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The 5 best psychology clinics in Málaga

The 5 best psychology clinics in Málaga

June 17, 2024

Malaga is one of the main cities in Spain, and of course one of the largest urban centers in Andalusia. Therefore, its range of services in the health sector is wide and varied, and the field of mental health is not an exception to this.

In this article we will give a review of the most important psychology clinics in Málaga of this Mediterranean city, as well as a brief explanation about each, so that it is easy to choose the best option when attending psychotherapy.

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Psychology clinics in Málaga: a selection

Along the following lines we will see a summary of the best consultations and clinics of picología of the city of Malaga, with information on the type of psychological interventions in which they specialize.

Take into account the type of services offered in each place to know which option best suits what you are looking for, depending on your needs or the problems you want to treat through psychotherapeutic intervention.

1. Psicólogos Málaga PsicoAbreu

This center of psychology is one of the great references in Malaga since its founding in 1995. After these 20 years of experience and more than 100,000 psychotherapeutic sessions carried out, in PsicoAbreu they have consolidated the values ​​of effectiveness in their work, the individualized treatment of the needs of each person and the emphasis on the global welfare of the patients.

Your team of mental health professionals is composed of a dozen experts in different areas of psychological therapy in children, adolescents and adults as well as in individual patients, couples and family groups . Thus, regardless of whether the therapeutic intervention is focused on individual psychological processes or dynamics of relationship between people, in this center can respond to the specific needs of patients.

You can find the team of Psicólogos Málaga PsicoAbreu in three cabinets spread around the city center, between Alameda Principal and Boulevard Louis Pasteur. In terms of your contact information, they are available through this link.

2. Human Empowerment

This initiative is driven and directed by Rubén Camacho, psychologist and coach. Through its psychological intervention services it is possible to work on positive change processes, that is, putting the focus on not losing less, but on improving more aspects of life both individual and relational (with the environment and with others) .

This is a good option for people who are looking for consultations and psychology clinics in Malaga that focus on not necessarily pathological aspects of mental health and psychological well-being : Emotional Intelligence, management of productivity and stress generated by work, improvement of self-esteem, development of assertiveness and leadership, etc.

Ultimately, the proposal of Ruben Camacho is oriented to the most varied areas of life, in which there does not have to be a disorder or a problem that has been given a very technical or delimiting label, and which may have to see more with the change of habits and the entrepreneurship of a new way of living.

You will find your query on Avenida Lope de Vega number 19, and you can see the contact information by clicking on this link.

3. Juan Miguel Enamorado Macías

Patients who opt for this proposal of psychotherapy in Malaga will find specialized services in therapy for adults, couples therapy and sexuality, to address problems such as grief, work and performance conflicts, problems in the management of relationships and the processes of rupture and separation, anxiety, emotional imbalances and the crisis of depression and sadness , and many other common alterations.

You will find this query next to the City of Justice, in Teatinos.

4. Valpe Psychologists

Valpe Psicólogos has facilities in the heart of Malaga, which offers psychological therapy for children, adolescents and adults, as well as other forms of health intervention through its collaborators experts in neuropsychology, speech therapy and psychiatry.

School problems, ADHD, OCD, abandonment of addictions such as tobacco, management of anxiety ... these and many others are the areas of well-being in which the Valpe team can be of great help. The orientation that is part is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

5. Ementis

The chain of centers of clinical psychology and psychiatry Ementis has one of its headquarters in Malaga, a place where its wide team of professionals is from help to adapt to different types of patients . Psycho-oncology, speech therapy, health psychology, neuropsychology ... here it is easy to find what you are looking for.

They are located on Calle Salitre number 15, in the neighborhood of Perchel Sur.

FedUni Psychology Clinic - Extended (June 2024).

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