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The 5 best Masters in Psychotherapy

The 5 best Masters in Psychotherapy

June 12, 2024

Psychotherapy or psychological therapy is the set of methods and techniques carried out by a clinical psychologist or general health psychologist with the aim of improve the welfare and quality of life of their patients , through the modification of behavior, thoughts and attitudes that may be causing discomfort or suffering in these.

According to research conducted by the journal Psicothema, psychotherapy is more effective than pharmacological treatment for all mental disorders except schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

The best post-graduate training in Psychotherapy

A psychotherapist is a mental health professional specialized in the cognitive (thought), affective (emotions) and behavioral (behavior) areas. That is why it is necessary that you have the best preparation, a training that allows you to face the challenges that you may encounter daily in the consultation with your patients.

There are different university institutions that offer the possibility of acquiring both theoretical and practical skills to all those who wish to be trained in this specialty .

If you are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in this field, below you can find a selection with the best Masters in Psychotherapy in the Spanish field .

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1. Master in Integrative Psychotherapy (Mensalus Institute)

  • Center: Mensalus Psychological and Psychiatric Assistance Institute
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: € 5,500

The Master in Integrative Psychotherapy of the Mensalus Institute is ideal for those who want to gain clinical and psychotherapeutic experience. It is taught in Barcelona , at the Institut Mensalus, one of the most prestigious centers of Psychology in Spain, which has more than 35 years of experience in both psychological care and training for psychologists.

The purpose of this training is for students to delve into different techniques and tools of clinical practice and refine their own therapeutic style, thanks to the practices with real cases (with patients facilitated by the center) in which they act as therapist psychologists. This allows them to develop the functional competences necessary for professional practice and, at the same time, get the necessary confidence to be able to attend to their future patients with the maximum guarantees. Also, throughout the school period, students learn from other professionals with the viewing of cases live through a unidirectional glass.

This master's degree has the highest formative quality, and combines scientific rigor with professional clinical and psychotherapeutic praxis. Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity to know different ways of dealing with psychological therapy and observe different profiles thanks to the diversity of cases that are treated throughout the course. It is also an excellent opportunity to get practical experience , because the methodology of the program is focused on this purpose, which helps students to put their skills into practice and mobilize all their internal and external resources to do their job well and be more prepared for the workplace tomorrow.

The Master in Integrative Psychotherapy is a university degree that consists of 60 ECTS credits , and, in addition, it is recognized by the General Council of Psychology of Spain, the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia and by the SEIP (Spanish Society for the Integration of Psychotherapy). The next edition of this Master begins on September 25, 2018. If you want more information, you can find the contact information by clicking here.

2 Master in Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy (University of Deusto)

  • Center: University of Deusto
  • Location: Bilbao
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: € 6,660

The context with which an individual relates is essential to understand the behavior of the individual, and the mental health approach requires, often, a better understanding of this context. Especially in couple psychotherapy and family psychotherapy , the systemic-relational approach has proven to be very effective.

And is that the family is one of the most important environments in the promotion, prevention and recovery of health, with a fundamental role in the welfare and integration of each of its members. That is why psychological assistance requires a response that takes these factors into account.

The purpose of this Master is bring theoretical-practical knowledge to your students to become specialist psychotherapists in this type of psychotherapy, and is aimed at those interested in acquiring the necessary skills for professional practice in the field of couple and family psychotherapy. This training has a duration of one year and a teaching load 60 ECTS credits.

3. Master in Psychological Therapy in Children and Adolescents (Miguel Hernández University of Elche)

Center: Miguel Hernández University of Elche Location: Elche Duration: 1 coursePrice: Consult with the centerThe Master in Psychological Therapy in Children and Adolescents of the Miguel Hernández University in Elche aims to train professionals and recent graduates in Psychology in the evaluation and intervention for children and adolescents .

Throughout its three training modules, students acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to develop a great professional work in this specialization, and delve into different topics related to mental disorders in childhood and adolescence, for example, Behavioral problems, mental deficiency or emotional disorders.

The three main modules of the program are: the basic foundations, in which the contents and skills needed to practice as a child therapist are reviewed; the psychological intervention in childhood-juvenile disorders; and professional applications, which allow that the student is updated and acquires professional practice in this field. It is taught in Elche and its extension is 60 ECTS credits.

4. Master in Clinical Sexology (University of Valencia)

  • Center: University of Valencia
  • Location: Valencia
  • Duration: 1 curs
  • Price: € 1,225

This master lasts a course, and provides its students with skills and specialized knowledge in the field of clinical sexology and sexual health so that they can practice as sexual therapists. The objective of this training, therefore, is for students to develop competences and skills that allow them to successfully develop at a professional level.

Students delve into different biological, psychological, social and cultural issues of human sexuality, including anatomy and physiology, different sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunctions, the role of roles and the development of sexual identity , etc; all with the objective that they become sexologists trained to perform successfully in the labor field .

5. Master in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health (UCM)

  • Center: Complutense University of Madrid
  • Location: Madrid (Spain)
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: € 6,000

There are many studies that affirm that Emotional Intelligence plays a determining role in the wellbeing of people and in their mental health, and it is not surprising that this methodology is applied in the field of psychotherapy with great success. However, despite its benefits, there are few graduate programs that aim to train their students in this specialization with a quality training program .

The Master in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health of the Complutense University of Madrid is one of the pioneers in Spain in this sense and, without a doubt, one of the best. It has a practical orientation and the agenda is framed within the cognitive-behavioral therapy. It lasts two years and the practices are carried out in different health centers of the Community of Madrid.

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