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The 35 best book blogs (for insatiable readers)

The 35 best book blogs (for insatiable readers)

July 18, 2024

Reading is for many people a pleasant and pleasurable hobby , providing on the one hand a serene tranquility and on the other allowing us to enter a different and exciting world. There is a great variety of genres and titles, constantly publishing new works of different quality and that may or may not fit our interests.

Knowing what a book is about or its general characteristics before buying it can be very useful to select them properly, and in this sense criticism abounds in different media. One of the means by which many people advise or comment on how the books they read are literature blogs.

So, and in order to assess different reviews, in this article we will see some of the best books and literature blogs , all of them free.

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A small selection of the best literature blogs

Here we present a total of 35 blogs and web pages about books and literature. In some cases they are not merely blogs but there are also some web pages that have gone from being literature blogs to incorporate other types of culture and even some that offer the possibility of viewing reports on audiovisual literature.

In any case, you can access them by clicking on the links in the titles or through the web address indicated under its description.

1. Lecturalia

This page, which besides being a blog, is presented as a social network of literature, a community of readers and book reviews. It has a lot of content , offering summaries and synopsis of more than thousands of them and allowing to be informed as much of these as of the authors or of the prizes that have been granted.

2. Books that I am reading

This blog, completely dedicated to literature, contains different impressions regarding a great diversity of works of different genres . It is possible to find them organized by genres or alphabetical order, as well as see some of the best-selling books of the season, the next releases or even fragments of interviews made to numerous authors.

3. The Universe of books

This blog offers us a huge amount of reviews of numerous literary works, which we can also see sorted by author or title . It also allows to see interviews with authors. On the other hand, it proposes different challenges regarding the realization of different types of readings.

4. The stone of Sisyphus

Although nowadays this blog has diversified to a great extent and also deals with topics such as cinema or history, La piedra de Sísifo is a blog that was born as almost exclusively literary and that It has been changing and incorporating other elements and curiosities of cultural type .

5. Leemetv

In addition to having a blog as such, this page also offers audiovisual material analyzing books (in fact, with a format reminiscent of a reportage program focused on literature and issued on the Internet), a reading club and various podcast , in addition to starting to apply virtual reality to improve interactivity.

6. The Thousand and One Afternoons

With a name that evokes the classic Arabian Nights, the author of this blog offers us different reviews of novels with an own and close style, in addition to treating other types of works of art such as movies or songs and even invites us to imagine our favorite characters in environments and situations different from those of the novel itself, and it is even possible to see some story created by its author.

7. Cobweb of books

This literature blog offers us a lot of reviews, curiosities, comments on adaptations of novels and the experiences and evaluations about books read by the author. It also has a section in which the author proposes the exchange of books, and even has proposals for challenges.

You can find this blog at: //

8. A book and a coffee

A simple but elegant blog in which the author allows us to observe a large number of reviews and posts about literature focused on works or authors.

9. Books to read

With a simple design, the author of this blog about books offers us a very interesting selection of reviews, specializing in black, historical and children's novel . It offers opinions and evaluations of each of the works, analyzing different aspects such as setting or the characters.

10. An indiscreet reader

A blog in which the author offers us complete reviews of a wide variety of books of different genres (historical, police, black, romantic ...) including also a brief biography of their authors . We can also observe several interviews with authors.

11. Current literature

A web portal of great interest that offers commentaries on different literary as well as lyrical works, being able to find contents as much of literature in general as of novels, poetries, stories and even publishers. It also has interviews and information about literary prizes .

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12. The pleasure of reading

This interesting web offers us a great diversity of contents, both at the level of reviews and curiosities, films, different articles and lists. even contests .

13. The literary cavern

This blog of simple appearance provides us with a large amount of reviews, organized mainly by author, and making an extensive review of each of the books presented in it analyzing the sensations they generate and the different aspects to be assessed.

14. All Literature

An extensive web linked to the Public Period that offers diverse information about current issues and news in literature , as well as reviews and interviews, videos and recommended section. He works with historical novel, black and even with poetry and poetry.

15. Book Eater

Although unfortunately since March of this year the author of the blog has ended the publication of new reviews, ceasing its activity, Book Eater is still an interesting blog in which there is a huge amount of well-posed reviews, summaries and even reading challenges.

16. Traveling between pages

This blog immerses us in the exciting world of reading, offering us diverse opinions and criticisms regarding novels of varied genres such as humor, fantasy or science fiction, among others. Interestingly, it also has a section in which books that its author does not seem advisable are discussed .

The blog is available here: //

17. The books of the loft

A blog designed with arboreal motives in which the author offers us a considerable amount of reviews with synopsis, analysis and even recommendations of similar books. It also analyzes classics of literature and even dramaturgy. Highly recommended

18. The Boomeran (g)

This literary blog offers us both videos and audios of interviews with authors, as well as allowing us to observe literary novelties and even find small published progress of certain books . It also allows you to see criticism (not only literary but also cultural) made by multiple authors, with its own section of the blog.

19. The story in my books

An elegant blog, mainly focused on historical literature but has occasionally analyzed for example black novel or poetry, offers various reviews and compilations in addition to interviews, news and even has a section of outstanding phrases. Interesting for those who enjoy this genre.

20. Some good books

This literary blog offers us different reviews of both literature in general and poetry , as well as diverse articles, interviews with authors or even stories by indie authors. It also has a readers club.

21. The reading eye

An interesting blog in which we can see a lot of reviews organized by alphabetical title, some book lists or recommendations. It even has a small section with some tests to find, for example, your ideal book.

22. With a book in his hand

Another literary blog where we can see a lot of reviews, in which we present the technical sheet, synopsis, commentary and biography of the author of each book . It makes it possible to find them by title or by author.

You can find this blog at: //

23. Heart, ink and paper

Simple but interesting blog in which not only are offered reviews about books, but also about movies and series. It also contains reading challenges.

24. Literary chronicles

This blog, carried by four authors, makes several literary reviews affordable and quick to read not only of literary works such as novels (touching different genres) but of less frequent genres, such as comics .

You can find this blog at: //

25. The sword in the ink

A blog that initially focuses on literature, but offers a different vision and focused on the fantasy of magic and sword . It also adds commentary on games, movies, television and comics, and even has an art section as well as news.

26. Literary art

An original blog in which the author offers us not only literary reviews, but also reflections, comparisons with film versions, comparisons between covers. With regard to the former, incorporates data sheet, synopsis and personal opinion .

27. 1000 and a books and reviews

A simple blog that offers detailed reviews of the many books that it analyzes, giving its opinion and assessment regarding its content and explaining the authors' biographies.

You can find this blog at: //

28. From reader to reader

This blog deals with novels of very different genres, making reviews and opinions about them and presenting interviews and meetings with the authors. It also has booktrailers , videos that advance us how future books will be. They also present us with future cinematographic adaptations of different works. It also seems to hold competitions and raffles on a regular basis.

29. The literary astrolabe

Reviews, debates, news and interviews are some of the main contents of this blog, which also offers us tips to get find books at a good price .

30. The book corner

A simple but effective blog in which the authors make reviews of numerous books, also exposing literary novelties and interviews with authors made by bloggers.

31. The imaginary of ideas

This is a blog dedicated to literature in which we are presented with reviews of various types of books, presenting from that technique a brief summary and a description of what the novel is like and how it is narrated. News, compilations, comments on the most striking covers or great phrases of some works are part of what he offers us .

You can find this blog at: //

32. The book lounge

This blog, designed precisely as if it were a book or notebook , presents detailed reviews of various books (of which we can choose the theme by looking in the corresponding labels), book trailers and several interviews with different authors.

33. The narrator

This blog is especially dedicated to romantic literature. being able to observe several subgenres and find numerous reviews. We can also find interviews, comparisons with movies, novelties and literary quotations .

34. The edge of the books

This blog is characterized by offering brief reviews in which the author of the web tells us in a concise way of what the book is and the assessment it deserves

35. Hislibris

Again a page dedicated especially to historical novels, with sections such as rankings, interviews and a large list of reviews . It also has a forum to share and comment on different topics.

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