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The 32 best sentences of Elsa Punset

The 32 best sentences of Elsa Punset

April 21, 2024

Elsa Punset is a writer and philosopher well known for her work in divulging Psychology . She is the daughter of the well-known scientific popularizer Eduard Punset, and among her books are the works: "A backpack for the Universe" or "The World in your hands".

Elsa Punset was born in London. He was always passionate about letters, so he graduated in Philosophy and Literature. He also has several Masters: in Humanities, Journalism and Secondary Education.

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Famous quotes by Elsa Punset

Below you can find a list with the best phrases of Elsa Punset to approach your way of understanding science and life.

1. A person has a 15 percent greater chance of being happy if he is directly connected to a happy person

When we surround ourselves with people with positive characteristics, we can benefit from their presence.

2. We trust more of the kind people than the beautiful ones

People who are nice and treat us well arouse us more confidence than those who are physically more attractive.

3. Listen to your intuition and boost your intelligence: make outlines of what you want to achieve, set clear goals, understand and take on the difficulties

A positive attitude such as this phrase and the advice Elsa gives us are key to success.

4. If you want to stay connected emotionally with your partner despite the years you have to dedicate time. The message is that we are basically chemical and electricity and connecting with the other person requires giving each other time. Not only mentally, but physically. Several studies indicate that a hug should last at least six seconds for affective ties to be established and the appropriate hormones that provide well-being are segregated

Hugs help us to release oxytocin, the hormone related to addiction.

5. Crises enhance evolution and changes that seemed difficult or impossible can occur even relatively quickly

The delicate moments we go through can help us grow as human beings.

6. It is not enough to think, not even to think positively. You have to get down to work!

Thinking positive is fine, but it is useless if these thoughts do not take action.

7. We have gone from a very hierarchical world where communication between us was very difficult to a world where suddenly, thanks to the digital age, we communicate with each other at full speed, we are very close, we are very rich because we already no big efforts are needed to start things, in training or to start projects and there are many examples in the last two decades

The relationship between people has changed as a result of the inclusion of new technologies in our day to day.

8. Humans need stability. But too much stability can mean that we have given up on using our abilities, our creativity, that we lock ourselves into a role and a script that we learned in childhood and that perhaps does not make us happy. Do not be a slave without knowing it

A quote that goes to say that far from the comfort zone is where we can develop our talents.

9. Be compassionate, because every person you cross is fighting a tough battle

Compassion is one of the best virtues that human beings have and that positively affects their interpersonal relationships.

10. Change of opinion in times of crisis is essential to survive, both in economic and personal crisis

Many times crises come to us because of the mistaken beliefs we have.

11. Emotions are the result of how we experience, physically and mentally, the interaction between our internal world and the external world

Our emotional experience is determined by how we relate to the events that surround us.

12. Even bad can be beneficial

The bad experiences of life serve to restructure our beliefs and thoughts and make it more adaptive.

13. Forgiving is not forgetting: it is remembering what has hurt us and letting it go

In forgiveness is acceptance, not forgetfulness.

14. Emotionally intelligent education teaches the child to tolerate frustration and to understand and accept that others also have needs and rights

Emotional intelligence makes us happier people and favors our mental well-being.

15. A kiss that works acts like a drug because it stimulates a cocktail of hormones and neurotransmitters. It raises what they call the hormone of love, oxytocin, which creates links in the medium and long term. It also tends to increase dopamine, especially in the first kisses of a relationship, and encourages desire, that feeling that you can not wait to be with someone when you fall in love

The kisses, as in the case of hugs, releases oxytocin, which is known as the hormone of attachment.

16With fears and shames, almost all unexpected and funny things, opportunities and unsuspected encounters escape through the drain

When we feel fear for life, we stop enjoying it and experience it as we would like.

17. The fear of failure disappears when it can not save you

The fear of failure makes it impossible for us to grow as human beings and do what we would like.

18. The heart tells you what you need if you let him speak and you know how to listen

Self-knowledge is key to our well-being and our growth as people.

19. Empathy allows us to share these emotions and is the touchstone of our social intelligence

Empathy is a social skill that all people should possess.

20. Television and screens absorb our time more and more, we consult our phones on average about 150 times a day, et cetera. You have to keep an eye on that trend, since the emotional connection you make when you talk to someone depends a lot on how many times you look him in the eye. It is the most intense form of non-verbal communication

The new ways of relating that are the result of new technologies can cause communication problems if we are not careful.

21. No feeling is more determinant in our lives, none has a more radical impact on our ability to be happy, none justifies the immense social networks, responsibilities, desires and desires that weigh on people from birth to death . It is love

If there is a feeling that floods us and changes our lives completely it is love, which can become like a drug for us.

22. Love guides us, gives us hope, saddens us and moves us above all

Another quote about love and the great impact it has on our thinking and our behavior.

23. We are not what we think, we are what we feel (...), behind every rational thought there is an emotion

Emotions have a great impact on our behavior. Some experts even claim that they are behind even the rational decisions we make.

24. If you know why you do things, you will be able to change the ones you do not like

Knowing oneself and being fully aware of what we do gives us feedback about what we are doing wrong and helps us change what we do not like about our life.

25. The elements that contribute most to happiness continue to be those that have been in the mouth of the wise for centuries: gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, knowing how to enjoy the little things that accompany us every day and having a network of affections not necessarily broad but solid

Being happy is much simpler than we think, but it is not easy to put these qualities into practice.

26. We only flourish if our emotional needs, especially the need for protection and affection, are met.

When we do not feel loved or protected, we can not be happy.

27. There is a growing conviction that we have the potential to be creative and to transform how we perceive or experience reality. This gives us an accurate responsibility and power over our daily life

We can control our life to a greater or lesser extent if we do something to make this happen.

28. Children come to demand exhausting attention from parents: sometimes it seems that nothing is enough and many parents wonder where they should put limits to ensure their own well-being. Education requires a physically and emotionally exhausting delivery and parents also need to pay attention to their physical and emotional health. Show them that attitude regularly

Raising a child can be complicated, but it is necessary for parents to be well with themselves so that parenting is the best possible.

29. I've learned that you can discover a lot about a person if you look at how he faces these three things: losing his luggage, a rainy day and a tangled string of Christmas lights

Life can be full of situations in which a great capacity for solving problems is necessary.

30. Be consistent with what you say and do, and remember that the child will incorporate your behaviors, more than your words, into your life

If you want your child to be respectful and kind, you must be first.

31. Before the world there are only two attitudes: fear or love

People can behave in many ways, but the fear of doing things and demonstrating our emotions can largely determine our success in interpersonal relationships.

32. There are people who have discovered really wonderful things but who have accumulated a lot of failures before

Success is not achieved through a path of roses. Successful people are because they have fought against all odds to achieve it.

Los perros guía - ELSA PUNSET (April 2024).

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