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The 34 best sentences of Jorge Luis Borges, a unique writer

The 34 best sentences of Jorge Luis Borges, a unique writer

September 25, 2023

Jorge Luis Borges (Buenos Aires, 1899 - Geneva, 1986) was one of the most outstanding Latin American writers of the 20th century.

His unparalleled prose made this Argentine of illustrious origin was already in his time an author worthy of analysis and study. He came to sound strongly to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, although he never won it, probably because of his right-wing ideals. He did get, among many other distinctions, the Miguel de Cervantes Prize.

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The most famous phrases of Borges

In this article we will know the most famous phrases of Borges . These are famous quotes that we have extracted from his numerous books, as well as interviews and conferences.

1. You have to be careful when choosing enemies because you end up looking like them.

If we face someone, we are likely to end up adopting their own defense strategies. Great reflection

2. That each man build his own cathedral. Why live off old and old works of art?

An ode to self-realization and not to be carried away by the conquests of the past.

3. The Universal History is that of one man.

A phrase to free interpretation.

4. There may be enemies of my opinions, but I myself, if I wait a while, can also be an enemy of my opinions.

It's just a matter of taking time to find weaknesses in one's thoughts ...

5. One is not what he is by what he writes, but by what he has read.

The greatness of reading is that it makes us wiser. Writing is just the logical consequence.

6. I do not know to what extent a writer can be a revolutionary. For now, he is working with the language, which is a tradition.

A curious reflection that can make us think.

7. I would like to be brave. My dentist says I'm not.

An ironic phrase of the great Borges.

8. "Always" is a word that is not allowed to men.

The mere conception of something eternal is, in itself, a utopia.

9. You are not ambitious: you are happy with being happy.

How do you interpret this Borges sentence?

10. There are communists who maintain that to be anti-communist is to be a fascist. This is as incomprehensible as saying that not being Catholic is being Mormon.

A reduction to the absurd, on one of the fallacies most used to delegitimize the opinion of another person.

11. If we really saw the Universe, maybe we would understand it.

Perhaps we live too absorbed in forms of life that completely distance us from the understanding of what surrounds us.

12. How else can you threaten other than death? The interesting thing, the original, would be that someone threatens you with immortality.

Another irony of the Argentine genius.

13. We all walk towards anonymity, only that the mediocre ones arrive a little earlier.

A solemn reflection on the unnecessaryness of fame.

14. Literature is nothing other than a directed dream.

On the conjunction between prose and build a castle in our own mind.

15. Death is a lived life. Life is a death that comes.

About the future, the past, and its ultimate reality.

16. I think it's better to think that God does not accept bribes.

About the Church (and other religions) and their eagerness to obtain wealth and goods.

17. I have not cultivated my fame, which will be ephemeral.

A great phrase of Borges, always reluctant to the supposed honeys of fame and popular acceptance.

18. We are our memory, we are that chimerical museum of inconstant forms, that pile of broken mirrors.

Always great and creative, with this famous quote full of poetry.

19. Only that which is gone is what belongs to us.

Perhaps in reference to the place occupied by people and experiences that are no longer, but remain in our mind.

20. Happiness does not need to be transmuted into beauty, but misfortune does.

Intriguing reflection that can make us think.

21. Dollars: They are those imprudent American bills that have different value and the same size.

On the value of money, very present in his work and little among his hobbies.

22. I'm alone and there's no one in the mirror.

A certain nihilism floods this thought.

23. Time is the best anthologist, or the only one, perhaps.

An especially famous phrase that perfectly sums up the meaning of life.

24. Dreaming is the oldest aesthetic activity.

To recreate and to imagine realities that draws our unconscious.

25. One is in love when one realizes that another person is unique.

About falling in love: something we have all felt at some time.

26. For the Argentine, friendship is a passion and the police a mafia.

A brief uncomfortable portrait of the average Argentine citizen, in the eyes of the porteño.

27. I have always suspected that the only thing without mystery is happiness, because it justifies itself.

A great reflection that could only be born from the pen of the natural writer of Buenos Aires.

28. Over the years I have observed that beauty, like happiness, is frequent. Not a day goes by when we are not, in a moment, in paradise.

Poetic and beautiful thought that can give us encouragement on a cloudy day.

29. I do not speak of revenge or forgiveness, oblivion is the only revenge and the only forgiveness.

Impressive the way to rationalize and give a positive outlet to these negative feelings.

30. The verb to read, like the verb to love and the verb to dream, does not support 'the imperative mode'.

"The lyrics, with blood," would be, according to Borges, a tremendous error in our educational system.

31. I have committed the worst sin that one can commit. I have not been happy.

Tormented and lonely, Borges lamented that he had not lived with more enthusiasm.

32. I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not listen to the radio, I do not use drugs, at least. I would say that my only vices are Don Quixote, The Divine Comedy and not incur the reading of Enrique Larreta or Benavente.

On his few but curious vices.

33. Fatherhood and mirrors are abominable because they multiply the number of men.

A brushstroke of his misanthropy.

34. Tyranny fosters stupidity.

Simple but vehement phrase charging against dictatorships.

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