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The 6 uncomfortable truths about the breakup of a couple

The 6 uncomfortable truths about the breakup of a couple

June 19, 2024

The love couple It is one of the most beautiful sensations that can be enjoyed by the human being, and knowing that someone accompanies you in good and bad times is one of those things that are worth living for.

In our article "The chemistry of love: a very powerful drug", we explain how falling in love is able to make you feel in full swing, make you suffer a slump or make you feel the monkey for someone . That love is like a drug is totally true, and it has certain really curious side effects.

But love also ends ...

But when love is over, the couple breaks up, and the person with whom we had shared so many good moments leaves our life, the consequences of the addiction to his caresses, his kisses, his smile, etc., are so strong that they can provoke serious behaviors Depressive and obsessive.

There are many reasons why a couple can break: infidelity, loss of interest in the other, lack of communication ... and it is difficult to learn to live without that special someone, because the emotional memory he reminds us again and again, those songs, those corners, those trips, those crazy things, etc.

How to face a love break?

Crossing a couple break is not easy, but over time you can overcome . Since the first step to move forward is to accept that the relationship is over.

Next we show you the six uncomfortable truths about the breakup of a couple , so that you understand that all (or almost all) have suffered for someone at some time.

1. The lack of love is not linear

The lack of love is not linear, but there are ups and downs, so it is one of the situations that can cause more contradiction in oneself, especially in the first moments of the break. Although the lack of love follows a series of phases, one is always exposed to reliving those moments of the past .

The psychologist and researcher at the Faculty of Psychology of the UNAM, Rozzana Sánchez Aragón explains the following:

"The love duel is a process that becomes more complicated than the one that faces when a loved one dies, because in the duel of death, thanks to the reasoning, there is a linear process to know that a relationship ended, while what In the breakup of love there is a cyclical process because there is always the possibility of having contact with the ex-partner again.

This can stop the advance obtained by seeking to overcome the relationship and relive the emotions, both positive and negative, that make it more difficult and painful. "

That does not mean that you can not overcome the lack of love, because the neural circuits that are activated during falling in love, over time weaken. But the old love can re-activate them in some situations , and that is why psychologists recommend "all or nothing", that is, not to maintain contact with the person we have been in love with, at least for a while. This time may be longer or shorter depending on the intensity of the feeling and other aspects such as the individual's self-esteem.

Unlike the loss of another loved one, in relationships There is an emotional game and feelings of: guilt, hatred are experienced , inferiority, etc., which can disturb the emotional stability of people.

2. It is usually a difficult decision to make

Since the lack of love is not linear and emotions weigh heavily when making the decision to leave the couple, imposing the reason against the intensity of the feelings that are experienced is very complicated. In addition, as mentioned in the previous point, self-esteem plays an important role, and it is quite frequent that many people, even after having been very clear about the end of the relationship, have subsequently repented .

Working on improving oneself and one's personal development, and learning to love oneself as one is, is the best way to move forward with the new situation.

3. It hurts ... and a lot!

The person who leaves the relationship can, on many occasions, suffer less. But the person who is left usually feels a more intense and longer lasting pain because he does not understand the causes of the rupture , and can perceive the break as a personal failure, negatively affecting their well-being.

For Sánchez Aragón, the pain that is felt after a love break can be even worse than the death of a loved one . After conducting a study in which emotions, thinking and behaviors were analyzed after the breakup, he concluded:

"When you suffer the loss of someone with high emotional value, and the reason is death, you live the grief and may take, but you know that there is no possibility of seeing it again and that way the reasoning allows us to understand that there is no return.

It is different in the romantic case because here we have the possibility of seeing the person again and maybe finding it with another couple; This can create a difficult situation to overcome, since one feels that he is pseudo-adapting to life and returns to a part of his life that causes him intense pain ".

4. Friends in common can get lost

Couple breakups are very painful and can have negative effects in different areas of our lives if they are not overcome in a positive way. In fact, couple breakups can take us to a existential crisis that may even be necessary to grow emotionally . But when the negative emotions (anger, anger, etc.) caused by the break are not well managed, the person can enter into a negative spiral that will affect the way they relate to people close to the couple. they will remember their "ex" and they can accentuate the obsession.

As we mentioned in the previous lines, the "all or nothing" is necessary to let time pass and the closest friendships can also suffer , because they are a direct way of information about what the other does. In other occasions, they are close friends can end up fed up, because it is usually resorted to them to sympathize and put on our side.

5. You will feel lonely (at least for a time)

When you break up with someone, the daily routine and sharing much of your life with that person will change . The habituation to love and let go of those intimate moments is usually the most difficult to overcome. In fact, to think that the good times you shared will share them with someone else, can cause jealousy and complicates the later (at least cordial) relationship with your "ex".

Many people they do not know how to be alone and seek to fill the void they feel with someone else, without stopping to correct their own mistakes or strengthen your self-esteem, affected after the break. As time passes, those moments of solitude are overcome, but it is necessary to stop a time to find oneself, but the following relationships may suffer.

6. You can be happy again in love

Although at the moment of breaking it may seem that the one that until now has been your partner is the only person with whom you will be really happy, that little voice is only your emotional dependence who is lying to you . Actually, time heals everything, and distance can be our ally if we want to recover the best version of ourselves.

Human beings can adapt to a multitude of situations, and we can be resilient. When the relationship is over you can experience the worst moment of your life, and you can feel sad and depressed. Fortunately, With time you will feel better and you will open your heart to another special person .

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