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The 5 best courses of intervention in mourning for psychologists

The 5 best courses of intervention in mourning for psychologists

July 23, 2024

Grief therapy is a type of psychological therapy that aims to help people face and overcome the loss of a loved one in a healthy way, because the death of someone who has been important in our lives is one of the worst experiences that we can live.

Many individuals require psychological assistance to be able to accept this harsh situation . Therefore, the mental health professionals who care for these people must be well trained and prepared to carry out their work with maximum guarantees.

Best duel courses in Spain

Psychologists and therapists who wish to dedicate themselves to this type of therapy must complement their university studies with some specialized training in this area, but in Spain, unfortunately, there are not many courses designed for this purpose.

However, within this narrow range of training it is possible to find quality courses that are aimed at the introduction and deepening of this specialty.

You can find below a list of the best courses on grief .

1. The grieving process: a training for the accompaniment in the process of mourning from an integrative perspective (Mensalus Institute)

  • Educational center: Mensalus Institute
  • Location: Barcelona

The Mensalus Institute of Barcelona is one of the most prestigious centers of Psychology in Barcelona , which offers, in addition to psychological therapy, training for psychologists and psychiatrists.

The course "The process of mourning: A training for accompaniment in the process of mourning from an integrative perspective" allows students to know the different therapeutic tools that are necessary for grief therapy, and offers them the necessary knowledge to adopt the Appropriate attitude in the relationship with the patient.

This course provides students with the skills to diagnose and differentiate normal grief from complicated grief and experiment with the most effective intervention techniques. The methodology of this course combines theory and practice, and includes, in addition to role playing and viewing sessions, the supervision of cases.

Ultimately, the purpose of this training is that students, at the end of the course, are able to carry out by themselves an adequate diagnostic assessment and are able to design and implement a therapeutic intervention that takes into account the needs of the patient in grief , its personal characteristics and the context in which it takes place.

The course is structured in 7 sessions of weekly periodicity, of 3 hours each, but during the month of November an intensive version is offered during 2 weekends (Friday afternoon and Saturday). This intensive course starts on November 24.

  • If you wish to obtain more information about this course, you can find the contact information of the Mensalus Institute by clicking here.

2. Face the loss: the duel (COP Madrid)

  • Educational center: Official College of Psychologists of Madrid
  • Location: Madrid

The Official College of Psychologists of Madrid offers the possibility of attending an intervention workshop for students to develop the necessary practical skills to carry out interventions with people who are going through situations of grieving processes.

The course, which is structured in ten sessions, It provides an approach to the therapeutic approach in bereavement processes and helps students identify the characteristics of complicated grief or of childhood grief, as well as their evolutionary differences with respect to normal grief. It also provides the participants with the techniques and skills essential for the intervention of people who have to face some kind of loss.

3. Intervention Course in Grief, Loss and Trauma (IPIR)

  • Educational center: Instituto IPIR
  • Location: Various

The IPIR Institute imparts a complete training action for those professionals of Psychology who wish to specialize in the field of grief therapy and want to acquire tools for identification, prevention and effective treatment in this type of psychotherapy. The program has been designed for psychologists and other health professionals who are regularly in contact with people facing trauma or loss situations, as well as for postgraduate students who want to specialize in this field.

This center offers a training consisting of three levels, and it is possible to attend their courses in different cities of the Spanish territory.

4. Course of psychological intervention of support and therapy of mourning (Laberinto Group)

  • Educational center: Laberinto Group
  • Location: Madrid

It is an introductory training action of two days so that participants can begin the psychological treatment with bereaved patients and thus know the protocol of intervention in this type of therapy.

The students delve into the knowledge of the different keys for the psychotherapeutic intervention in mourning . In addition, they analyze, through the presentation of practical cases, the therapeutic skills required and detect their own errors and aspects that require supervision.

This course is taught in Madrid, and is designed for all those health professionals who intend to train in this specialty.

5. Intervention course in mourning (IFIS)

  • Educational center: Institute of Training and Social Intervention
  • Location: Madrid

This summer course is carried out in person in Madrid, and has the objective that students acquire a solid theoretical base and experiment with different intervention techniques in grief therapy. Throughout the school period, they learn the different phases of grief and manage to differentiate the pathological grief from the one that is not.

They also learn the relationship between grief and the immune system and perform a personal job on death . It is aimed at all those professionals involved in the different areas of attention to people immersed in grieving processes: health, social services or emergencies.

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