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The 25 best free online courses in Psychology (2018)

The 25 best free online courses in Psychology (2018)

November 28, 2022

The number of online courses has grown in the last decade in a considerable way, since for many students distance learning is useful. In recent years, More and more universities are joining this training model , aware of the great interest it is generating among the students.

For many, the lack of time to attend face-to-face courses can be a "handicap" to continue forming, but, fortunately, online training can help overcome this barrier, making the study schedule more flexible.

Online courses facilitates educational access to the population

Far from what many might think, the range of training of universities is not limited to degrees (or bachelor's degrees), masters or postgraduate, but also, they teach many courses aimed at the introduction or deepening of a particular subject.

The online world has allowed these courses to be accessible to the population regardless of the location of the person . Therefore, a student from any city, for example Buenos Aires, can study an online course at a Spanish university. Something unthinkable only a few decades ago.

How to register

And since knowledge does not take place, then we are going to present you with a list of courses at no cost that you can find in the world 2.0. To formalize the registration it is necessary to register in the different pages that offer these courses.

From this post, and to access the courses, you only have to click on the title of the training action and the link will take you directly to the page where you can complete the training process.

25 Online Psychology Courses

So let's start with the list of totally free psychology courses that we can find throughout the internet.

1. Free Course of Psychological First Aid

Educational center: Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

The Autonomous University of Barcelona It is one of the most prestigious educational institutions. With the collaboration of Crisis Center of Barcelona, provides the opportunity to inform and train those interested in the application of psychological first aid (PAP) to any person facing stress situations, such as traffic accidents, traumatic experiences, hospitalization, aggression, etc. The course is in English, but there is the option of subtitling in Spanish.

2. Mindfulness course to regulate emotions

Educational center: University of Málaga

This online course deals with emotional intelligence through Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a millenary practice that has begun to be used as a therapeutic technique since it provides many benefits for emotional well-being. Thanks to the correct emotional regulation and the training of mindfulness, it is possible to treat different problems, such as stress or negative mood. In this course you will learn more adaptive emotional skills, and in this way, you will be able to better understand and regulate your emotional state.

  • Still do not know the benefits of Mindfulness? In this article we explain: "Mindfulness: 8 benefits of mindfulness"

3. Course in Criminal Psychology

Educational center: Teachlr

This free psychology course addresses different topics related to criminal psychology. It is an introductory course that goes aimed at psychologists and other professionals in criminal and forensic science . Among its most important lessons, it is possible to find explanatory theories of human aggression, the relationship between the sociofamiliar environment and crime and the relationship between biology and criminal behavior. In addition, in this interesting course, different real cases are also analyzed, such as Mary Bell (the well-known murderous girl) or Cayetano Santos Gordino (the Petiso Orejudo).

If you want to delve into these cases, you can visit our articles:

  • The shocking case of Beth, the psychopathic girl
  • El Petiso Orejudo and other psychopathic children: 5 sad cases of underage murderers

4. Positive Psychology Course

Educational center: Universidad Metropolitana de Venezuela

If you want to have your emotional wellbeing under control, this course will help you have a better understanding of your life , your attitudes or your goals, so that you can adapt to reality in the best way. The format of the course is videoclases, and the content is based on scientific evidence.

5. Course in Social Psychology

Educational center: Wesleyan University

This free university course addresses different issues and problems of a social nature . If you are passionate about social psychology, throughout this course, in addition to knowing the experiments and classical theories of this field of psychology, the results of the most recent research are explained so that you are updated in this way.

6. Deciphering the world of drugs

Educational center: Universidad Hebraica

Drug addiction is one of the social problems that many countries share, since the drug is capable of destroying the lives of the individuals who consume it, as well as that of their families. This is why there are thousands of studies on its characteristics, its effects, and how to approach the problem in the best possible way. This online course focuses on the economic and affective character within the social and family environment , and highlights the importance of education for the prevention of this phenomenon, both in the field of school, family and community.

7. Practical Course of Diagnosis in Clinical Psychopedagogy

Educational center: Institute of Advanced University Studies in Open (IAEU)

This course is taught by a team of university professors Buenos Aires' University (UBA). It is intended that students learn the clinical approach to learning problems in children and adolescents. The duration of the program is 25 hours, and includes multimedia content to make learning more enjoyable.

8. Intelligence Development Course

Educational center: Universidad Técnica Particular de la Loja

This course is taught by the Private Technical University of Loja , and trains students to better understand the needs of people in their psychic and cognitive development. Through his six videoclases, the student deepens knowledge about this subject and improves his understanding of both the genetic basis and the influence of the environment on the development of intelligence.

9. Certificate of Coaching Course

Educational center: Ricardo Palma University

Coaching applies to different areas of a person's life and is intimately related to personal development and well-being . This course allows to know the bases of this discipline and, in addition, explains different techniques that help individuals in acquiring a better self-awareness of their needs and their priorities, in order to plan their goals and objectives more effectively.

10. University Course of Human Development

Educational center: University of the Basque Country (UPV)

This university course has as a priority objective make known the theoretical basis on the local human development approach , on issues such as gender equality, equitable societies and the social economy. In this way, students are provided with these bases for institutional change, including their structures and their actors, who are part of this development. The training action lasts approximately 6 weeks.

11. Course Facing Violence

Educational center: Universidad Metropolitana de Venezuela

At present, violence continues to be one of the most common social problems. This course puts interest in this subject, especially in gender violence. Therefore, this course provides the necessary tools for a better understanding of this phenomenon and helps differentiate conflict from violence.

12. Course in Psychobiology of stress

Educational center: Institute of Advanced University Studies in Open (IAEU)

Stress is a multicausal phenomenon in which biological and environmental variables act. This course focuses on this last aspect, with special attention to how emotions regulate our body. The course is taught by Manuel Valdés Miyar, professor of Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychobiology of the University of Barcelona , and it lasts approximately 12 hours.

13. University Course on Natural Disasters

Educational center: University of Chile

Stress management during natural disasters is undoubtedly an interesting topic in which many individuals like to deepen. This course allows you to carry out this concern at no cost to the student. The only requirement to be able to take the course is internet access and the desire to learn.

14. Family Therapy Course

Educational center: Advanced Institute of Health and Education (IASE)

This course is based on Systemic Therapy, that is, it is particularly important in the relationship and communication within the family, to which it understands the interaction system. So, treats family problems from a holistic perspective , and equips students with the strategies and knowledge necessary to face the reality that family systems can present, since they can be in conflict due to system imbalances.

15. Course Dementia and Alzheimer's

Educational center: University of Cantabria

Alzheimer's is a very common degenerative disease among the elderly population. This course aims to give training on basic knowledge of neurology, pharmacology and neuropsychology related to this problem. The training action is aimed at different health professionals, including psychologists.

16. Course of Introduction to the criminological profile technique (profiling)

Educational center: Institute of Advanced University Studies in Open

The course of Introduction to the technique of criminological profile (profiling) lasts 15 hours and is intended for the knowledge and learning of this method of criminological investigation which identifies and determines the main and distinctive characteristics of personality, social relationship and behavior of certain offenders.

17. Child Psychology Course

Educational center: Edutin

The Edutin Child Psychology course It is especially suitable for parents , because it provides basic notions of how to properly educate their children. This formative action deals with different topics of interest for the parents, such as: the lie and the sincerity of the child, the correct emotional management and the value of the effort.

18. Course in Psychography

Educational center: Teachlr

This course aims to interpret graphics for all ages. So, the types of drawings and sketches and their meaning are studied . This course is intended for anyone who is interested in the subject.

19. Course of basic cognitive processes

Educational center: Institute of Advanced University Studies in Open (IAEU)

This training action is aimed at the understanding of different concepts about sensations, perceptions and mental representations , and its integration in the psychic apparatus. The bases of cognitive psychology are reviewed through the videos. The course lasts 20 teaching hours.

20. Course on Multiple Intelligences

Educational center: Aulafácil

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which was devised by Howard Gardner , has been one of the most influential paradigms of psychology, because it suggests that human beings possess different types of intelligence, and not only a unitary intelligence. For example, a person can have a great performance in musical intelligence, but not stand out in terms of logical-mathematical intelligence. This course reviews the bases of this theory and its possible practical applications.

21. Course: "Be more creative"

Educational center: National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

This course aims to stimulate the creative thinking of the students, since, through the different lessons, these are given the necessary tools to acquire a divergent thinking. After the course, students will have the ability to provide original solutions and generate new ideas in the different areas of their daily lives.

22. Course: "Learn to learn" (in English)

Educational center: University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

This formative action aims to provide students with knowledge about the different learning techniques. For this, scientific evidence is provided in this subject. The agenda reviews the foundations of learning and memory , but also delves into concepts such as procrastination or unlocking. It is intended for anyone interested in maximizing their learning potential.

23. Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How Mind Makes Decisions (in English)

Educational center: National Research University

In this course different disciplines converge: economy, psychology and neuroscience. So, In this training action, different topics related to people's decision-making are discussed , as they can be: the risk, the consumer's purchase intention or how the economic behavior affects the brain.

24. Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power (in English)

Educational center: Macquaire Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

This course reviews the latest research in social psychology and organizational psychology regarding leadership and the influence of superiors over their subordinates. The course lasts a month and you can find it on the page

25. Human Resources Course (in English)

Educational center: Open Training Institute

This course offers training on different areas of work of the professionals of the Human Resources and personnel management within modern companies. Therefore, it focuses on the selection and recruitment in the digital age, training and training and performance management.

A training course to be a psychotherapist in Barcelona

If your goal is to offer therapy and you live in Spain , you are probably interested in the next training course.

Bonus: Course Exercises as a Psychotherapist (face-to-face, Barcelona)

Educational center: Institut Mensalus

Institut Mensalus de Barcelona It provides training for graduates and graduates in psychology who wish to gain experience in the practice of psychotherapy. Thanks to Professionalization and Technical Training Course with Case Assignment , the students delve into different techniques and therapeutic tools and have the possibility to practice as psychologists within this psychology and psychiatry center that has a team of highly prestigious collaborators and more than 30 years of experience.

This postgraduate training is practical and the methodology has been developed so that students can develop and refine their own psychotherapeutic style, with practices with real cases in which they act as psychotherapists with their own patients (provided by the center itself) , under the supervision of the teaching staff, in order that they can acquire practical skills, security and self-confidence. In addition, from the first day, students have the opportunity to learn from other professionals with the viewing of cases live through a unidirectional glass.

This training program, which is a great opportunity to acquire functional skills, so useful to enter the labor market with the maximum guarantees, It consists of more than 100 practical teaching hours and is accredited and endorsed by different institutions at the state level : the General Council of Psychology of Spain, the UOC (Open University of Catalonia) and the SEIP (Spanish Society for the Integration of Psychotherapy).

The 25 Best Online Psychology Degree Programs (November 2022).

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