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The 5 best couples therapy clinics in Málaga

The 5 best couples therapy clinics in Málaga

May 26, 2024

Malaga is known for its climate, friendly people and being considered one of the cities in our country where it is possible to enjoy a higher quality of life. And although in this Andalusian city you can live very well according to several studies, its citizens also suffer emotional, psychological and relational problems.

In this article we will see several couples therapy clinics in Malaga that can be very helpful .

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Benefits of couples therapy

It is common for many people to associate Psychology with psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety, but you are not always aware of how psychologists can help many couples to solve their problems and improve their happiness.

Couple difficulties are not usually psychological disorders, unlike what we can find in individual therapy, but many of the alterations arise in the way members communicate, their way of relating or their fit of beliefs or values .

Overcoming infidelity, rerunning future plans, combating estrangement, overcoming jealousy ... are some of the benefits of couples therapy.

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Couples therapy clinics in Málaga

If you live in Málaga and want to go to couples therapy , in the following list you can find the best couples therapy clinics in this city:

1. Psicólogos Málaga PsicoAbreu

Psicólogos Málaga PsicoAbreu is the most prestigious psychotherapy clinic in this city and in the Andalusian province. It was founded more than 20 years ago, and during these years has helped thousands of patients regain their well-being and overcome those problems that affected their quality of life. The individualized and close treatment is, without a doubt, one of the hallmarks of this clinic. Psicoabreu is committed to the integral therapeutic approach, emphasizing the global well-being of its patients.

His team of psychologists, all with a remarkable professional trajectory and a great talent as psychotherapists, They deal with all kinds of problems, whether with children, adolescents and adults , and work in individualized or dynamic therapeutic processes that affect both family and couple relationships.

In relation to couples therapy, Psicoabreu offers a cozy and trustworthy space where the members of the couple can learn to solve the difficulties and to make emerge the opportunity that the loving relationship returns to enjoy full health.

  • Psicólogos Málaga PsicoAbreu has three cabinets. You can find your contact information by clicking on this link.

2. Co-ordinates

Co-ordinates is a family orientation and mediation center that can help those people who are in a difficult sentimental situation.

It has a group of experts in family therapy, emotional dependence, problem solving due to jealousy and infidelity and interpersonal communication. Your inquiry is in the heart of the city.

3. Sofia Perez's Psychology Department

Another query that is located in a central area of ​​Malaga. Its orientation is fundamentally cognitive-behavioral , but they also use avant-garde therapies. The sessions are individualized and adapted to the needs of the patient.

Their psychologists stand out for their great professionalism, and offer individual therapy to treat problems of mood, stress, anxiety, phobias, sleep problems, etc. In addition, they are also experts in couples therapy, and the sessions are carried out jointly or separately depending on each case. In this type of therapy techniques are used that can be developed in groups or individually.

4. Juan Miguel Enamorado Macías

Juan Miguel Enamorado Macías is one of the most important psychologists in Málaga, who deals with both individual and couple problems. Sexual problems, bad relational dynamics or the processes of rupture and separation they are situations that can cause great discomfort to the people who suffer them.

Enamorado Macias offers solutions to these situations to avoid further suffering and, if possible, allow couples to recover again that reason that united them and that made them happy together. Your query is located next to the City of Justice, in Teatinos.

5. Human space

This center of integrative therapy and personal development is an interdisciplinary space formed by different health professionals (psychologists, physical trainers, art therapists, etc.).In addition to dealing with other problems, it offers psychological treatment to resolve the crises and conflicts that may appear in the midst of a romantic relationship and the coexistence of the couple.

The treatment is aimed at making aware and recognizing the patterns and behaviors that interfere in the health of the couple, and to use tools that improve the way members have to relate, communicate, express themselves and resolve conflicts.

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