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The 6 types of Coaching: the different coaches and their functions

The 6 types of Coaching: the different coaches and their functions

March 1, 2021

Before knowing the Types of Coaching It is important to know, of course, what Coaching is.

Coaching is a methodology that achieves the maximum professional and personal development of the people and that influences the transformation of these, generating changes of perspective, increasing motivation, commitment and responsibility. Therefore, Coaching is a systematic process that facilitates learning and promotes changes cognitive, emotional and behavioral that expand the capacity of action in function of the achievement of the proposed goals. There are different classifications of the types of Coaching.

Types of coaching: according to the content

The concept of Coaching is broad, and to avoid confusion, certain limits are established to reduce the scope of action. It is not the same to work for the development of a person than to work with a manager of a company. Because of this, there are different types of Coaching depending on the work area :

Personal Coaching

Also called life coach , refers to the Coaching of skills for daily life. We work on life projects, the personal mission, the objectives, the strategies for change, and so on. This type of Coaching pursues the well-being of the person in the different areas of life.

Organizational coaching

It can be divided into two different types of Coaching:

  • Business coaching : It is aimed at organizations or companies in general and not only executives. It includes topics such as empowerment, time management, favoring relations among workers, productivity, customer satisfaction, teamwork, etc.
  • Executive coaching : Within the types of organizational coaching, this type of Coaching is aimed at senior executives. It refers to leadership development and explores interpersonal leadership and communication skills, staff performance, etc.

Sports coaching

The Sports coaching mainly works the motivation and development of everything the potential of the athlete . It also works on empowerment and leadership skills. In case of injury helps in the recovery process. In addition, it also works with the coach and the referees, and improves the work of the group of athletes, establishing, for example, short and long-term objectives for athletes.

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Types of Coaching: according to the method used

In addition to the types of Coaching that have been exposed above, below are different types of coaching based on the methods that the coach uses in their sessions. These types of Coaching can be individual or group:

Ontological coaching

It is a process oriented towards optimization of language, processes and linguistic tools used by the person. Its purpose is the modification and improvement in the way in which individuals express themselves. It is based on language and emotions and uses questions, conversations and body movement to bring about change.

Systemic coaching

This coaching process considers the person as part of a system, that is, does not consider it as an isolated element . It is useful to analyze the impact of the acts of the person in their environment.

Coaching with Emotional Intelligence

This type of coaching is based on the contributions of Daniel Goleman on Emotional Intelligence. Self-knowledge and the way of regulating emotions is basic to achieve personal development and well-being. Emotional intelligence, if handled properly, is useful for one's own benefit and that of others.

Coercive coaching

It is based on training seminars that claim to achieve a profound change in the person through its high impact techniques . This type of coaching has been object of much criticism for its methods used . In our article "Firewalking: psychological benefits of walking on the embers (the new fashion of Coaching)" you can see an example.

NLP Coaching (Neurolinguistic Programming)

Analyze how the person interprets and confronts reality (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) to help modify certain behaviors. This type of coaching combines Coaching with Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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Cognitive coaching

This type of Coaching allows the effective transmission of knowledge in the Coaching process. Take into account the Cognitive function training ; expressive and receptive functions, memory, learning and thinking.

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