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The 5 best Coaching centers in which to train

The 5 best Coaching centers in which to train

August 10, 2022

Coaching is a discipline associated with psychology that, instead of orienting itself to psychological intervention to treat problems that damage the quality of life of the person, as it has been done for decades, is oriented to promote personal and / or professional development . That is to say, it raises its objectives in positive, instead of trying to eliminate a problem that passively wears out the welfare of a patient.

Bearing in mind that this approach can be applied to a wide variety of situations, and that its development possibilities are many, more and more people intend to train in Coaching, especially if they want to work in the business and organizations, in the of leadership or in personal development and effort management.

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The best Coaching centers

In this article we will see a selection of Coaching centers that offer quality training programs . Keep in mind that there are usually several calls to access their training programs, so it is not usually necessary to wait until the time of the start of university courses to start in one of them.

1. European School of Coaching

The Euopea School of Coaching, founded in 2003 and with a presence in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Chile, Argentina and Mexico, is undoubtedly one of the great references of Coaching training, to the extent that this organization has served 60% of the IBEX 35 companies.

Under the slogan "leaders training leaders", from this institution is formed in business climate generation methodologies, decision-making advice, cost and opportunity analysis and effective use of talent, among other things, to maximize the potential of both teams and people.

From the philosophy of the European School of Coaching a form of learning is promoted in which the engine of change is the student , so that all actions are aimed at gaining competences in the field related to their own challenges, and not in objectives imposed from the outside. There is also the option to be accredited with the highest qualification granted by the International Coach Federation: Accredited Coach Training Program.

On the other hand, training and specialization programs in Coaching give great importance to the experiential and practical component, and that is why there is an opportunity to practice practicing with real business teams, among other options.

If you want to know more about the European Coaching School and its training and specialization programs, you can find extra information in this link.

2. European Institute of Positive Psychology

The coaching courses of the European Institute of Positive Psychology are directed both individuals and companies or professionals interested in benefiting from the advantages of coaching applied to different areas of life and relationships. These courses are both online and in person, in any of its various delegations in several countries: Spain, Italy and Colombia.

On the other hand, their workshops cover a wide range of intervention areas: Applied Positive Psychology, training in anxiety management, Mindfulness and emotion management ... All of them facets of life that influence both private life and professional performance .

To see more information about the IEPP, you can click on this link.

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3. Higher Institute of Coaching

This Coaching Center offers the possibility of training in this discipline through a wide variety of modalities that adapt to the limitations of student availability: weekend courses, intensive one-week courses, teleclasses, mixed modality face-to-face and online, or purely online through virtual campus. Thus, there is the possibility of starting one or several courses at different times of the year, because there are several calls .

It offers mentoring services and the possibility of being certified as a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coach Federation.

4. School of Integral Coaching

ECOI has offices in the main Spanish cities, and has been dedicated to developing training programs for more than a decade. Through its courses and conferences it is possible to learn the basic and theoretical foundations of Coaching through a comprehensive methodology. In addition, the School of Integral Coaching offers the possibility of crediting as an Accredited Coach Training Program of the Internetional Coaching Federation.


UPAD is a Psychology center located in Madrid, and offers training programs both in specific Business Coaching and in the field of intervention in athletes.

Your online course in Psychology and Coaching, for example, is ideal for learning the basic and structural aspects of Coaching processes that can be used in interventions focused on teams and workers in all sections of the organization chart: managers, middle managers, employees, etc.

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