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The 50 best phrases by Gabriel García Márquez

The 50 best phrases by Gabriel García Márquez

April 28, 2024

The name of Gabriel García Márquez is widely known worldwide. We speak of the author of works of literature as well known as "One Hundred Years of Solitude" (his most famous work and considered one of the most important written in Castilian), "Love in times of cholera" or "Chronicle of a death announced" , great exponents of Spanish-American literature and literary movement known as magical realism , as well as one of the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Throughout his career, this author has reflected various realities and made several reflections on many vital aspects in our day to day. That is why in this article we are going to see a series of phrases by Gabriel García Márquez .

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50 phrases by Gabriel García Márquez

There are many topics touched by Gabriel García Márquez throughout his work, from aspects such as melancholy, the passage of time or politics. There have also been multiple interviews that have been made throughout his life, being able to observe different facets of his thinking. We'll see now about fifty such reflections and thoughts .

1. I love you not for who you are but for who I am when I am with you

Love makes us see the world in a different way, it makes us improve as people and feel excited regardless of the characteristics of the person we love.

2. Human beings are not born forever on the day their mothers shine them, but life forces them to give birth to themselves again and again

Life is hard and it forces us to Learn and reinvent ourselves continuously to adapt.

3. There will always be people who hurt you so what you have to do is keep trusting and just be more careful who you trust twice

That they hurt us does not have to cause us to stop trusting the rest of the world. It should simply teach us to reflect more on who we give that confidence to.

4. No one should know their meaning until they have completed one hundred years

Knowing why we do things or why we are here could be useful, but it would prevent us from making mistakes, experimenting and learning, being excited and, ultimately, living.

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5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting next to them and know that you can never have them

A phrase that expresses the deep pain suffered by someone whose love is not returned and the longing for something that can never be.

6. Success I do not wish to anyone. What happens to the climbers, who kill themselves by reaching the summit and when they arrive, what do they do? Go down, or try to go down discreetly, with the greatest possible dignity

The author clearly expresses the fact that after reaching the top there is only the decline, unless a new top is to be climbed. It is one of those phrases by Gabriel García Márquez that shows the inspired mode in which the writer mixes creativity and humor.

7. Life is nothing but a continuous succession of opportunities to survive

Throughout our lives we will continually encounter difficulties and obstacles that we must face in order to survive.

8. Remembering is easy for the one who has memory. Forgetting is hard for those who have a heart

Phrase in which the author reflects the difficulty of forgetting someone who has imported us.

9. Just because someone does not love you as you want does not mean that he does not love you with all his being

Each one of us has his own vision of the world and of reality, including in that vision the concept of love. This is not something that is the same for everyone, There are different ways of wanting .

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10. A true friend is the one who takes you by the hand and touches your heart

Friendship is another of the concepts that the author values ​​in his work as something fundamental to our existence.

11. A man only has the right to look down on another when he has to help him get up

Phrase that encourages not to underestimate or consider themselves above others.

12. He had lost in the wait the strength of the thighs, the hardness of the breasts, the habit of tenderness, but he kept intact the madness of the heart

This phrase expresses that love has no age: for many years that pass and old we are, we will continue falling in love.

13. The prolonged captivity, the uncertainty of the world, the habit of obeying had dried out in their hearts the seeds of rebellion

If we get used to not expressing what we feel or do what we want, in the long run we will acquire a passive and conformist attitude that will not allow us to change things.

14The search for lost things is hindered by routine habits, and that's why it's so hard to find them

Habit and conformism with existing routines can cause us to lose enthusiasm and the desire to explore and eat the world .

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15. No adventure of the imagination has more literary value than the most insignificant episode of everyday life

The small details of day to day are what mark us and give authentic meaning to reality. In spite of everything we can imagine, it is the reality or the visions of her that make and enrich a great story.

16. Nostalgia, as always, had erased the bad memories and magnified the good ones

Phrase that tells us how we often forget the bad of our past, making us often think of the past as something positive only and magnifying its value in contrast to the time we live in today.

17. To offer friendship to the one who seeks love is to give bread to the one who dies of thirst

He who loves can not change his feelings from one day to the next. Offering friendship can cause suffering.

18. No, not rich. I am a poor man with money, which is not the same

It is often assumed that rich is that with money. However, he is much happier and feels really rich if he has love, friendship, culture and feels loved and self-realized.

19. The demons do not have to be believed when they tell the truth

Sentence that expresses the necessity of precaution before the performance of those that pretend to take advantage of one, although they base their action or words on real elements.

20. Ultimately, literature is nothing more than carpentry. With both you work with reality, a material as hard as wood

The author compares both types of creation, considering them similar to being an art in which to mold reality to create.

21. He begged God to grant him at least an even moment that he would not leave without knowing how much he had loved him over their doubts, and he felt an irresistible urge to start life with him again from the beginning. to say everything they did not say, and to do well again anything they had done wrong in the past. But he had to surrender to the intransigence of death

This fragment of one of his works expresses the need to say and do what we think, otherwise we can lose the opportunity to express it forever.

22. The most important thing I learned to do after the quarantine was to say no when it is not

While we must be flexible it is also essential to know how to defend our own position and refuse to do what we do not want, in order to develop and be consistent with our own thoughts.

23. Death does not come with old age, but with oblivion

As much as our body withers and dies, we only really die when we stop being remembered.

24. Happiness is not as they say, it only lasts a moment and you do not know what was had until it was over. The truth is that it lasts as long as love lasts. Because with love, to die is good

The author expresses the importance that love gives him, a force that allows us to delude ourselves, be strong and live and even die happy.

25. Do not try so hard, the best things happen when you least expect them

Often, the things we want do not arise from an incessant, strained and desperate search but rather that they appear suddenly in our lives if we are open to them.

26. But if they had learned something together it was that wisdom comes to us when it is no longer useful

Wisdom comes with experience, with trial and error. It is common that we do not possess it precisely at the moment in which we would need it.

27. There is no medicine to cure what does not cure happiness

Health is not only absence of illness, but also well-being. Being happy makes us feel good and can withstand with a positive point of view what life gives us.

28. Ideas are not from anyone

The ability to think and think we all share, and the contents of thought do not have a unique owner. Different people can reach the same conclusions from very different starting points.

29. No place is more sad than an empty bed

This phrase tells us about the sadness and pain caused by the longing of someone we loved and have lost.

30. Life is not taught by anyone

We can learn a lot from millions of people, but in the end everyone will live their own life in a completely different way from the others. Life is not something you learn or what someone can be an expert, but you have to live it.

31. Actually, the only time in my life when I feel like being myself is when I'm with my friends

Before people in whom we really trust, one can be who he really is without fear of being attacked or interpreted by it, being really free.

32. The writer writes his book to explain to himself what can not be explained

Literature is an art in which whoever realizes it expresses a part of its interior , leaving to see aspects of which often is not conscious until after having reflected it or of those who can not find meaning or explanation.

33. No one deserves your tears and whoever deserves them will not make you cry

No matter how much we love someone, if he intentionally harms us he does not deserve us and we should not allow him to make us suffer.

34. You can be only one person for the world, but for some person you are the world

Beautiful phrase that makes us think that we are all important to someone, no matter how much we are one for the majority.

35. The illusion is not eaten, "she said." You do not eat, but you feed, "replied the colonel.

Fragment of a conversation between two characters of "The Colonel has no one to write", which discusses the need to delude and motivate us.

36. Love becomes greater and nobler in calamity

In moments of pain and suffering is when love becomes more important.

37. I'll have plenty of time to rest when I die, but this eventuality is not yet in my projects

Phrase in which the value of hard work is expressed , the effort and motivation at the time of living.

38. But despite his immense wisdom and his mysterious scope, he had a human weight, a terrestrial condition that kept him entangled in the tiny problems of everyday life

No matter how wise or important someone may be, they are still human beings with the same problems and the same needs as most others.

39. The problem with marriage is that it ends every night after making love, and you have to rebuild it every morning before breakfast

The coexistence and the maintenance of love In a relationship, it should not be taken for granted, but requires an effort on both sides.

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40. The change of personality is a daily struggle in which one rebels against his own determination to change, and wants to remain one himself

This phrase by Gabriel García Márquez reflects the idea that although it is possible to change one's way of being, thinking and acting is not easy.

41. The duty of writers is not to preserve language but to open the way for it in history.

The language evolves continuously, being able to vary greatly. What is really important is what it expresses.

42. When a newborn squeezes his father's finger with his little fist for the first time, he has him trapped forever

The writer reflects the profound meaning and value of the first contact between a father and his son.

43. Do not cry because it's over, smile because it happened

Everything has a beginning and an end. Even though it is normal to feel pain before the latter when we are talking about something positive like love, we should be grateful to have been able to live it.

44. The human body is not made for the years one could live

Phrase that expresses that there are thousands of things we could do, so many possible experiences to live that could hardly occupy a single life.

45. Things have a life of their own. Everything is a matter of awakening the soul

Every little detail that we live, be that we know or even object with which we interact can have a great importance in our life and history if we want it.

46. ​​We do not have another world to which we can move

The author pushes us to care for and be responsible for the world in which we live, since it is the only one we have and that will have those who come later.

47. Intellectual creation is the most mysterious and solitary of human trades

The knowledge and elaboration of new scientific or literary contents requires effort, dedication and a great capacity for analysis and reflection, often accompanied by a certain amount of solitude.

48. Life is not what you lived, but what you remember and how you remember it to tell it

Our history is not what we live, but the synthesis we make of our life and how we organize, remember and value it.

49. There is a moment when all the obstacles collapse, all conflicts are separated, and one comes up with things that he had not dreamed of, and then there is nothing better in life than writing

The author reflects how sometimes suddenly the inspiration to create .

50. Many years later, in front of the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía had to remember that remote afternoon when his father took him to see the ice

This phrase is the one that gives beginning to the most well-known and important work of the author, "One hundred years of solitude". It reflects the importance of memories, of the illusions and moments that have marked us throughout our lives until we become who we are.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) Top 10 Quotes (April 2024).

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