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The 7 best sports psychologists in Spain

The 7 best sports psychologists in Spain

June 11, 2024

Psychology is a science that is present in many areas, not only in the clinical and psychotherapeutic.

Nowadays it is common for companies, schools and even sports clubs, which have psychologists to help superiors and employees, students and teachers, and coaches and athletes to bring out all the potential they treasure. In this article we will see what they are several of the most important sports psychologists .

The best sports psychologists in Spain

In the world of sports and sports performance, not only technical, physical and strategic variables are important when winning matches or competitions, but also the mental aspect and the psychological, relational and group variables they play a decisive role in the success of athletes and teams.

In this sense, group cohesion, the confidence that an athlete has in himself, motivation, the ability to manage his own emotions or attentional approaches, etc., will determine how an athlete behaves both in training and in the competition. Further, good leadership, correct planning of sessions or the ability to motivate your players they are also aspects that make a coach good or not.

But... Who are the best sports psychologists in Spain? In the following lines you can find a list with some of the best professionals in our country.

1. Fernando Callejo

Fernando Callejo Muñoz is one of the heads of UPAD Psychology and Coaching, a Center for Psychology and personal development that he directs with Carlos Rey. UPAD has experts in different fields (sports, business, training, etc.), a center for psychologists in Madrid that is a reference in the field of training, in personal and professional development of people, besides working with elite athletes, opponents and all kinds of professionals oriented to obtain their best performance. Its main objective is to contribute to optimize the levels of performance, well-being and personal and professional satisfaction of its users.

Fernando has a degree in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Madrid, and holds a Master's degree in Sports Psychology from the same university, as well as the Brief Psychotherapy Expert (COP Madrid) and the Coaching Expert (COP Madrid).

In addition to working as a sports psychologist and coach, this professional is a professor of the different Psychology and Coaching courses taught at his center, located in Madrid.

  • If you want to contact UPAD, you can do it through this link.

2. Jonathan García-Allen

Jonathan García-Allen is a versatile psychologist who works in different areas of Psychology, and among his specialties sports psychology stands out. After graduating in Psychology at the University of Barcelona, ​​he trained in Emotional Intelligence, Sports Psychology, Human Resources and Coaching, which has allowed him to maximize the potential of people and groups of people in different contexts.

García-Allen has worked in different sports entities and renowned companies such as Iberostar. Thanks to his experience and training, he has become one of the experts in personal, organizational and sports development most important in Spain.

In addition, this psychologist also has training in Sports Training, so not only know the psychological aspects that influence the performance of an athlete, but also the physical, technical and even nutritional aspects.

He is co-author of two books on Psychology: "Psychologically speaking" (Paidós, 2016) and "What is Intelligence: From CI to Multiple Intelligences" (EMSE, 2018). He currently works as a trainer, coach and lecturer (different topics: Nutrition Psychology, Education and Multiple Intelligences, motivation and team performance, etc.) and is Director of Communication and Human Resources at LogicMedia, a digital media group.

He is one of the founders of, the most read psychology magazine (receives 14 million visits per month) and, also, as an expert in Team Building, is a consultant for several companies.

3. Nacho Coller

Nacho Coller is a well-known Valencian psychologist, who has practiced professionally for more than 20 years. He combines his work as a sports psychologist with that of psychotherapist and personal development expert, lecturer and professor of post-graduate training.

Nacho is well known in social networks, because he has a blog,, in which he writes about different topics related to Psychology. As well is a psychologist who participates in different media , mainly in radio and television. He collaborates in the program La Tarde in COPE Valencia, and the television program "À punt directe".

This charismatic psychologist is also the author of the book A turtle, a hare and a mosquito and has written articles for the magazines BuenaVida and SModa, both magazines of the newspaper El País.

4. Carlos Rey

Carlos Rey García is one of the most important sports psychologists in Madrid. Bachelor in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, he continued his studies studying the Master of Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity of the UAM, and in a complementary way, he carried out a Master in Human Resources (ESERP-URJC). He is also an expert in Coaching (COP Madrid).

His career has always been linked to the educational sport, high performance, the business world and personal development. He is currently co-founder of UPAD Psychology and Coaching, together with Fernando Callejo. Carlos Rey also stands out in the field of practical teaching, being a collaborator of several universities of the National scope (UCM, URJC, UNED and VIU among others).

5. María Cabrera Bolufer

María Cabrera Bolufer is a sports psychologist and team coach who has also been a former athlete. Tay and as she states, her passion for practicing in this field It is a consequence of your experience as a high performance tennis player , which led her to understand the importance of mental strength and psychological variables in sports performance.

His professional beginnings were responsible for the Department of Psychology at the Tennis Academy of Carlos Moyá in Madrid. Currently, he works with athletes from individual disciplines such as tennis or swimming, and collaborates with different sports clubs, Federations and Universities in the delivery of training.

6. Patricia Ramirez

She is one of the most well-known and influential sport psychologists in Spain, as she is a regular on the big screen, collaborating with programs such as Estudio Estadio, Saber Vivir, TVE Tomorrow, Mind and Brain and A punto con la 2.

He is also a regular columnist in some newspapers such as Marca or El País and has collaborated in some radio spots such as the afternoon of COPE. She is the author of several books , among which are: Account with you (Conecta, 2016) and Why do they dream of being footballers and they princesses? (Espasa, 2014)

He currently works with athletes of the highest level, first class soccer players, second and second division B and he is a coach with coaches and other members of the coaching staff. Some of the teams he has worked on are: Real Betis Balompié or RCD Mallorca.

7. José María Buceta

The most veteran psychologist on the list and one of the most experienced sports psychology professionals . He is known for being the director of the Master in Sports Psychology of the UNED, and has trained many of the great professionals of this country.

Besides being a psychologist and coach, she has been national coach of women's basketball and director of the psychology office of Real Madrid.

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