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The 24 best sentences of Democritus, Greek philosopher

The 24 best sentences of Democritus, Greek philosopher

October 2, 2023

Democritus (460 a.C. - 370 a.C.), also known as Democritus of Abdera, was a great philosopher and mathematician of Ancient Greece. Born in Abdera, in the region of Thrace, he was an outstanding student of Leucippus, developed theories in various spheres of knowledge, and stood out for his atomistic conception of matter.

Although he is usually considered to be a pre-Socratic philosopher, he was actually coeval with Socrates. Among its most studied subjects was astronomy and theology.

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Highlights of Democritus

To approach the teachings of this Greek thinker and writer, let's take a tour of the best phrases of Democritus .

1. Everything is lost when the bad serve as an example and the good as a mocker.

When ethics is lost, these things happen.

2. He who delays everything will not leave anything finished or perfect.

On procrastination, a vice that does not allow us to advance.

3. Can it be by beloved beloved that nobody loves?

In other words: can he love who does not love anyone? Probably not.

4. All the earth is within the reach of the wise, since the homeland of an elevated soul is the universe.

Global thinking allows us to be above the material.

5. Life without parties is like long road without inns.

You always have to have some fun to make the road more friendly.

6. Life is a transit; the world is a show room; man enters it, looks and goes out.

Great metaphor that shows us the ephemeral nature of human existence.

7. Nature is sufficient in itself; that is why he overcomes with the least and with the sure thing, the excesses of hope.

Brief environmental reflection on the strength of mother nature.

8. Do not be ashamed to submit to the laws and to the one who knows more than you.

Knowledge and democracy must prevail over any other consideration.

9. Even if you are alone, you should not say or do anything bad. Learn to be more ashamed of yourself than of others.

The public deserves our strong and trusting facet.

10. There are men who work as if they were going to live eternally.

Remember that your work will not make you eternal; Enjoy the day to day yes.

11. Man is not unhappy as long as it is not unjust.

Honesty guarantees a good psychological state, according to this phrase of Democritus.

12. The true beauty and the most precious gala of the woman is the scarce speech.

The feminine beauty, ingratiated with the discretion, according to the Greek philosopher.

13. Young people are like plants: by the first fruits we see what we can expect for the future.

A metaphor of great beauty about the potential of each adolescent.

14. Whoever acts unjustly is more unfortunate than the victim of his injustice.

Very in the line of the phrase number eleven.

15. Riches do not consist so much in the possession of the goods as in the use that is made of them.

Knowing how to give a sense to possessions, that is true wealth.

16. Fighting against desire is hard, but overcoming it is typical of a sensible man.

Good sense is the apex of an individual's moral development.

17. Medicine heals the diseases of the body, but wisdom frees the soul from suffering.

On physical and mental health, in one of the most memorable statements of Democritus.

18. It is arrogance to talk about everything and not want to hear anything.

Knowing how to listen is the first precept of the wise man.

19. Men pray for the gods in their prayers, but they do not realize that they have control over themselves and that, as they do for their debauchery the opposite of what is due, they become traitors of their health for their own appetites.

There is no point in delegating our health to any supreme entity.

20. Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; Everything else is opinions.

The only undeniable thing are the particles that make up matter.

21. Raising children is a slippery affair; success is achieved plagued by disputes and sleeplessness or a failure that can not be overcome by any other pain.

On the responsibility of the parents in the unpleasant task of parenting.

22. Discreet is one who does not grieve over what he does not have, but who rejoices over what he has.

Your definition of discretion.

23. The friendship of a wise man is better than that of all fools.

A great smart friend is worth more than all the petty.

24. Whoever is entirely dominated by wealth could never be fair.

Austerity is a value for the sensible and just man.

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