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The 45 best phrases by Neil Armstrong

The 45 best phrases by Neil Armstrong

May 26, 2024

There are many phrases by Neil Armstrong that were recorded in the history books for its scientific and technological implications. The first human being to tread the moon symbolizes many things, and most of them have to do with the way we are able to go beyond our biological limitations to do what previously seemed impossible.

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The most famous phrases of Neil Armstrong

We will all remember the images of the first astronaut who stepped on the Moon , back in 1969. Neil Armstrong, who had served as a military pilot in the Korean War, studied aeronautics and commanded the first expedition to lunar territory with Apollo 11, it would become a benchmark worldwide.

According to government statements, and from NASA itself, at first it was believed that the mission would have a high probability of failing. So much so, that the president of the moment, Richard Nixon, claimed to have prepared a written speech in case the men of space never returned. However, there are efforts that are rewarded by unique experiences, and the trajectory of Neil Armstrong and his team is an example of this.

Below you will find the most remembered phrases of this astronaut, which is surely the most remembered and cited of all history.

1. A small step for man, a great step for humanity

Surely it's the most famous phrase of the twentieth century in relation to the space race .

2. Research is creating new knowledge

Armstrong was a great defender of science in all fields, since it is useful and greatly improves our well-being.

3. Mystery creates surprise

It is the motive of human development, curiosity is reproduced in knowledge.

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4. It suddenly occurred to me that it was a huge blue pea. It was Earth

It's how he described his view from space.

5. I did not feel like a giant, but like a dwarf

One of the reflections on the emotional impact of being on the Moon.

6. Surprise is the human desire to understand

The incredible is born from the unexpected.

7. The investigation responds to find out what we do not know

We always want to know more.

8. When you feel an excess of confidence, something goes crazy and bites you

Good phrase from Armstrong to know how to face situations that seem easy.

9. I always loved helping solve problems, wherever they were

Neil was always a person of teamwork.

10. The space race provided a mechanism of cooperation between adversaries

In the middle of the Cold War the two superpowers had moments of cooperation.

11. The arrival on the Moon was a distraction that could prevent a war

Once again, that event calmed the mood between the USSR and the US.

12. I always thought there was a 90% chance of success

Given the circumstances, Neil was extremely positive.

13. In life you have to accept a percentage of risk depending on what you are going to get

To be successful, you have to take risks.

14. When you take off and in the situation that you are the truth is that it is difficult to hear anything

It's what Neil felt when taking off.

15. When things go wrong what you have to think about is doing your job well and thinking only about it

We do not have control over all the variables that affect us.

16. Staying on the Moon was a special and memorable moment, but we had to restrain ourselves because we had work to do at that moment

It was such an emotion when they got there, that they had to restrain themselves.

17. I know that the Moon is waiting for us

Neil Armstrong was anxious to reach that scientific milestone.

18. If we had a lunar module, we would have landed

Some complications could be avoided.

19. I would love to travel to Mars

There are always goals to pursue.

20. The views were simply majestic, beyond any visual experience I had

With this phrase we can understand the experience that supposes.

21. Conspiracy theories like people a lot, they are very attractive, but they do not affect me, I know someone will come back there and bring my camera back

The gossips say that it was an act of manipulation to win the USSR in its space race.

22. Going to war made me a better person ... so I saw there

With this phrase he describes what he could see in the conflict, and at the same time a nod to pacifism .

23. Houston, here the Base Tranquility. The eagle has landed

The first phrase of tranquility that they expected from Apollo 11.

24. I have no intention of wasting my heartbeat by running exercises

I was not very fond of physical exercise.

25. We have just completed the principle, to you we leave you a lot that has not been done

As a team, it is the basis of how a good research work develops.

26. The first thing I wanted to do as a child was to design aircraft

Since childhood, Neil Armstrong was clear about what he wanted to be.

27. There are great ideals undiscovered, advances available that can remove one of the protective layers of truth

He always wanted to go a step further, and was one of the mentors of trips to Mars.

28. I can honestly say that I have not had dreams of traveling to the Moon

Fun phrase with which few agree.

29. I guess we all like to be recognized

Glory is part of success.

30. Geologists have a saying: rocks remember

So wanted to settle the controversy about the alleged falsehood of the facts.

31. Pilots do not like to walk, just fly

He always had a passion for aviation.

32. We came in peace for all of humanity

It was one of the phrases that Neil Armstrong pronounced while on the Moon .

33. I am and always will be a nerd engineer of glasses and protector in my pocket

Neil was not bothered by this stereotype about scientists.

34. I put my thumb up and erased the Earth

One way to describe how small everything can be.

35. The journey of the Apollo shows that our possibilities are unlimited

He laid the foundations of the aeronautical revolution .

36. I commanded the mission by chance, nothing was planned

The luck factor is also important.

37. Gliders or sail planes, is the closest thing to feeling a bird

With this phrase he tried to describe the sensation of flying.

38. Science has not yet mastered the prophecy

For the astronaut, everything is yet to be discovered and verified.

39. We predict too much for next year, and nothing for the next 10

A critique of the world of science and technological development.

40. The only thing I regret is that my work took a lot of time

Not all are paths of roses for a person of great successes.

41. While I was up there, I was just thinking about going home

Neil Armstrong he was torn between emotion and fear constantly.

42. We were in infinity, but we moved in about 35 square meters

Hard conditions had to support the team of astronauts.

43. I will always be remembered for that, but I am a fairly ordinary person

With this phrase he wanted to demonstrate the humility that preceded him.

44. Success creates enemies everywhere

With this phrase it shows us, once again, that success is no guarantee of admiration.

45. When we reached the mainland, I felt fear

It was one of the phrases he said as soon as he landed.

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