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The 5 best social skills workshops

The 5 best social skills workshops

May 3, 2024

Social skills are necessary to live in harmony with the people around us , because we are social beings and we need others to live a full and emotionally healthy life.

On the other hand, the deficit of social skills causes conflicts with other people who, in most cases, are avoidable. Scientific studies suggest that people who master basic social skills enjoy greater well-being.

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What are the basic social skills

When talking about social skills we are referring to a series of behaviors or behaviors, whether verbal or non-verbal, that allow us to relate to other individuals in a healthy and mutually satisfactory way . The most important social skills are:

  • Active listening. That is, not only hear, but listen with all the senses and with full attention.
  • Assertiveness. Know how to express our own opinions, always respecting the opinions of others.
  • Empathy. Understand the thoughts and emotions of other people.
  • Negotiation capacity, to avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • Respect, so that the other person feels in consideration.
  • Compassion, because nobody is perfect.
  • Patience. It helps to be relaxed.
  • Know how to express both verbally and nonverbally.

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The best social skills courses

Luckily, these skills can be learned. In the following lines we show you the best courses to acquire and develop the most important social skills .

1. Group of social skills for adults (Mensalus Institute, Barcelona)

The Center of Psychology Mensalus of Barcelona , one of the most prestigious clinics in Spain, offers the opportunity to attend a participatory and practical workshop, which is aimed at young people and adults, and where relevant concepts such as self-esteem or self-concept are treated.

This workshop lasts two months, and consists of 8 sessions of two hours each, in which techniques are developed to develop social skills and effective skills for conflict resolution thanks to emotional intelligence, self-criticism, coping strategies, Relationships tools, etc. Through this training, participants learn to manage effective communication, to actively listen, to resolve conflicts and to know and regulate their own emotions.

Undoubtedly, a great alternative to improve interpersonal relationships, identify own and other people's emotions, and provide the necessary skills to establish positive relationships and progress in those areas in which the management of social skills is key. This workshop starts on October 25, 2017 .

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2. Course in the development of social and managerial skills (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia)

Social skills are key to effective leadership , because the high positions of an organization are essential for the good functioning of the company. This is because their behavior affects the performance and productivity of workers, which are the human capital of companies today.

For this reason, the Polytechnic University of Valencia decided to give the "Course in development of social and managerial skills" , which belongs to the Master in Marketing and Communication Management "and which can be attended without the need to attend the postgraduate degree.

Students in this course acquire tools to speak in public, make effective presentations, develop skills to collaborate and lead work groups and get the most out of them.

3. Workshop "the art of communicating" (El Prado Psychologists, Madrid)

This course deals with the knowledge and understanding of human communication , and how to use it to improve interpersonal relationships and obtain a greater source of satisfaction when interacting with other people.

The course is taught in Madrid, in the El Prado Psychology Center Psychologists , and it is ideal for those people who feel uncomfortable interacting with other individuals, have difficulties to talk with people who are not from their circle of trust, have difficulty expressing their opinion and do not know how to manage conflicts effectively. This psychoeducational workshop deals with different topics. For example, assertive rights, different types of communication or different techniques to break the ice, among others.

If you live in Madrid, this is a great opportunity to develop social skills that will benefit you in many situations of your daily life.

4. Social skills workshop (Quirón, Málaga)

The Chiron hospital in Malaga teaches workshops for participants to acquire the skills of management and emotional expression, anger management, verbal and non-verbal communication and, in general, the social skills necessary for a healthy interaction with other individuals. Knowing how to communicate appropriately and express feelings, desires or rights in an appropriate way has a great impact on our well-being. These workshops are held individually or in groups, as well as part of couples therapy.

In addition, the Chiron Clinic of this locality organizes frequently different workshops for the management of emotions and the improvement of personal skills . For example, workshops for relatives of patients with dementia. All these formations are a good way to find balance and emotional health and improve interpersonal relationships.

5. Workshop on social skills in children (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid)

It is important that children develop basic social skills so that they lose their fear and gain confidence when it comes to interacting with others . For this reason, the Pontifical University of Comillas It offers an experiential course, of two groups (children of 5-8 years and of 9-12 years), so that the youngest ones, especially those with lack of confidence and difficulties to relate, leave shyness aside and learn to relate in a healthy way

This workshop offers dynamics and activities aimed at awareness, emotional expression, self-respect and healthy self-esteem, always with a methodology adapted to these ages. Developing social skills at an early age is important in child development.

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