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The 20 best phrases by Luis Cernuda (and great verses)

The 20 best phrases by Luis Cernuda (and great verses)

July 26, 2022

Luis Cernuda (Sevilla, 1902 - Mexico City, 1963) was a prominent Spanish poet and literary critic, member of the so-called Generation of 27.

This Andalusian had a prominent role during the golden age of Spanish literature. Friend of Vicente Alexandre, Federico García-Lorca and Rafael Alberti, the poems of Cernuda traveled from surrealism to political criticism.

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Phrases of Luis Cernuda

He spent his last years in Mexico, where he developed his stage of conceptual poetry. Exiled from his native country because of the Civil War, he found love in the bodybuilder Salvador Alighieri, to whom he dedicated several of his poems.

In today's article We are going to know the best phrases of Luis Cernuda, as well as some of his verses and famous quotes that have gone down in history.

1. You justify my existence: if I do not know you, I have not lived; If I die without knowing you, I do not die, because I have not lived.

A great declaration of unconditional love.

2. My eternal madness, imagine happy, dreams of the future, hopes of love, sunny journeys ...

On his illusions of the future, which were partly cut short by the Spanish Civil War.

3. Security, that insect that nests in the frills of light ...

Far from safety is exploring, living.

4. There, far away; where oblivion lives

Of his homonymous work.

5. Return? Return the one that has, after long years, after a long journey, fatigue of the road and greed, of its land, its house, its friends, of the love that to the faithful return wait for it.

Back is always nice, even if many things are left behind.

6. I do not know men. I've been searching for them for years and they can not escape. I do not understand them? Or do I understand them too much?

From the poem 'To a future poet', one of the most remembered.

7. Childhood ended and I fell into the world.

There is a day when you wake up being an adult, with responsibilities and debts.

8. I will tell how you were born, forbidden pleasures, How a desire is born on towers of terror.

Verse by Luis Cernuda belonging to his book "Peregrino", one of his most fundamental works: "The forbidden pleasures".

9. It is not love that dies, it is ourselves.

A great verse that shows us that without this feeling we probably do not exist anymore.

10. If man could say what he loves, if man could raise his love for heaven like a cloud in the light.

A great verse about hidden love.

11. If I die without knowing you, I do not die, because I have not lived.

Another excerpt from his work "The Forbidden Pleasures", published in 1931.

12. Does not make the dead the wound, makes only an inert body.

Verse extracted from his work "Donde habite el olvido", from 1932.

13. Evocative delight. That beauty does not yield its abandonment to any owner.

From his book of poetry "" Eclogue, elegy, ode ", 1927.

14. Freedom I know only the freedom to be imprisoned in someone whose name I can not hear without a chill.

On sincere and passionate love.

15. Fatigue of being alive, of being dead, with cold instead of blood, with cold that smiles insinuating through the extinguished sidewalks.

"A river, a love", 1929.

16. Listen to the water, listen to the rain, listen to the storm; That is your life: liquid lament flowing between equal shadows.

Great metaphor that we can use to reflect deeply.

17. The cities, like the countries and the people, if they have something to tell us, require a space of time nothing else; after this we are tired.

One of the phrases of Luis Cernuda most remembered and celebrated.

18. Life in time is lived, your eternity is now, because then, there will not be time for anything.

On the immensity of life, if you know how to live intensely.

19. If man could say what he loves, if man could raise his love for heaven like a cloud in the light.

A verse from his book "If man could say what he loves".

20. In the far south I want to be confused. The rain there is nothing but a half-opened rose; Its very fog laughs, white laughter in the wind.

Verse of "I would like to be alone in the south".

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