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The 5 key tricks to increase your intelligence

The 5 key tricks to increase your intelligence

December 3, 2022

There are multiples techniques to measure human intelligence . Some scientists understand the concept of intelligence as an entity that is based on the capacity of logical and linguistic reasoning (which usually measure standardized tests), while others conceive intelligence as a globality constituted by a series of categories independent of each other.

This last idea of ‚Äč‚Äčintelligence was formulated by the psychologist and researcher Howard Gardner and is called The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Five scientifically contrasted ways to increase your intelligence

There are other theories that purport to define intelligence, such as the Theory of Emotional Intelligence of Daniel Goleman , Spearman's G Factor Theory.

Be that as it may, and without adopting the interpretative framework of any particular theory, the truth is that there is no scientific consensus on the definition of intelligence, but we do know that cognitive capacity is strictly linked to it. So, What can we do to be smarter?

In another article of Psychology and Mind We recommend reading, we found that there are 5 foods that help increase intelligence. Today we will try to recommend five scientifically proven ways for this purpose. From healthy habits that improve the quality of our brain connections to small tips and scientifically supported advice.

Let's increase your intelligence , you are ready?.

1. Meditation and Mindfulness

Although the practice of meditation can adopt different forms and specific techniques, in general what is pursued is to surround yourself with a relaxing environment, work the breath (inspiring and expiring deeply) and ultimately achieve a mental state of calm. If you do not think that meditation or Mindfulness (techniques of full consciousness) can lead you to a state that some define as "nirvana", what is incontestable is that relaxation generates many benefits to increase our intelligence .

In fact, magnetic resonances performed on people during a state of meditation have shown that this practice, if performed routinely, can cause positive changes in the brain , improving the attention and concentration capacity, increasing the memory, and even increasing the activity of certain regions of the cerebral cortex.

2. Train the brain

Our brain also needs regular exercise to operate and function properly . To maintain the freshness of our cognitive abilities, it is interesting to carry out activities such as mount puzzles, solve sudoku or entertain yourself with classic pastimes based on word games . Only by dedicating half an hour a day to this type of exercises and games, we can keep our brain in top form. It has also been reported that playing video games "Brain Training" can increase intelligence.

In addition, mathematical or geometric exercises are very beneficial. But there are more routine ways to train the brain: try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand that you usually use . It is also often said that there is no better way to exercise our skills than to have fun and have good humor.

3. Sleep well and the necessary hours

We have already spoken in previous articles of Psychology and Mind on the great importance of resting enough hours, and we even discovered a controversial study that related the position in which we sleep with our personality. But let's focus: How does sleeping properly help increase intelligence? The truth is that when we sleep, our brain is not disconnected, but structure and shape all the stimuli, ideas and emotions that have happened during the day.

Not resting the hours that we should rest can cause some cognitive and health problems, as you can see in our article 7 psychological signals that you are not getting enough sleep. Thus, adequate sleep helps increase cognitive and cerebral functions, as well as the ability to concentrate. Experts point out that the ideal is to rest around 8 hours daily .

4. Mens sana in corpore sano: Take care of your body

If we take care of our body, we will get benefits for our brain . Moderate physical exercise is very positive for health, including mental health, because it facilitates better blood circulation, allowing all regions of the body to receive more oxygen and glucose, and the brain is no exception. The way we eat and the quality and quantity of what we eat is also very linked to brain health. Some foods that improve our intelligence They are fish, eggs, green vegetables or nuts and also some drinks like herbal tea.

Do you want to delve into this point? I recommend the following article:

"The 10 psychological benefits of practicing physical exercise"

5. Bacteria

It may sound like a joke, but it's totally true: Ingesting bacteria can help you increase your intelligence . What is the reason for this strange relationship? It has been shown in several studies that some types of bacteria are able to calm anxiety and increase our ability to assimilate new knowledge. These bacteria too have the ability to optimize the growth of neurons and serotonin levels .

It is also often said that have an active sex life increases intelligence , an interesting topic that we will probably develop in a future article.

How to increase your Intelligence? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi (December 2022).

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