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The 27 best sentences of Andreu Buenafuente

The 27 best sentences of Andreu Buenafuente

May 26, 2024

Andreu Buenafuente He is a well known presenter and humorist in Spain. Born in Reus, he founded one of the most important audiovisual production companies in Catalonia: "El Terrat".

He became famous due to the program on the regional television of Catalonia, but made the leap to Spanish television where he is known as a presenter of late shows.

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Famous quotes of Andreu Buenafuente

This great humorist has uttered many funny phrases throughout his career . Below you can find some of the best.

1. The casting of Pasión de Gavilanes seems fresh from Nacho Vidal's bachelor party

An appointment with humor about the emblematic series "Pasión de Gavilanes".

2. I do not intend to die, I already have it clear. I've been talking and I can not find the grace

Death is a funny subject, but for a good source there is humor in anything.

3. Banks are a bit like broth tablets: they cook and enrich us

There has been much controversy in Spain in reference to banks. Especially with the preferred ones.

4. Life starts every five minutes

We have to live in the present moment. It is the only thing that counts.

5. Will I be going crazy? It can not be, because I'm already

Buenafuente confesses that he lacks some sanity.

6. Money is useless, but if you fall it hurts you

A quote similar to the one that says: "Money does not give happiness but helps".

7. Life in danger. That's an unsolved problem, a shame

A date with humor on a very serious topic.

8. Love moves the world. Combined with sex, it moves the universe

Emphasizing the importance of sex in relationships.

9. A pause for eternity and see you right away

A phrase that he uttered at the moment of giving way to television commercials.

10. There are short people who do not recognize it. They say "No, I'm far away"

A joke about people who do not have a great height.

11. Do not worry about the language. When you laugh, you do not notice the accent

There are individuals with a very strong accent. Buenafuente makes a grace about them.

12. The talent is not destroyed, it is transformed and the artists survive

Without a doubt, Buenafuente knows the world of show to perfection.

13. The Indians were not the only ones with feather for the far west

A joke that may make a homosexual wrong, but that is just a joke.

14. The prostate, another way to protest

A game of words that is funny.

15. In the room of the cardinals there are frescoes ... there are also paintings

An ironic reflection on what is possible to find in the cardinal room.

16. What's up neng! "Is the most heard cry after" I'm sorry, you're not my type "

The Neng is a character that Andreu Buenafuente discovered and made famous.

17. Bush has a lot of sense of humor because the common already lost it

A criticism with grace towards the former president of the United States.

18. People would not eat not to mention

In reference to people who do not open their mouths or ask for their rights.

19. The serious bores me. You have to laugh at everything to survive

Laughter is, without a doubt, one of the best forms of therapy.

20. Bill Clinton, the author of the saying "By the mouth the fish dies ... the big shot"

Another quote that mentions a former president of the United States.

21. I seem to remember that I love you but I could not assure you

Love can sometimes be confusing, as this ironic phrase says.

22. Never stop using condoms

A recommendation that refers to safe sex.

23. It is one of my best achievements, the happiness of my mother

What makes Andreu Buenafuente happiest is the happiness of his mother.

24. Camarlengo ... does not it sound like a cover? We have chocos, bravas and camarlengo a la plancha!

A joke about the word camerlengo, an official of the papal court

25. Laughter does not pretend

Laughter is healthy, and it is an authentic expression that arises when something makes us funny.

26. Before the mothers were a grated disc, "Go, pass-go-go-go!" now they are a stuck Vinyl record, "Go on, it happens that you-that-you- that- you- you ...!

A joke about mothers, which can sometimes be quite heavy.

27. Drink in moderation, pay for others

A warning for when we go out partying with friends.

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