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The 7 best couples therapy clinics in Madrid

The 7 best couples therapy clinics in Madrid

February 1, 2024

Couples therapy is one of the most useful psychotherapeutic interventions.

Unlike individual therapy, Couple problems are not usually psychological disorders, but the core of the problem lies in the difficulties in maintaining the relationship (for example, communication problems, the values ​​of each member, etc.).

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Best couples therapy centers in Madrid

And maintaining a high level of well-being in the couple is not always easy, because relationships experience stages in which difficulties and conflicts can arise between members. These conflicts are often caused by the needs for the differences in the tastes of each one, the insecurities and the world view that each component of the couple has.

If you live in Madrid and want to benefit from couples therapy , you can go to one of the centers that you will find below.

1. Psicode Institute

Among the clinics that offer couples therapy service in Madrid, the most important Institute of Psychology Psicode , which has become one of the best known centers of the city thanks to its great professionalism and experience in the psychotherapeutic field. There are many couples who have benefited from psychological treatment in Psicode and have been able to overcome their conflicts and problems.

In Psicode they help couples to reconnect and reconnect, to improve complicity, to recover the passion after several years of coexistence, to solve sexual problems or infidelities and to recover communication when it has been lost.

This clinic has 12 psychologists who they use short, advanced, effective treatments adapted to the needs of each couple , and the center is characterized by offering a welcoming space where both members of the couple can find the confidence necessary to learn to solve the difficulties and improve the well-being of the relationship.

In addition, of the couple therapy, Psicode professionals also perform individualized treatment to help people with depression, anxiety disorders, stress, sexual difficulties, etc.

  • If you wish to get in touch with this clinic, you can find the contact information in this link.

2. TAP Center

The TAP Center is formed by a large multidisciplinary team highly specialized in different areas of psychotherapy, including couples and sexual therapy, and for patients of all age groups, whether children, adolescents or adults.

All the professionals of this center complement each other to achieve a joint and coordinated therapeutic approach , which aims to cover the needs of patients. In addition, this center of psychology is characterized by combining the methods and strategies of classical psychotherapy with forms of psychological intervention of last generation.

If you are in Madrid and want to improve the level of well-being of your partner or solve any problem that affects it, this clinic puts at your disposal a unique and welcoming environment , so that you can recover the good progress of the relationship and be happy again with the person you love.

  • For more information about this center, you can click on this link.

3. The Prado Psychologists

The Prado Psychologists has been offering psychological therapy since 2001, and since then has influenced the lives of many people, helping them to improve their emotional health and restore their well-being and quality of life. For this, its professionals use the latest techniques and psychotherapeutic tools, which have been validated scientifically. Undoubtedly, a clinic that is always at the forefront of psychological treatment in the city of Madrid.

The Prado Psychologists has a team of psychologists specialized in couples therapy , to whom you can go with your lover or spouse if there is still love and desire to fight for the relationship. Thanks to this clinic it is possible to solve the problems that can appear in a relationship, take a second chance and emerge stronger once the difficulties are overcome.

In addition, the Prado Psicólogos also offers individual psychological therapy for adults, child and youth therapy, perinatal psychology, sexology, psychiatry and coaching.

  • If you want to go to couples therapy in this clinic, you can find the contact information in this link.

4. Advance Psychologists

This psychology clinic located in Madrid is a reference point for people looking for quality couples therapy services.In this sense, his team has the participation of Laura Palomares, a psychologist and sexologist who has been awarded the Gold Medal for Professional Merit Forum Europa 2001, and also with the Gold Star of the Institute for Professional Excellence.

From his cognitive behavioral approach oriented towards the values ​​of humanistic philosophy , the center offers different ways of dealing with the usual problems in psychological intervention in couples, adapting to the needs of each client.

5. Rizaldos

Miguel Ángel Rizaldos is a psychologist specialized in clinical psychology with more than 25 years of experience in this field . It offers its services in the clinical field both in private practice and through the online mode, and also in several hospitals, in which it exercises the training of Internal Medical Residents and Resident Internal Psychologists.

In addition, he is a professor and collaborator of several of the most important university entities in the capital: the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Complutense University and the European University of Madrid. On the other hand, he has also developed a facet as a disseminator on topics related to the science of psychology, which has led him to collaborate with numerous media.

  • By clicking on this link you will find more information about their services.

6. Psicomaster

This psychology center in Madrid bases its therapeutic interventions on the cognitive-behavioral paradigm, which is focused on modifying both the actions and the thoughts and the way in which we interpret reality. This becomes very useful when managing couple conflicts, because it helps to adopt a common philosophy of life in which the two people involved in the relationship complement each other well.

From Acceptance and Commitment Therapy who use, in addition, learn to assume that the important thing is not to insist on never having problems or fights, but to know how to manage these experiences without appearing moments of unnecessary frustration.

To learn more about this center, click here.

7. The Forest Psychologists

This psychology center offers psychological intervention in various individual problems as well as mediation and couples therapy services, as well as training workshops. In addition, on your website you can access an interesting blog that helps you understand your work philosophy.

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