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The 6 best professionals of Mindfulness

The 6 best professionals of Mindfulness

June 12, 2024

Mindfulness is a discipline that is gaining more prominence in the world of psychological intervention. Its use in the clinical and health field as well as in education and work is gaining acceptance for its diverse applications, and there are also more and more professionals in Psychology who specialize in this practice.

In this article we will see several of the best professionals of Mindfulness, or Mindfulness , and we will review the general characteristics of this discipline.

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice based on Attention focus management which is inspired by Vipassana meditation, but which is derived from the spiritual or religious content that is associated with the latter and is not constrained by the demands of tradition (for Vipassana meditation has many centuries of history).

In short, it is an activity that has been designed and researched under the standards of science, and not from the logic of rituals, to achieve specific goals in people's daily lives.

Under the premise of focusing on the present and disconnect from the recurring ideas that often assail us filling us with worries , Mindfulness can be trained and learned under professional supervision so that, once we have gone through these sessions of Mindfulness, we can apply those guidelines autonomously in different day-to-day contexts.

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The best Mindfulness professionals

In the next lines we will see a selection of Mindfulness professionals.

1. Ferran García from Palau García-Faria

Lawyer by profession, he decided to turn his career around to bring children and adults closer to Mindfulness as a tool to regulate stress, improve attention and be managed more effectively in all areas of life.

He is an Accredited Mindfulness Instructor of the MBSR stress reduction program at the University of Massachusetts and a Certified Mindfulness Instructor of the Eline Snel method for children and adolescents. He is also responsible for the Area of ​​Mindfulness, Personal Growth and In-company Services of Psicotools, Center for Psychology and Personal Growth of Barcelona.

In addition, he is a member of the Professional Association of Mindfulness Instructors - MBSR and of the Spanish Association of Mindfulness and Compassion (AEMIND).

He is a versatile professional who applies Mindfulness in different contexts: the reduction of personal stress, the well-being of professionals and companies as well as in the educational environment, with children, teachers and parents . To contact him or to know more about his services you can click on this link.

2. Lourdes Díaz Merino

This professional of Psychology is part of the Club Feel Good, a center specialized in Full Care that is one of the main references in this field in Madrid . Besides having the Official Degree of specialization in Clinical Psychology recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, and that of the Master in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy by the Bertrand Russell Center, he has the European Expert in Psychotherapy by the European Federation of Psychologists Association .

Among his other qualifications, he highlighted the completion of the Level 1 Teacher Training Retreat of the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Program by the University of Bangor-United Kingdom-AEMind.

On the other hand, he is a Member of the Spanish Association of Mindfulness and Compassion (AEMIND), the first Spanish association dedicated to Full Care at the national level.

3. Olivia Recondo

Olivia Recondo is a Trainer, Psychotherapist and Psychopedagogue specialized in the management of emotions through Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence . In addition, he has extensive experience in psychosocial intervention and community mental health. She is also a professor of Psychology at university and post-university level (training of teachers and health personnel, as well as patients).

On the other hand, she is also co-author of the books The Full Emotional Intelligence and Practices the Emotional Intelligence Plena.

4. Nacho Luque

This teacher of Mindfulness is one of the references of Mindfulness in Seville. Among his numerous degrees are the one of graduated in Mindful elf Compassion and in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and those of University Specialist in Mindfulness and Personal Development (UAL) and in Conscious Education with Mindfulness (UAL).

Further, is Director of the Mindfulness Basic program for Children and Parents and the Simply FLOW program . It offers courses for both individuals and companies.

5. Jonathan Garcia-Allen

This psychologist is specialized in the field of training for companies and sports, and applies the principles of Full Care for optimize the orientation to the resolution of problems and the improvement of the performance . Among his post-graduate degrees, he has a postgraduate degree in Management of Emotions through Mindulness by the University of Málaga.

6. Paula Álvarez Díaz

In addition to being a founding member of the Sakura Mindfulness Center (Madrid) and having a specialty in Clinical and Health Psychology, Paula Álvarez has a Master in Mindfulness Stress Reduction and is specialized in Mindfulness in Health Contexts. Although with regard to the Full Care focuses its professional activity in the field of health, it also investigates its uses in other contexts.

Dr. Ron Siegel: "The Science of Mindfulness" | Talks at Google (June 2024).

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