sector residing in Spanish territory. If you want to join, you will participate in debates about therapy, training, etcetera.

4. Friends of Philosophy and Psychology in Spain

In addition to the previous one, you may also be interested in another similar group: Friends of Philosophy and Psychology in Spain. The title of this Facebook group is quite descriptive, is not it? It is a place of recent creation in which lovers of psychology and philosophy (especially the philosophy of mind) living in Spain can discuss and provide information. A site in which the crossing of disciplines enriches conversations.

5. Psychology in Latin America

With more than 64,000 members, the Psychology group in Latin America was born in 2014 and is one of the most animated forums to talk about everything related to psychology, neurosciences, wellbeing, mental health ... The moderators are always very active and select the contents thoroughly so that all posts are of general interest. Some images and infographics related to the world of the psyche are also published.

If you are looking for a group to share experiences and knowledge and open debates related to psychology, do not hesitate to join.

6. World Psychology

Overcoming the 390,000 followers, World Psychology is one of the most plural and open forums that you can find on Facebook. The continuous updates that the group receives will make you constantly informed of the latest in psychology and neurosciences without leaving your favorite social network. In addition, although it is an open group and posts do not have to go through a previous moderation screen, moderators are very careful not to allow publications that are not related to the subject.

This is one of the best psychology groups on Facebook in which to enter to debate and learn cooperatively.

7. Neurosciences and Psychology (PDFs, Notes, Books ...)

A group that started recently but is already one of the busiest . Designed for people who want to delve into the field of neuroscience. There are not many Facebook groups dedicated to psychobiology, so if you are interested in this field of study, you just have to join this community. More than 65,000 users already enjoy this group.

Of course, it is not necessary for you to be a neurologist or psychologist so that you can benefit from the contents that are shared there. So do not think about it anymore and join.

8. Psychology courses

One of the characteristics of the professional of psychology is their continuous training and lifelong learning.In this sense, nothing better than a group like Psychology Courses, dedicated exclusively to post courses, seminars, workshops and podcasts on everything related to psychology and mental health. It already has more than 40,000 people who inform themselves daily about the latest training offers and make them learn a hobby.

This group will interest you if you want to be up to date with the training offer for psychologists , both online and in person.

9. Personal Growth and Motivation

More focused on positive psychology, this group of Facebook has a practical place and everything concerning those little habits that make life more pleasant. Although it was created a few months ago, there are already many members who debate and post in this careful group. More than 23,000, to be precise. The student of psychology who wants to orientate towards psychotherapy or positive psychology will find here practical advice and contributions that can be very useful for his professional practice.

And, of course, we all need some small pushes to stay motivated and eager to make each day part of an important project.

10. Coaching and Personal Development

Here all those who want to learn about coaching and personal development have a place from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective.

It is a relatively recent but very active group with moderators who are concerned about eliminating all unwanted publications. or not related to the subject. Two thousand people who interact daily in this group can not be wrong.

11. Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is one of the most important branches of Psychology , so you can not miss a Facebook group that focuses on the topics that work on it.

In this virtual community you can have conversations with other students and mental health professionals. In addition, the group is moderate so that it is not filled with publicity and good manners prevail when it comes to expressing oneself. The group is already close to 34,000 adhered.

12. Mindfulness for all

Mindfulness is more in vogue than ever , so I could not miss a Facebook group on psychology focused on Mindfulness.

Here you can read texts and watch videos related to Mindfulness, meditation and specific relaxation techniques. All the doubts and debate initiatives related directly or indirectly with the Full Attention can be raised in this interesting meeting point. There are already more than 8,000 members.

13. Employment and Work for Psychologists

A group where to pay attention to new offers of work and employment related to the world of psychology around the world. Essential if you are unemployed or looking for a new opportunity.

14. Forum Psychologists

Forum Psychologists is one of the most crowded and veteran psychology groups . If the two previous groups are more oriented towards dissemination and links to interesting articles, this forum (which already has more than 51,000 followers) is more focused on the professional debate on issues related to mental health, psychology and profession of psychologist.

If you are a professional of the behavioral sciences or related fields, or you simply have concerns related to this interesting piece of knowledge, here you will be welcome.

15. UNED Psychology

The National University of Distance Education He has his own Facebook group.

In principle this group is intended to connect students enrolled in this university, but also people who are simply interested in the materials and discussions that take place there are admitted. And this is great news! In fact, you will have access to a lot of books, papers and audiovisual works that can help you learn a lot about the science of behavior and mental processes.

16. Psychology, Philosophy and Politics (PDFs, Books, Debate)

This is a group of recent creation but it has had a great reception among Internet users . It is a multidisciplinary forum, open and very suggestive where debates and reflections are raised from the strictly psychological to the philosophical and political.

Visually pleasant and with passionate gatherings, the group that occupies us is an ideal space to open the mind towards disciplines that integrate many different knowledges. Essential.

17. Psychology UB (Universitat de Barcelona)

The prestigious University of Barcelona has its informal group on Facebook . In theory it is a group only for students of that faculty, but all people who want to learn and contribute knowledge are invited.

18. Psychology in PDF

Another group absolutely essential if you want to have a large quantity (and quality!) Of information relative to psychology at your fingertips and just one click away. The Facebook group Psychology in PDF is specialized in being a very extensive library with all kinds of PDF resources (books, texts, manuals ...), as well as echoing links to some of the most prestigious psychology websites.

One of the best tools is the search bar of this group, from which you can browse and find all kinds of publications, recent and old.

19. Phrases and Reflections for Life

A humanistic project in which posts and psychological debates are mixed , philosophical and humanistic.

It is always very active and thanks to its search engine it is very easy to find interesting contributions. However, in order to maintain the group only with contributions related to the objective of the community, it is recommended not to take this place as a space to publish issues unrelated to welfare and humanism.

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