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The 6 signs that show physical attraction to another person

The 6 signs that show physical attraction to another person

September 21, 2023

On many occasions, and possibly most of the time, deciphering what happens to the other person in the head is practically impossible . Now, when a person shows attraction to another person, he usually expresses it unconsciously. If you want to know if that person you like and who steals your thoughts for a few weeks, is willing to spend time with you, keep reading this article because it will interest you.

The person you are attracted to will rarely tell you, but it is possible to detect the signals it emits. A study carried out by Albert Mehrabian concluded that when we talk face to face with a person, verbal communication is only 35 percent , while nonverbal language occupies 65% of our conversation. As affirmed by Mari Smith, a coach specialized in interpersonal communication, with a little observation you can determine if someone is attracted to you or not.

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The chemistry of love: a powerful hormonal cocktail

The truth is that when we feel attracted to someone, it is extremely difficult to hide it. We have already spoken in our article "The chemistry of love: a very potent drug" of the neurochemical cascade that occurs in the brain when we fall in love. In fact, one only has to observe how people change their own behavior when they are "caught" by that special being that becomes their great motivation.

The lack of love, in addition, can lead to a depression if we do not know how to correctly channel the emotions that are generated when we want to be with someone. And like the same drug, When we fall in love or feel physical attraction for a person a series of physiological and psychological reactions occur that we can not avoid.

The signs that reveal that you feel attraction for someone

If you like someone or we like someone, it is hard not to smile or show a characteristic visual contact, since we want to melt into the body of the other person, and whatever happens, that is our goal.

David Givens, an anthropologist specializing in non-verbal communication, states in his book Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship: "In spite of the technological advances and the development that we humans have suffered in the last century, when we speak of the silent signs of physical attraction, we are not different from the other species of the animal kingdom. From the origins of living beings, animals have always used certain signals that pretend to communicate interest in the opposite sex ".

But what are these signs that give us away when we like someone? How can we know if the person we like wants something more than a simple friendship? To know it you just have to keep reading.

Signs of physical attraction

According to Givens, there are four unmistakable signs that show that someone is attracted to you . If you see any of them, it's a good sign, but if you see all four, then you are facing the evidence that the other person likes you and that you are willing to be alone with you.

1. Shoulders raised

The biologists they call the raised shoulder posture, the "sweet response" , because it reveals a tender part, that is, it shows signs that you are open to the other person.

2. Dove fingers

Moving your feet inward is a sign of physical attraction , but, in addition, it shows that the other person feels intimidated, so it is a way of shrinking the body to pretend a less threatening posture.

3. Palms up

A person who is interested in you generally have palms up when relaxed . This gesture generates an attitude of openness and vulnerability towards the other person, which translates into a friendly and accessible attitude.

4. Arched front

If a person bends his head slightly and looks up from under his forehead, he invites you to come closer . It is another sign that can warn us that someone has a special interest in you.

Other signs that show physical attraction

In addition to the signals shown above, also there are other signs that can denote physical attraction . Let's see what they are next.

5. Dilated pupils

If someone looks at you and is attracted to you, your pupils dilate (get bigger) , according to the findings of a study conducted by the University of Chicago. It is a completely involuntary response, and according to Dr.Eckhard Hess, one of the researchers who carried out the study, this reaction has nothing to do with how much light there is in the place where the two people are.

6. Lined bodies

According to Lisa Daily, author of Stop Getting Dumped! All You Need to Know to Make Men Fall Madly in Love with You and Marry 'The One' in 3 Years or Less, people who attract themselves unconsciously try to align themselves with the other person . Where the feet point, the heart follows him.

Men women give different signals when they feel physical attraction

Although they usually coincide in some signs, men and women can behave differently in some aspects. Men also tend to make the pose of the arched forehead as women and both smile more when a person attracts them.

When a man is interested in a woman , usually:

  • Smile more.
  • Make more eye contact than usual
  • Perform more self-care behaviors, such as putting on a tie.
  • Stand or sit upright.
  • Push shoulders back and chest out.
  • Make comments about your work, your money, your car, etc.

On the other hand, women can show the following signs :

  • Smile more (like men).
  • Make more eye contact (like men).
  • Lean toward the other person of the opposite sex.
  • Expose your neck, hands or palms.
  • Take care of your skin more than usual.
  • Move and touch your hair.
  • Cross and uncross your legs.

Now you know what you have to observe the next time you meet a girl that interests you. Before ending, you should know that alcohol makes you feel more attracted to another person.

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Physical Signs That A Man Is Attracted To You (September 2023).

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