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The 50 Best Phrases of Dr. House (philosophical, ironic and biting)

The 50 Best Phrases of Dr. House (philosophical, ironic and biting)

July 13, 2024

Have you ever seen the television series "House"? In each of its chapters, the ineffable Doctor Gregory House, played by a masterful Hugh Laurie, embodied a doctor capable of solving any medical mystery that was put before him.

Besides a real genius in his work, the Doctor House was also appreciated and hated by his co-workers. His acerbic humor and sharp criticism were always an incentive when enjoying this series.

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The Famous Phrases of the Doctor House

Winner of several Emmy awards, the series is one of the most viewed and commented in recent times. In today's article let's go over the best sentences of Dr. House , to know this way his peculiar sense of humor and some of the controversial ironies that he used to use in the day to day of the Hospital.

1. Women are like dolphins: it is scientifically proven that they are too intelligent, but few understand them.

About his relationship with the opposite sex.

2. It is not my intention to see you as an idiot, but I can not walk all the time with my eyes closed.

One of his scathing phrases.

3. 30% of parents do not know that they are raising the other's child.

A surprising but real statistic (in the United States).

4. Have you ever heard that you can not live without love? Well, oxygen is more important.

The priorities of Gregory House.

5. If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.

Against the ignorance of believers.

6. People do not change. For example, I keep saying "people do not change".

A tautology that reinforces its position on this issue.

7. Religion is not the opium of the people, it is the placebo of the people.

Truths, lies ... Dr. House wanted to bring them to light.

8. Being in a relationship does not always mean company and being single does not always mean loneliness.

On couple relationships. Dr. House was very skeptical about the life of a couple.

9. Love and happiness are nothing but distractions.

A mythical phrase from Dr. House.

10. Everyone lies for a reason: it works. It is what allows society to work, separates man from beast.

A very pessimistic view of human communication.

11. "Time changes everything" ... that's what people say, but it's not true. Doing things changes things. Doing nothing leaves things exactly as they are.

One of those motivating phrases that we should apply to our daily life.

12. People can do good things, but their instincts are not good. Either God does not exist or is terribly cruel.

Another phrase that will not sit well with the religious.

13. Conflict generates creativity.

From the negative you can extract many positive things and really useful learning.

14. Is a lie a lie if everyone knows it's a lie?

Interesting reflection.

15. Do you know that it is worse than being useless? Be useless and ignorant.

A tough criticism he launched against one of his collaborators.

16. People hate people who have theories about people.

We are more lenient with those who show passivity.

17. The goal in life is not to eliminate unhappiness, but to keep it to a minimum.

His particular vision of joy and suffering.

18. If you do not want a sarcastic answer, then do not ask a stupid question.

A maxim that applied very often.

19. The temporal lobe controls speech, hearing and memory. If she loses all that, she will be the ideal woman, but otherwise ...

A macho phrase against one of his patients.

20. Religious behavior is so close to madness that we can not differentiate them.

Again, about religiosity.

21. If you do not know how to lie, you will not know when you are lying.

You can only be insightful if you have the ability to cheat.

22. Half of the people who saved do not deserve a second chance.

Showing his most cruel and misanthropic facet.

23. If you believe in eternity, life is irrelevant.

Without death, we would not give any kind of value to the miracle of being alive.

24. People get what they get, nothing has to do with what they deserve.

Life is tremendously unfair, so it's not worth blaming or blaming others.

25. Do not die with dignity, you live with dignity.

To reflect on euthanasia.

26. Women fall in love with what they hear, and men with what they see. That's why women put on make-up and men lie.

An absolutely brilliant theory by Dr. House.

27When we do not find a logical answer, we invent a stupid one.

On metaphysical and pseudoscientific beliefs.

28. Keeping secrets is very good, I have never told anyone that Wilson wet the bed.

An irony that puts Wilson, his best (and only) friend in a bad place.

29. Sincerity hurts those people who live in a world of lies.

On honesty in a society of half-truths.

30. I do not hate anyone, what happens is that the existence of certain people in the world bothers me.

Another of his sarcasms.

31. New is good, because the old always ends in death.

On youth, old age and their particular vision of what is preferable.

32. What I find hard to believe is the general concept of belief; Faith is not based on logic or experience.

Another phrase that emphasizes his love for the scientific method and logical reasoning.

33. The problem is waiting for something from someone who has never shown you anything.

Why do human beings tend to make this blunder?

34. Do not worry about what people think, they do not do it very often.

Speaking about ignorance and the poor judgment of the people.

35. You have a parasite ... one of those parasites that come out at nine months old. Normally women get attached to them, buy clothes, take them to the park and give them a name. Look, he has his eyes!

In full echography.

36. Why, when something goes well, does God take all the credit?

Another reflection on the "supreme being".

37. Do you prefer a doctor to hold your hand while you die, or one who ignores it while improving?

House was a tremendously unpleasant and unfriendly doctor, but one of the most effective in saving the lives of his patients.

38. Arrogance must be earned, tell me: what have you done to earn it?

Haughtiness is only tolerable if its owner has good reasons to do so.

39. It turns out that your opinions do not give good results, better use mine.

Again about beliefs and how people do not see beyond their own world.

40. Do you want to do things right? Bad luck, things are never totally good.

Perfectionism is what it has.

41. It will take us an hour to discharge him. Then he can take her away and divorce her.

Another of his sarcasms addressed to the husband of a patient.

42. What would life be without the opportunity to make stupid decisions?

Another of his scathing phrases that can leave us thinking.

43. The brain, we all have one. The difference: some use it, others do not.

About the brain and the use we give it.

44. There is only something worse than stupid people, stupid people who do not know they are stupid.

A phrase that could have been signed by Albert Einstein himself.

45. People want to see you well, but never better than them.

We are envious by nature.

46. ​​If emotions made you act rationally, they would not be called emotions.

We have different types of emotions and, certainly, sometimes make us make quite debatable decisions from a logical level.

47. The most effective laxative in the world is called "we have to talk".

A phrase that makes any husband's hair stand on end.

48. Everything is laughter, sex and fun until you ask ... what are we?

The most feared question when you do not aspire to a formal relationship.

49. Seriously, keep telling me your story. In fact, yawning is my favorite way to show how much I'm interested in listening to you.

A form of contempt camouflaged with false interest.

50. It's amazing how many problems you could solve with a chainsaw.

Another sign of his black humor.

George Carlin - Euphemisms (July 2024).

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