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The 42 best phrases of Elon Musk

The 42 best phrases of Elon Musk

February 2, 2024

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of the last decade, Elon Musk (South Africa, 1971), is recognized for having created PayPal, Tesla Motors, Hyperloop and other projects of international scope.

This investor and entrepreneur is one of the 25 most powerful people in the world in Forbes magazine. Genius and visionary, Elon Musk aspires to change the world with his contribution to different technological projects.

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Famous quotes from Elon Musk

Through the entrepreneurial trajectory of this South African entrepreneur, we can be inspired to start far-reaching projects. In today's article we have set out to collect the best phrases of Elon Musk , as well as his most memorable celebrity quotes.

1. Things are not done by following different paths so that they are not equal, but so that they are better.

On his dynamic and innovative attitude.

2. To become a CEO, you do not have to be an expert in marketing and sales; It is necessary to possess deep knowledge of engineering.

A maxim that few CEOs apply.

3. Your day will be good if you wake up knowing that you will build a better future. If not, you will have a bad day.

Optimistic phrase to focus on success.

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4. I create my companies to meet needs, not for the mere fact of creating them.

A strategic vision about friendships.

5. I will never be a business angel. I do not think it is right to invest in third party projects. If I am not able to do something for myself, I do not ask you to invest in it. That's why I only invest in my own companies.

Great reflection about the world of investment.

6. I do not dedicate myself to being a guru on broad concepts. My tasks are focused on research to improve our technology.

No global thinking: concrete thinking and innovative spirit. A great phrase by Elon Musk.

7. Two people who can not answer an unknown are not more useful than one with great knowledge.

They will probably be more motivated to develop useful changes and innovations.

8. Something can happen if you have first determined that it is possible for it to happen.

The future vision allows us to move towards change.

9. In my opinion, I think it is a mistake to employ many people to find a solution to a complicated problem. I believe that betting on quantity to the detriment of quality and talent when it comes to solving the issue will only slow down the process, which will turn it into something tedious.

It is better to pay a few geniuses very well than poorly hundreds of gregarious people.

10. The biggest mistake of a human being is to put on sale his own startup.

If you do not trust your own project, it is very likely that no one will.

11. I like to create things related to new technologies and break with the conventions, so you can say: "Incredible! How did you do this? How did you do it? "

About his spirit of developer and researcher.

12. Henry Ford was a pioneer of innovation. He was able to create affordable vehicles to replace the horse cars and knew how to deal with criticism of innovation: Why do we want a car if we already have horses?

A reflection by Elon Musk about the pioneer of motorsport.

13. In SpaceX, we do not like cocoons.

Great phrase by Elon Musk about the kind of people who can not work in the technological project that he runs.

14. I consider myself a positive person, but I never distance myself from realism. One of my virtues is to know how to design a product with a value much higher than its production cost.

The more profit is obtained, the more efficient the product is.

15. When I was little, my parents got angry with me because I kept asking them and questioning everything they answered me. I did not believe many things of what they said and forced them to justify all their answers until I saw a sense in them.

In this sentence he talks about his philosophical spirit and his tendency to find coherent and logical answers.

16. The biggest mistake I've made (and I'm still committing) is to focus more on talent than on the character of my team. It is important to surround yourself with kind people and with a heart.

Head and blood, two inherent virtues of productive workers.

17. The fact of achieving a great innovation and breaking with the established is not the fruit of a person, or of an advance, but of a whole group that has allowed it to happen.

The collective over the individualities.

18. To start a business you need two things: innovate in a great product and have a team behind full of determination and enthusiasm.

Another one of those Elon Musk phrases in which he teaches us the way forward: talent, team and illusion.

19. I do not believe in tricks to have an innovative mentality.I think it's a style of thinking together with the audacity to make decisions.

Courage, courage and determination: the keys to success in entrepreneurs.

20. It is imperative that consciousness be kept alive so that the future does not disappear.

A human virtue that leads us to overcome the obstacles that may arise.

21. Failure is an option here. If things do not fail, you are not innovating enough.

If all goes well, you are in your comfort zone at the development level.

22. If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should keep trying.

Large companies arise from great wills.

23. The brand is only a perception and the perception will coincide with reality after the time. Sometimes it will be before, others later but the brand is nothing more than a collective impression we have about a product.

About the public image generated by a project.

24. Want to be more rigorous to do the best you can. Find everything that is wrong with that and correct it. Look for negative comments especially from friends.

A concrete way to improve the product.

25. It's good to have your eggs in a basket as long as you control what happens to that basket.

Being aware of the environment makes us less vulnerable.

26. Persistence is very important you should not give up unless you are forced to surrender.

A maxim of Elon Musk to persevere even in the worst imaginable circumstances.

27. You want to have a future where you expect things to be better, not one where you expect things to be worse.

It is natural to be optimistic, according to Elon Musk.

28. People work better when they know what the objective is and why. It is important that people feel enthusiastic about coming to work in the morning and enjoying their work.

The enthusiasm and passion to develop unique projects is the key to success.

29. Patience is a virtue and I am learning to have patience. It is a hard lesson.

For a genius, waits can be eternal. But you have to develop this capacity.

30. I came to the conclusion that we should aim to increase the scope and scale of human consciousness to better understand what questions to ask. In reality, the only thing that makes sense is to fight for a collective illumination.

Humanity has a serious problem: it does not ask the right questions.

31. When I was in college I wanted to get involved in things that would change the world.

From a young age, he wanted to be part of global projects.

32. I would not say I have a lack of fear. In fact, I would like my emotion of fear to be less because it distracts me a lot and flushes my nervous system.

A reflection of Elon Musk about this very human sensation.

33. Life is too short for long-term grudges.

Get rid of grudges and absurd hatreds if you want to reach a good port.

34. You should not do things differently just to be different. They need to be better.

Innovation by itself has no value.

35. I believe that life on earth must be about more than just solving problems ... It has to be something inspiring, even if it is indirect.

Another phrase by Elon Musk that transmits positive energy.

36. What makes innovative thinking come about? I think it's really a way of thinking. You must make the decision.

It is an attitude, a lifestyle.

37. As far as possible, avoid hiring MBAs. MBA programs do not teach people how to start businesses.

Business graduate programs often have no practical application.

38. Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and standing in the abyss of death.

One of the most famous Elon Musk phrases.

39. I think it's possible for normal people to choose to be extraordinary.

Excellence is a mere matter of choice.

40. Anyone who has truly fought against adversity never forgets it.

They are things that mark and that make us better.

41. What does it mean to work hard? In my case, when my brother and I started our first company, instead of renting an office, we rented a small apartment and slept on the sofa.

Sacrifices are important if you have big goals in mind.

42. Work hard every hour while you are awake, is what is needed to be successful if you are starting a new business.

Very in line with the previous famous phrase.

Elon Musk - 50 Brilliant And Inspiring Quotes (February 2024).

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