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The 30 best sentences of Janis Joplin: the bohemian side of life

The 30 best sentences of Janis Joplin: the bohemian side of life

July 18, 2024

Janis Joplin was an important American singer in the sixties who became the first woman to be considered a star of Rock and Roll. Also known as the cosmic witch or the white lady of the blues, was in her time a symbol of the counterculture that stood out for its intensity and unbridled lifestyle.

Throughout his short life (he would die at twenty-seven years of age) this young singer would make various reflections on various topics. For this reason, and to better understand your thinking and philosophy, in this article we leave you with a selection of phrases by Janis Joplin .

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The best phrases and reflections of Janis Joplin

Here we present a series of phrases and reflections of this well-known singer, who expressed in her songs her need to love and be free and reflected in them part of her history and feelings. They mostly talk about aspects and topics such as love, freedom, acceptance of the different and emotion .

1. I just want to feel as much as I can, it's about everything the soul is about

For Janis Joplin, feelings and experience were really important aspects, especially in regard to the search for romantic love.

2. Everyone has to settle for something at some time. You can not have everything and you can not continue without endangering your whole life.

This phrase expresses that although we must fight for what we want, we must try to have realistic expectations and not be frustrated by not getting everything we would like.

3. However, you should not settle for less than what makes you happy. Instead of choosing what you think is best, you know you have what you need when happiness arrives

Continuation of the previous sentence, expresses that the fact of knowing that we can not have everything we want does not imply that we have to settle for anything: we always have to look for something that makes us happy. We do not have to choose for what we believe will be better, but for what we feel that fills us.

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4. It's hard to be free, but when it works it's worth it!

To be such as one is in our life and fighting for what we want leads us to feel free .

5. On the stage I make love to 25,000 different people. Then I go home alone

Loneliness was a frequent sensation in the life of the white blues lady. This phrase exemplifies that professional success is not associated with personnel and that many people only love one part of us and do not take into account the rest.

6. Do you know the reason why you think that only people of color have a soul? Because whites do not allow themselves to feel with their soul

The singer was born and grew up in a strongly racist environment in which there was racial segregation and persecution and mistreatment of people of color, things that she opposed.

7. Being an intellectual, a lot of questions are created and no answer

The search for knowledge does not necessarily mean finding answers, but asking new questions. One of Janis Joplin's phrases in which wisdom is reflected .

8. Here I am, friend, to celebrate a party, the best possible while I live on earth. I think that is also your duty

The singer says that we should focus on being happy and living in the present and stop worrying excessively about everything that could happen.

9. Do not put your life in danger. You are all you have

Appreciate and value yourself is what this phrase proposes, since we are only going to live a life: ours.

10. I feel so useless down here, with no one to love. Although I have searched everywhere, I can not find anyone who loves me, who feels my love

Fragment of one of his songs expresses loneliness and the need to love and be loved.

11. What makes you feel good can not cause you any harm

In this sentence we can see how Janis Joplin sought to find peace in things that made her feel good temporarily. Specifically it referred to the use of drugs and alcohol , which would ultimately cost you your life.

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12. I'm buried alive in the blues

The singer expressed her feelings and emotions with all her intensity.

13. Love your animal friends, do not eat them

Janis Joplin defended the rights of animals , as well as vegetarianism.

14. You can destroy your present by worrying about your future

Over worrying about what might happen in the future pushes us to forget about living the here and now.

15. Once, in a green season, a flower fell in love with the sun, passion lasted an hour and then she withered for her beloved

This short fragment of the song speaks of a fleeting and passionate love that leaves wounded someone who in reality would have wanted something more.

16. I always wanted to be an artist, whatever it was, in the same way that other girls wanted to be hostesses. I used to read. I painted. I thought

The expression and communication of emotions and ways of thinking and being oneself, of being free, was what Janis had always wanted to do.

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17. Freedom is another word to define nothing to lose

While this phrase can be interpreted negatively, try to reflect that who is free has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

18. Being myself, being the person inside of me, not playing, that's what I'm trying to do all the time, more than anything in the world, so as not to fuck myself or fuck others

In short, the white lady of the blues defended the need to be authentic and to live coherently and without harming either himself or others.

19. Here is the problem: that sometimes I have to sleep. But there are so many things happening ... Why sleep? I may miss a party

The singer, symbol of counterculture and rebellion, pretended to be always active.

20. When I sing, I feel like I'm in love. It's more than sex. It is the point at which two people arrive at what they call love for the first time, multiplied by the whole public. It is gigantic.

Singing is a great way of emotional expression, establishing an intimate communication with who listens .. In addition, the author of the phrase found consolation in the admiration and appreciation shown by its viewers.

21. My business is to have fun and enjoy. And why not, if in the end everything ends?

Again the singer emphasizes the need to live life as we want to live it, fighting to be happy.

22. We do not forgive others because they deserve it, but because they need it. They need it, we need it, we all need it.

Forgiveness and forgiveness is something we all need both giving and receiving, even though we may or may not deserve it.

23. You have to do it while you can

Joplin invites us to act, to live, to experiment and pursue our dreams .

24. I am one of those people who are commonly rare

Janis Joplin was always considered strange, suffering bullying from childhood and suffering serious self-esteem problems for a large part of her life.

25. All you really need are feelings

This phrase reflects that in reality, what really matters is what we feel about ourselves, others and life.

26. I am a victim of my own insides. There was a time when I wanted to know everything. It used to make me very unhappy, that feeling. I did not know what to do with it. But now I have learned to make that feeling work for me

It is logical to want to know everything, but we must be aware that we can not know everything and that our understanding of the world is limited .

27. I want you to tell, to tell your fingers, my unhappy, my unfortunate. My sad little girl. I know you're unhappy, honey, I know.

Part of one of his songs, expresses the feeling of loneliness and the need for affection that Janis felt for most of his life.

28. I have observed around and I have been able to understand something: how much we need to be loved. Ambition is not just a desperate search for position or money. It is of love, a lot of love.

The need to be loved is something that moves us to a great extent to act (even in ways apparently contrary to it) to get loved.

29. If you're getting more crap than you deserve, you know what to do about it. You know, all you need is more music.

The singer tries with this phrase to make us see that we should not be influenced by the attacks or opinions of others, but that we have to remain ourselves .

30. One of these morning you're going to get up, get up singing, you're going to unfold your boy wings, and lift yourself up into the sky

This phrase part of one of his songs : specifically it is about the translation of a fragment of Summertime. Although it can be interpreted as dreaming, it refers to death

Bohemian Rhapsody Performed in 42 Styles (July 2024).

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