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The 45 best sentences of Ivan Pavlov

The 45 best sentences of Ivan Pavlov

April 22, 2024

Ivan Pavlov is one of the most famous characters in psychology . Along with John B. Watson, is the maximum exponent of what is known classical conditioning, an introductory theme of the career of psychology and one of the bases of learning and human behavior.

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Pavlov phrases and behaviorism

Since Pavlov's contributions marked a before and after in the science of behavior, we wanted to make a list of your best phrases .

Below you can find them. Enjoy them!

1. Never think you know everything. As high as you value, always have the courage to tell yourself: I am an ignorant

You have to be humble in this life and think that there is much to learn yet. It is the best way to not relax and keep acquiring knowledge.

2. I am convinced that an important stage of human thought will have been reached when the physiological and the psychological, the objective and the subjective, are really united

Pavlov was a great character who contributed a lot to psychology and to understand how we learn. Although, in reality, he was a Russian physiologist.

3. Science demands of man a great tension and a great passion. Be passionate in your work and in your investigations

The investigations must be rigorous and objective, and the researchers are the first to take care that this is so.

4. Perfect as a bird's wing can be, it will never allow the bird to fly if it is not admitted by air. The facts are that air is like science. Without them, a man of science can not rise.

Pavlov, as a good behaviorist, put a lot of emphasis on observation and the scientific method. His contributions were key to the development of psychology as a science.

5. Learn the ABC of science before trying to reach its peak

Before carrying out the investigations, it is necessary that you master the scientific method. No mistakes should be made in the investigations.

6. I always maintain myself on the ground of facts: all my conjectures I check experimentally and, in this way, I always rely on the solution given by the facts.

The rigorous observation of the facts is one of the characteristics of the experiments of this famous character. Along with Watson, is one of the great exponents of the Classic Conditioning.

7. It is clear to all that the animal organism is a very complex system consisting of an almost infinite series of parts connected to each other and, as a whole, to the surrounding world, with which it is in a state of equilibrium.

Pavlov was always a passionate researcher, lover of the search for the causes of nature

8. Be disciplined and reach the depths of the cause

In reference to how a good researcher should be doing experiments.

9. Studying, experimenting, observing, try not to stay on the surface of the facts. Do not become archivists of the facts. Try to penetrate the secret of its origin. Tenaciously seek the laws that regulate them.

To investigate, we must go to the bottom of the matter, it is necessary to investigate and control the variables involved.

10. For the naturalist everything is in the method

A quote from this behaviorist character that invites deep reflection.

eleven. . When I dissect and destroy a living animal, I hear in my heart the bitter reproach that with a brutal and clumsy hand I am spoiling an incomparable artistic mechanism

Pavlov was a researcher who conducted his experiments on animals. One of the best known is that of their dogs. Thus he discovered classical conditioning.

12. Learn, compare, collect the facts!

Another allusion to how it is necessary to carry out experiments to obtain reliable conclusions.

13. Frequently it is said, and not without reason, that science advances in leaps, which depend on the successes obtained with the research method. At each step forward of the methods, it seems as if we ascend a new step, from which a broader horizon opens up to discover previously invisible objects. Therefore, our first task has been the elaboration of the method

Pavlov's research was pioneering in his time, especially for the rigor of his research and his passion for learning knowledge.

14. Condition people so that they do not wait for anything and you will have everyone excited with the least thing you offer them

The Classic Conditioning consists of presenting an originally neutral stimulus together with a conditioned stimulus in a repeated way. This way it will be possible to provoke a conditioned response.

fifteen.The real scientific theory, not only must cover all the existing material, but must open wide possibilities for further study and - let us express ourselves this way - for unlimited experimentation.

There should be no restrictions on the investigation if we want to find true knowledge.

16. Thanks to our current surgical methods of physiology, we can demonstrate at any time almost all the phenomena of digestion without losing a single drop of blood, without a single cry of the animals submitted to the experiment

Initially, the experiment of the Pavlov peoples, sought to know the mechanisms of digestion of animals and humans.

17. Man has yet another powerful resource: natural science, with its strictly objective methods

Another mention of the scientific method. Pavlov was a defender of behavior observation to understand the mind.

18. Do not forget that science requires the individual his whole life. If we had two lives, they would not be enough either.

A quote that goes to say that a good researcher should put all his part at the service of science.

19. It goes without saying that the desire to accomplish the task with more confidence, to avoid wasting time and labor, and to spare our experimental animals as much as possible, made us strictly observe all the precautions taken by the surgeons. in respect to their patients.

As a good physiologist, Ivan Pavlov compares medicine with research, in this case, psychological.

20. Learn to do pawn work in science. Study, confront, accumulate facts. However perfect the wings of the bird might have been, they could never have allowed it to rise if they did not lean on the air. The facts are the air of the man of science. Without them, you can never take flight. Without them your theories will be futile efforts.

Although research is a job that requires a lot of intelligence and leadership, you have to be a pawn to do the most basic things, including being disciplined.

21. I have obtained the maximum that life can hope for: the full justification of the principles with which I started. I dreamed of finding the joy of living in intellectual work: I got it and I still enjoy it. I wanted to have as a companion in my life a person full of kindness and I have found it in my wife Serafima Vasilievna.

An excerpt from Iván Pavlov's autobiographical book: "Physiology and Psychology."

22. The irresistible advance of the natural sciences since the time of Galileo has made its first stop before the study of the upper parts of the brain, the organ of the animal's most complicated relations with the outside world ... now is the moment really critical for the natural sciences, for the brain, in its highest complexity - the human brain - which created and creates natural science, becomes the object of this science.

Pavlov makes it clear that the study of psychological phenomena is really complex.

23. Men tend to be more easily influenced by words than by the actual facts of the surrounding reality

A statement from Pavlov that makes a lot of sense.

24. The question remains whether psychology is a natural science, or whether it can be considered a science at all.

Psychology is a complex science, that is why it is often questioned as such.

26. From the experiment described it is clear that the mere act of eating, the food even without reaching the stomach, determines the stimulation of the gastric glands

Pavlov, in this sentence, makes clear his roots as a physiologist.

27. Gradualism, gradualism and gradualism. From the beginning of your work, instruct yourself in the severe gradualism and in the accumulation of knowledge

The acquisition of knowledge must be gradual. You have to put effort and work. You should go slowly.

28. It is not accidental that all phenomena of human life are dominated by the search for daily bread, the oldest link that connects all living things, including man, with the surrounding nature

Human beings have always been interested in knowledge and in finding out the causes of things.

29. Do not become a classifier of facts. It tries to penetrate to the bottom of the cause, pursues the search of the laws that govern them

To investigate and draw conclusions, it is not enough to scratch the surface. You have to get to the center of the matter.

30. Appetite is a force that stimulates the gastric glands

A phrase about the work in physiology that Pavlov did .

31. Science can be a way to get to know even what seemed private

Through scientific research it is possible to answer questions that seemed to be totally veiled.

32. The limitations of psychology are not only methodological, but also conceptual

This Russian physiologist he was very critical with psychology .

33. You have to know when to leave questions for when there are instruments to answer them

A statement by Pavlov about the technological limitations in science.

34. Technology is progress only if our ideas evolve with it

Technological progress does not generate progress of ideas.

35. It is necessary to discard all ideas based on mentalism

A critique of this philosophical current.

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36. In psychology it is possible to locate beginner problems

Pávlov speaks critically of the psychological science of his time, very backward in many aspects.

37. Science is opposed to theological dogmas because it is based on facts

A reflection on the scientific procedure and its way of adapting to reality.

38. The race to master human behavior can not have a close ending

For Pavlov, total control over acts is practically impossible.

39. Research about the nerves of the organism gives some power over the most basic processes

The nerve is one of the basic extensions of the nervous system, and therefore gives rise to simple reactions.

40. A stimulus can be much more than it appears in a first trial

In a form of stimulation there is potential for future learning.

41. There is a lot of potential in the experimental method

In a laboratory environment great findings can be made.

42. Segmenting complex phenomena into simpler ones is necessary

A reflection on reductionism.

43. Taking a step back to examine the ideas that sustain a line of research never hurts

There is a philosophical work that sustains all science.

44. The data must be interpreted, and that's extra work

The information revealed by the studies is not interpreted alone.

45. Reaching the ideas that best describe reality is the task of the scientist

Pávlov talks about the role of the researcher.

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