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The 25 most insecure countries in the world

The 25 most insecure countries in the world

June 11, 2024

The world can be a wonderful place, but also hostile and insecure. There are countries in which violence and insecurity are very present.

Every year, the Institute for Economics and Peace prepares the Global Peace Index that seeks to know which are the most dangerous and insecure countries in the world attending 22 indicators : number of internal and external conflicts, political insecurity, terrorist activity, number of homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, etc.

Which are the most insecure countries in the world?

Among the 162 countries studied by this institution. Next we show you the 25 most insecure states in the world .

25. Mexico

The North American country presents high levels of delinquency , and this region has become a strategic place for drug trafficking coming to the United States from Latin America. In the last 15 years there have been notable cases of robberies, kidnappings and homicides that have been registered in the country, and according to data from "The National System of Public Security" indicated that in 2016 a total of 20,189 people were murdered.

24. Ethiopia

Ethiopia presents high levels of criminal and political violence that has resulted in numerous injuries and deaths . The theft of occupied vehicles, the extraction of wallets and other misdemeanors are common in this country. Street violence is common and kidnappings of foreigners have sometimes been reported.

23. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast has suffered two Civil Wars that began in 2002 and 2010 . The Second Civil War of this country became a large-scale military conflict between the forces loyal to Laurent Gbagbo, President of the Ivory Coast since 2000 and supporters of the internationally recognized president Alassane Ouattara. International organizations have reported numerous cases of human rights violations by both parties.

22. Ukraine

Ukraine has experienced a series of conflicts in recent years, since February 2014, especially in the south of the country . The protests in Donetsk and Lugansk have become an armed separatist insurgency that leads the Ukrainian government to launch a military counteroffensive against the insurgents. These conflicts have caused thousands of victims and have made this country on the list of 25 most insecure countries in the world.

21. Chad

Chad is considered one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world ; and many of the inhabitants of this country live in extreme poverty. Its political instability has brought violence to the streets and has provoked numerous coup attempts. This country is immersed in crime and corruption.

20. Egypt

Egypt has also experienced turbulent times in recent years, especially in 2012 , against the then President Mohamed Morsi. The political demonstrations have resulted in violent clashes with dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded. In addition, in this country there is a continuous Christian persecution and discrimination on multiple levels.

19. India

India is a country that lives immersed in the challenges of poverty , corruption, malnutrition, inadequate public health and terrorism. Crime is also a major problem, since crimes against women, domestic violence, the trafficking of drugs and weapons are a reality.

18. Guinea-Bissau

This country in western Africa has been politically unstable for decades , specifically since its independence in 1974. Poverty in Guinea-Bissau is considerable, and the country also suffers a high crime rate. Murders and human trafficking are among the most common criminal acts.

17. Lebanon

The wars that have taken place in Syria have also affected Lebanon . Sunni Muslims in Lebanon mostly support the rebels in Syria, while the Shiites in this country have largely supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The killings, riots and kidnappings of foreign citizens throughout Lebanon are a common occurrence.

16. Yemen

Yemen has suffered 11 civil wars and social unrest . The country lives immersed in poverty, unemployment, corruption ... The government and its security forces have been responsible for torture, inhuman treatment and extrajudicial executions. Freedom of expression, the press and religion are restricted, homosexuality is illegal, punishable by death.

15. Zimbabwe

The African continent lives in continuous conflict, as shown by many countries that include Zimbabwe . The country's economy is seriously damaged, which has repercussions on social dilemmas.Disputes with firearms and violent acts are the order of the day.

14. Israel

Israel suffers a lot of conflicts largely due to its situation regarding Palestine . Armed disputes are commonplace. The struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the mid-twentieth century and the Holy Land lives in continuous tension, especially in the Gaza Strip.

13. Colombia

Inequality is a constant in Colombia, where, according to the Human Development Index of the United Nations (UN), 10% of the richest population in the country earns four times more than the poorest 40% . The Andean country is considered one of the most dangerous in Latin America, although other rankings consider Honduras as a more insecure territory than Colombia.

12. Nigeria

Nigeria suffers both economically and socially, with ongoing conflicts and violation of human rights . His government is known for corruption, where public officials take advantage of his position to fill their pockets. Rape and discrimination based on sex are common.

11. Russia

Russia has a high crime rate . It is a country known for its mafia groups, extortion, drug trafficking, assassins, kidnapping and money laundering. According to the UN, the Russian Federation is one of the leading countries in homicides by the United Nations.

10. North Korea

North Korea appears frequently in the media for living a situation of dictatorship in the hands of Kim Jong-un . Amnesty International has often denounced the restrictions on freedom and human rights suffered by the inhabitants of this country. Arbitrary detention, torture and other ill-treatment that results in death and executions are not strange in this Asian country.

9. Pakistan

Pakistan is considered one of the countries with a high number of terrorists . In fact, the Afghanistan-Pakistan area, in terms of terrorist acts, is only surpassed by that of Syria-Iraq. In addition, political instability, overpopulation, poverty, illiteracy or corruption, makes this country one of the most insecure on the planet.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo

A politically unstable country, but as in many African states, it is rich in natural resources . In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, corruption and exploitation and the extraction and exploitation of resources prevail. War conflicts have been frequent in the last two decades, killing more than 5.4 million individuals and causing diseases such as malaria.

7. Central African Republic

Another African country on the list that, especially after becoming independent from France in the 1960s, He has lived different dictatorships. The first multi-party democratic elections were held in 1993, when Ange-Félix Patassé was elected president. There are serious clashes between the Muslim and Christian factions.

6. Sudan

The wars have marked the history of Sudan, especially its civil wars and the war in the Darfur region . Human rights are ignored in this country, and both ethnic cleansing and slavery occur. Its Sudanese legal system is governed by Islamic law.

5. Somalia

Somalia is experiencing an internal conflict that began in 1991 and is still active today . The war has caused hundreds of thousands of casualties so far, and rebellious troops, especially Islamists, are continually being added.

4. Iraq

Iraq is one of the countries most devastated by the war , which ended officially in 2011; nevertheless, conflicts are still present, and at a political level, instability is a reality. The self-styled Islamic State continues to expand in this region, where there have been major armed conflicts such as those in Mosul or Tikrit.

3. South Sudan

South Sudan is a country different from Sudan, which in 2011 became independent . This region has suffered internal conflicts for decades, and ethnic violence is the usual pattern. The result has been numerous victims.

2. Afghanistan

The conflicts in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, are globally known . NATO and the allied countries have participated in the civil war in this country, which emerged after the 9/11 attacks. The victims can be counted in tens of thousands.

1. Syria

Syria is the most dangerous country in the world at present due to the armed conflict that lives and that began in the year 2011 , with protests to the government Bashar al-Assad, whose forces responded with violent measures of repression. It is estimated that more than 200,000 civilians have already been killed.

25 Most Dangerous Countries According To Global Peace Index (June 2024).

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