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The 53 best phrases of party and leisure

The 53 best phrases of party and leisure

May 26, 2024

The phrases about the party are interesting reflections about that kind of events in which it is precisely irrationality that prevails. Throughout history, there have been many thinkers and famous people who have given their ideas on this subject: Shakespeare, Gabrielle Chanel, Bunbury ...

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The most recommended phrases about the party

The human being always needs those moments of disconnection from what routine life supposes. Some abuse too much of leisure , of what is commonly known as "party", but, in general, that practice is as recommendable as doing sports or reading.

However, not everything festive should be strictly associated with those drunken revelry or club nights until dawn. Some authors and thinkers have a very different concept of the party, and that has made them put on the table interesting reflections on this topic.

Following you will find the most celebrated party phrases that have left us all kinds of influential people along the history.

1. You're not a beer, you can not please everyone (Bill Cosby)

Excellent phrase to describe an essential element in the party, at least in Western society.

2. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Very successful North American proverb.

3. Spring is the nature's way of saying, "Let's go party" (Robin Williams)

Always so comical in his public appearances, the American actor gave us this phrase.

4. Telling an introvert to go to a party is like telling a saint to go to hell (Criss Jami)

Not everyone can like this kind of events.

5. The church is not a political power; It is not a party either, the Church is a moral power (Benedict)

The Pope thus described what for him was the Church.

6. In times of internal crisis, men of goodwill and generosity should be able to celebrate (John F. Kennedy)

The American president was known for his good humor.

7. Life is like a piñata at a party: you never know what's going to jump (Grim Marshal)

For many, life itself is synonymous with partying.

8. The last years of life represent the end of a costume party; the masks are always dropped (Cesare Pavese)

Curious way to describe the cycle of life.

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9. Some people think that beauty is inside. But when you enter a party, the first thing you see is not the brain. (James Caan)

James Caan pronounced this sentence so loaded with truth.

10. Life is a big party (Ezra Miller)

The young actor thus transmits his vital optimism.

11. You know it was a good party when you lose track of time (Robert Farrar Capon)

In certain celebrations, the emotion invades everything .

12. Every party is a madness of many for the satisfaction of the few (Alexander Pope)

English poet of the eighteenth century, described in this way this kind of social events.

13. There is always some degree of destruction or fire during the course of the party (Gavin DeGraw)

The American singer-songwriter said these words in one of his concertos.

14. Beer is not a good party drink, especially if you do not know where the bathroom is (Billy Carter)

The brother of one of the presidents of the USA It was very given to the party.

15. Do not trust the person who tells you that he does not like the party (Criss Jami)

The young American poet gives us this advice.

16. Life must be lived our way. If you do not lose your head, you're not partying (Young Jeezy)

For some there is no leisure without loss of consciousness.

17. Sleep all day, go partying all night, never grow old, never die (Anonymous)

Wise advice on how to deal with leisure habits ... although difficult to apply.

18. Life is not the party we wanted, but nevertheless, we can dance their songs (Anonymous)

We always have to face the best way to the life that has touched us.

19. At parties, bad decisions are what create the best stories (Randy Mamola)

The crazy motorcycle rider he had a peculiar way of watching the party .

20. No party is fun unless it is full of madness (Desiderius Erasmus)

He owes the honor of naming the exchange of students as "Erasmus period".

21. A wedding anniversary is the feast of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity (Paul Sweeney)

A beautiful metaphor.

22. The closet should be a place of joy and celebration for who you are now not for who you used to be (Stacy London)

Curious way to describe the place where many people keep part of what they are.

23. You should always know when is the right time to leave the party (Victoria Beckham)

The famous model is a specialist in festivities.

24. Celebrating is such sweet suffering (Robert Byrne)

Suffering and leisure in a single sentence.

25. Allow yourself a couple of parties, but always keep in mind the rest of the time (Jillian Michaels)

As many think, the party must be dosed.

26. Some girls get carried away by the lifestyle - clubs and parties with celebrities. You can not live your life like that. That's a lie (Gemma Ward)

Good criticism of superficiality that sometimes represent the holidays.

27. A party without a cake is a simple gathering (Julia Child)

This chef specialized in baking, did not see a party without a cake.

28. Going partying does not mean entering with a badge on your forehead so that you can see what you do, partying is enjoying (Desiree Rogers)

It's that simple With this phrase the sense of leisure is perfectly described.

29. Life is not a party, but you always do what you can (Valentino Rossi)

The MotoGP rider is famous for his enjoyment of life.

30. $ 20,000, 10 points and many women. Insured party (James Hunt)

That's what the Formula 1 driver said when he won a race.

31. Speak English, kiss like a Frenchman, drive like a German, dress like an Italian, spend like an Arab and celebrate like a Caribbean (John Williams)

The American composer not only knows how to make good soundtracks.

32. Life is a party, so always dress as if you were one (Gabrielle Chanel)

Who better than her to describe the party?

33. Only those who go to parties regularly, know the true solitude (Chinese Proverb)

Chinese proverbs always leave us such interesting phrases as this one.

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34. Do not let anyone tell you how much you can celebrate (Kimi Raikkonen)

The Formula 1 driver became famous for his nightlife.

35. The adventures begin when you are willing to celebrate (Anonymous)

You have to be grateful always, at all times.

36. The mission in this life should always be to party (Madonna)

The queen of pop has always surprised by his statements.

37. Having fun would be a boring thing if the whole year was partying (William Shakespeare)

Of course, the most famous English dramatist also reflected on this concept.

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38. Parties can not be held all the time, especially in January (Neon Hitch)

Bad time of year to party.

39. The only important thing to do at a party is to have fun (Ina Garten)

If you do not know how to enjoy that moment, better opt for other options: there should be no obligation to have fun .

40. Friendship is one of our most valuable things. You can celebrate it but it will not always make you a party (Hanya Yanagihara)

Being with friends does not mean staying in a state of joy: there are other emotional states equally important.

41. At a party you enter without saying hello, but when you finish, everyone says goodbye (George Gobel)

Great phrase about the party to describe the moment.

42. Life is like a party: you can have a great time, or very badly (Kenny Loggins)

Everything depends on how we take it.

43. A party without beer, should be canceled (Axl Rose)

The singer of Guns n Roses defined the importance of alcoholic drink.

44. If not everyone enjoys, it's not a party (Benny Hill)

The English humorist said this phrase in one of his performances.

45. The key to success is knowing how to celebrate the difficulties of life (Kay Robinson)

We will always face challenges, even in the best moments .

46. ​​The party is not always synonymous with fun (Chinese proverb)

With this holiday phrase it is clear that these events contain several nuances.

47. Between the sanity and the madness, is the party (Daron Malakian)

The Armenian guitarist always says interesting phrases.

48. Lacking love, friends and a good party (Emilio Duró)

The Spanish businessman and speaker thus describes what an occasion for celebration is.

49. No long party night without a good nap before (Anonymous)

Rest is part of leisure.

50. Before autumn arrives, go out to party until it comes out of the bun! (Paris Hilton)

The queen of the party gives us this advice.

51. Going out and not drinking, it's like going to the pilgrimage and not praying (Bunbury)

The Spanish rocker is always a reference.

52. In the care of small details, resides the good party (James Hunt)

The motorsport playboy would party after each race, win or not.

53. If you do not know how to enjoy the party, you will not know how to enjoy life (Justin Bieber)

The young American singer spoke these words before his audience.

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