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The 32 best phrases of rapper Nach

The 32 best phrases of rapper Nach

December 1, 2022

The name of Ignacio Fornés may not tell you much. The great Nach (formerly known as Nach Scratch) is a rapper from Alicante born in 1974.

One of the most popular voices of the Spanish hip-hop scene, Nach has shone with his own light since the year 2000 he released his first LP "In the brevity of the days".

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Great phrases by Nach

His verses have always been the object of veneration and controversy in equal parts . His fervent social criticism has been a leitmotif in his artistic work, which already has 10 albums behind him.

In today's article we will know the best phrases of Nach, as well as his verses and reflections that have generated more debate over almost twenty years of career.

1. The child wanted to know and no one knew how to respond, the child did not find the affection he thought he deserved. Thus he began to grow and to disobey, to appear before his drunken pillow every dawn. (Problematic boy)

In this mythical song he tells us about a young man who, living a gray and ruthless existence, begins to flirt with drugs and bad life.

2. Tell me where you were when anxiety choked me, when every thought caused gagging and every pore of my skin trembled. Without anyone to hug me and tell me: everything will be fine (You were not even there)

A grudge against someone who was never there when he was needed.

3. Anger dances in the environment and broken love hurts them, with no one to comfort her, she shuts herself up and cries in the bathroom. She carries the chain and others will suffer the damage. (Chains)

In this song he explains to us the way in which feelings, good or bad, propagate in a chain.

4. We do not live the moment or heal the wounds. Loves by whim and entertainment hates. (Time escapes)

On the fragility of human bonds in our time.

5. My rap burns to remind you, by telling the world that your fight was not in vain. (Silence shots)

Each struggle sows a seed for the future.

6. In these times of flight love comes and goes. When everything is lost another light will come, it will kill the gloomy cold of loneliness. (Love comes and goes)

Another phrase from Nach that tells us about superficiality and hope for a better future.

7. Yours is the sea if you seek it, yours is the earth if you want to dig, yours is the fire if you want to burn, your is the air, yours is the art and the flowers, do you want to stay? (A life ahead)

A love verse delivered.

8. I met Constancia shortly after, I was attracted by her fragrance and from that moment I got to know her. Their self-esteem and discipline told me: "Do not give up, you'll have a place at the top with the best." (They)

A metaphor that tells us about the virtues of perseverance.

9. Sometimes we forget that the best of this life is free. (Free)

Love, good times together with yours ... do not cost money.

10. Your mission will be to have fun and also to laugh, what will it do to suffer if later you will have to leave? (A life ahead)

Carpe diem, it's not worth worrying so much.

11. I curse the one who denied you the gift of feeling the sun, of seeing the sunrise, of knowing your first love. (Angel)

In this song he talks about his sister, who died in his youth.

12. Notes the lie as it breathes, you feel like the anger stares at you, you watch the greed that revolves around your generation, while in a corner you get blind with rum. (The demon camouflaged on the asphalt)

Verses for an uncertain future.

13. They speak to us of peace teaching us a weapon. They give us freedom but they tell us when to use it. (Thinking out loud)

On the false freedom and rights that we enjoy in Western society.

14. Knowing how to live day by day makes us wise. (Binomial)

Knowing how to enjoy the little things, that is the meaning of life.

15. I will be there when you cry and when you laugh, in your days of melancholy and in your joys. (I love you)

A brutal love phrase from Nach.

16. Why do they call it "love" when it is only dependence and momentary need for heat? Why do they call it "love" when they go from flower to flower? (I shit on love)

Reflecting on sentimental relationships in the 21st century.

17. You yourself, so transparent and so full of enigmas. No need frenzy, no fur coats. I like you so, so, just as you are. (Just as you are)

A song of spontaneous and deep love, without artifice.

18. How am I going to leave it if this is part of me. (So ​​many reasons)

About his job as rapper, which is also his passion.

19. I fell in love with so many things that it hurt, I enjoyed a thousand battles, it did not matter if I lost. (Living)

One of his most positive and vital songs.

20. Sometimes you dream too much, so much that the real does not matter.You feel that the days transport you and you feel alone, extinguished, like this cursed city that encourages you to beg those who take you away the most. (Interlude)

The miseries and joys of urban life, summarized in a single verse.

21. We live watching peaks that are closer and closer, we die if the routine keeps an eye on our door. (On the tightrope)

Have goals and risk, key to a happy life.

22. Because I love you, above any but, beyond the powerful gentleman don money, you reborn the lover, and you numb the warrior. You make him only know how to speak with the heart first. (Free love)

Another great romantic verse of the great Nach.

23. Quiet, if it can be done, do not stop, it's knowing yourself, never giving up, not limiting yourself. (To be or not to be)

Little by little and good lyrics. The best stories emerge without hurry.

24. At this very moment an inmate talks to himself, so lonely. A large family sits down to dinner and the only thing you hear is the news. (At this very moment)

Paradoxes of life and communication between humans. Another of those Nach phrases that make you think for hours.

25. I observe the world and see how it suffers and rots, the rot of man covers it. Promises and oaths that are made ashes, economies based on debt that enslave us. (Requiem)

One of those verses overflowing with social criticism.

26. True to my motto, make money from the system making music against the system. (Manifest)

Another paradox that illustrates his revolutionary ideology.

27. I look for an unattainable calm, the atmosphere here is not reliable. I want to be alone if only everything will be fine, that no one will talk to me, that they will not break this silence, it is mine. Today I want to feel the cold. (Nothing nor nobody)

An ode to silence and tranquility offered by a moment of solitude sought.

28. Beyond the shadow there is a world that astonishes, I will find my own course if luck names me. (Beyond the shadow)

A phrase that can make us leave the darkness of everyday life.

29. She had everything he wanted from a woman, it was that angel hidden behind her skin with honey lips. (His and hers)

A romantic verse that comes from Nach's pen.

30. There is no better teacher than error, nor more sweetness than the one who suffers and then heals his pain. (Manifest)

The good thing about time is that it knows how to heal wounds, albeit slowly.

31. And if life is an instant today I want to forget that I exist ... I want to escape to my desert without being seen, to leave this circle, to fly to another place, to stay still, there loneliness is my amulet. (Nothing nor nobody)

Little more to add.

32. We all have a story that should be told, and we keep a secret that nobody knows about, we talk with the pillow but it does not respond ... The truth is out there, yes ... But it hides. (Chains)

An emotional phrase by Ignacio Fornés to realize that life is unrepeatable.

BEST OF LBB (RAP AM MITTWOCH) (December 2022).

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