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The 6 best courses on leadership and management of people and teams

The 6 best courses on leadership and management of people and teams

June 30, 2024

It is not the same to be a boss as a leader , and not everyone who has a high position in an organization knows how to manage or manage people and teams effectively. However, in the workplace there are different types of leadership, and to perform well in the world of organizations and companies involves knowing them both in theory and in practice.

Managing people and teams is not easy, and nowadays we need to adopt a mentality that takes into account the importance of human capital and its well-being, since it is the main driving force of the company and therefore we must take care of it.

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Better courses on leadership

To be a good leader, it is necessary to have a charismatic personality, but it is also essential to have the tools and knowledge necessary to reach the hearts of people or teams, and thus be able to facilitate the development of their talent and favor their optimal performance.

There are several leadership courses that offer the possibility of acquiring leadership skills that fit with modern organizations and benefit both workers and companies. In the following lines you can find a selection with the best training in this field.

1. Certification Program in Executive Coaching (EEC)

  • Center: European School of Coaching
  • Location: Various
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Price: Depends on the modality

This excellent training program, which can be carried out in the different venues of the European Coaching School, focuses on the development of the main leadership competencies linked to work in organizations , as well as in the objective of training the participant as leader-coach.

Through this course, which has an intensive and face-to-face modality, communication skills are developed, the creation of a consistent leadership, the generation of useful tools in the professional practice of managerial roles and, in general, skills related to the creation of teamwork dynamics necessary for the organization to be more than the sum of its participants.

The course also has a very applied orientation, divided into two cycles, in which you learn about content such as speech acts, experiential learning, levels of listening or the cycle of promise, and many other things.

For more information about this training program, click here.

2. Course in management skills and communication for effective management (UAB)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Price: € 1000

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the most prestigious institutions in the entire national territory, and imparts the "course on management skills and communication for effective management". The directors and senior management of the company are key to the proper functioning of the company , because their actions have a determining role in the results of this and affect the performance, productivity and health of the rest of the workforce and the workers who are in their charge.

This course focuses on effective communication and the effect it has in the field of leadership and leadership in the business, political and social world. Students delve into different topics , such as: the skills needed to be a good leader, emotional management, communication and interaction or the development of personal leadership skills. As it is a university course, its teaching load is 15 ECTS credits. It is taught in Barcelona.

3. Leadership and team building (UPM)

  • Center: Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Price: € 480

Companies are increasingly taking into account the intellectual capital of people, and are aware that it is necessary to encourage them so that they can perform at a good level and feel part of the organization. The Psychology of the Groups and the Psychology of the Organizations have contributed a lot of scientific knowledge on the importance of the construction of work teams and the positive results they have for the company.

Therefore, it is important that good leaders have a transformative vision and know how to get the most out of the work teams. Therefore, this training brings knowledge about the process of change of leader and the basic concepts of effective leadership, as well as the most effective leadership techniques and both theoretical and practical knowledge of both situational and emotional leadership.

Throughout the academic period, the student can delve into the methodology of team coaching , so useful at present.

4. Course in People Management, Leadership and Coaching (EOI)

  • Center: School of Industrial Organization
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Price: € 1800

This course deals with the knowledge and understanding of human behavior in organizations and the communicative situations that occur in management and leadership in the business world. Make use of this knowledge, as long as it is of quality , can take more advantage of people and work teams and, therefore, to a greater performance of the organization.

This course allows participants to acquire the necessary skills to combine the emotional management of people with functional management, understanding that trust, empathy, involvement and commitment as great generators of results in the relationship between superiors and subordinates.

Having motivated employees is almost a guarantee of organizational success , so it is important to know in depth the relational dynamics, in order to develop a leadership style that takes into account the essential role that human capital has in today's companies.

5. Emotional leadership course (UB)

  • Center: University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Price: € 570

Emotional leadership is one that includes the management of emotions effectively to achieve effective leadership. Emotional competences are key in the management of individuals and teams , because the domain of these has great impact on the definition of objectives, motivation, conflict management, satisfaction of internal and external customers ...

The aim of this course is to offer knowledge and application to the top positions of companies, so that they are able to become the true experts in Emotional Intelligence, generating positive emotions in their subordinates. The course combines both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge.

6. Transformational Leadership (IE Business School)

  • Center: IE Business School
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 1 week
  • Price: € 3950

Transformational leadership has become one of the great paradigms of people management today. It is characterized by its transformative vision and motivational spirit; these leaders they have an exceptional charisma and care about staying true to the people they supervise .

This type of leadership generates relationships of trust between superiors and subordinates, and it produces deep emotional bonds among these, what favors the commitment of the workers for the good of the team. It is a vision of leadership that fits perfectly with current needs, where the participation of employees and the need to develop their potential is growing.

Transformational leaders generate interaction spaces in which the creativity and talent of the participants can be reduced to the benefit of the organization, and despite its great effectiveness in today's organizational environments, there are few quality training courses taught in Spain.

One of the few transformational leadership courses that can be held in Madrid is the IE Business School, which aims to offer managers and managers the best tools so they can manage the transformation of their environment effectively, thus enhancing the capabilities of their teams . Its price is expensive, but its quality is excellent.

Learn how to manage people and be a better leader (June 2024).

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