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The 70 best dignity phrases

The 70 best dignity phrases

July 13, 2024

Dignity is defined as the quality of being responsible and having respect for oneself and towards others, not allowing other people to degrade us.

This moral virtue leads us to numerous reflections on human nature and the limits of freedom and friendship.

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Phrases of dignity

Throughout history, many writers and thinkers have spoken about this concept.

In today's article let's know the best phrases of dignity and all those famous quotes that bring us closer to this moral value.

1. Dignity does not consist in having honors, but in deserving them. (Aristotle)

The Greek philosopher and his meritocratic conception.

2. Dignity has no price. When someone begins to give small concessions, in the end, life loses its meaning. (José Saramago)

Dignity is not negotiable, according to the Portuguese writer.

3. The ideal man assumes the accidents of life with grace and dignity, making the most of the circumstances. (Aristotle)

Facing the designs of life is what makes us worthy human beings.

4. Things have a price and these can be for sale, but people have dignity, which is invaluable and is worth much more than things. (Pope Francisco)

The Argentine Pope brings this interesting perspective.

5. Those who can speak of simple things with depth, of great things with dignity, and moderate things with temperance are eloquent. (Cicero)

On eloquence and communication skills.

6. Any man or institution that tries to deprive me of my dignity will fail (Nelson Mandela)

On the superlative dignity of a fighter like Mandela.

7. Where is the dignity unless there is honesty? (Cicero)

Another phrase of dignity of the great Latin speaker.

8. The dignity of the individual consists in not being reduced to vassalage by the largeness of others. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

From the author of The Little Prince.

9. The dignity of human nature requires that we face the storms of life. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Another reflection about tackling problems with integrity.

10. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life. (Albert Einstein)

Thought of the German physicist.

11. There are two types of pride, the good and the bad. "Good pride" represents our dignity and our self-love. "Bad pride" is a mortal sin of superiority that reeks of presumption and arrogance. (John C. Maxwell)

A differentiation necessary to establish good ethical principles.

12. No race can prosper until it learns that there is as much dignity in working the field as there is in writing a poem. (Booker T. Washington)

No work is less worthy than another.

13. By lying, man annihilates his dignity as a man. (Immanuel Kant)

The lies and their moral perfidy.

14. I am an example of what is possible when girls from the beginning of their lives are loved and raised by the people around them. I was surrounded by extraordinary women in my life, who taught me about strength and dignity. (Michelle Obama)

President Obama's wife talks like that about her childhood.

15. Be strong. Live honorably and with dignity. And when you think you can not, do not give up. (James Frey)

An ode to the inner strength that drives us towards the future.

16. I prefer to be alone with dignity, than in a relationship where I sacrifice my self-esteem. (Mandy Hale)

In relationships, it is absolutely essential to have dignity.

17. Dignity means that I deserve the best treatment I can receive. (Maya Angelou)

An ambitious maxim.

18. Knowing when to retire is wisdom. Being able to do things is courage. To move away with your head held high is dignity. (Unknown author)

A withdrawal in time ...

19. Never commit who you are to someone. If they do not want you the way you are, it is better that they leave you, than lose your identity. (Unknown author)

Never give up being yourself.

20. Dignity is the ability to stay strong and with your head held high while facing adversity, while being able to revere the elders and crawl with the children. Dignity is to stand firm in your beliefs without closing your mind to another opinion (Mychal Wynn)

On the inner strength.

21. I know about the loss of dignity. I know that when you take away a man's dignity you create a hole, a deep black hole full of desolation, humiliation, hatred, emptiness, grief, misfortune and loss, which becomes the worst hell. (James Frey)

There are situations that are not tolerable.

22. If it's made for you, you will not have to beg for it. You will never have to sacrifice your dignity for your destiny. (Unknown author)

Things usually come alone, or almost.

2. 3.Whoever is worthy of your love will never put you in a situation where you feel that you should sacrifice your dignity, your integrity, or your self-love, to be with that person. (Unknown author)

Love can never compromise dignity.

24. No matter what people take from you, never let them take away your pride and dignity. (Unknown author)

An unbreakable moral principle.

25. A true woman is one who does not fall apart knowing that the only man she has ever loved is in love with another woman. He does not make a fuss about anything, he does not cry for nothing, and he never shows his tears to anyone. Just go on with your life, full of grace and dignity. (Aarti Khurana)

On the inalienable dignity of women.

26. The most difficult type of beauty to come from is interior, strength, courage and dignity. (Ruby Dee)

An intrinsic force to each person.

27. There is dignity in your being, even if there is humiliation in what you do. (Tariq Ramadan)

One of those dignity phrases that invite us to reflect.

28. The friendships that are made to last are those where each friend respects the dignity of another, to the point of not really wanting anything from the other. (Cyril Connolly)

Reflection of the British literary critic.

29. Humility is the ability to renounce pride and still preserve dignity. (Vanna Bonta)

A nice description about this personal value.

30. Dignity and pride are not only different feelings, but in a certain way, they are also opposite. You can despise your pride to preserve your dignity, and you can destroy your dignity because of your pride. (Lugina Sgarro)

The paradox that these two values ​​hold.

31. When an individual protests against society's refusal to recognize their dignity as a human being, their sole act of protest confers dignity. (Bayard Rustin)

The manifestation of injustice is an act of dignity.

32. Dignity is like a perfume. Those who use it, are rarely aware of it. (Cristina from Sweden)

Great metaphor that contains a tremendous reality.

33. Personal dignity must be measured with the rod of one's conscience, not through the judgment of other people. (Fausto Cercignani)

Phrase of dignity of the Italian philologist.

34. Our vanity is the constant enemy of our dignity. (Sophie Swetchine)

Your nemesis, your adversary.

35. Maturity is the ability to think and act, with your feelings within the limits of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you have become in the midst of your frustrations. (Samuel Ulman)

Reflection of the American businessman and poet.

36. The most luxurious possession, the most valuable treasure that everyone has, is their personal dignity. (Jackie Robinson)

A myth of baseball leaves us this valuable reflection.

37. Self-love is the fruit of discipline. The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. (Abraham Joshua Heschel)

The Polish rabbi spoke thus about self-love and dignity.

38. The ultimate goal of all revolutionary social change must be to establish the sanctity of human life, the dignity of the human being, and the right of every human being to freedom and well-being. (Emma Goldman)

Reflection of one of the maximum representatives of feminism.

39. Fighting for justice against corruption is never easy. It is accurate for us and for our loved ones. In the end, I think, as it is in my case, that the price we pay is worth it for clinging to our dignity. (Frank Serpico)

A reflection on the sacrifices necessary to help others.

40. When we speak of human dignity, we can not make concessions. (Angela Merkel)

A declaration in favor of the fundamental rights of the people.

41. I accept my destiny, whatever it may be, but I will fight for my honor and my dignity. (Ferninand Marcos)

Beyond the circumstances, we can decide whether to make an effort or not.

42. From the depth of need and desolation, people can work together, can organize themselves to solve their own problems and meet their own needs with dignity and strength. (Cesar Chavez)

Cooperation is a human capacity that makes us unique.

43. Homophobia is like racism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of intolerance that seek to dehumanize a large group of people in order to deny their humanity, dignity and their quality as persons. (Coretta Scott King)

Reflection on social phenomena that seek to degrade the rights of minorities.

44. As men and women become more educated, the value system should improve, and respect for human dignity and human life should be enhanced. (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)

A way to pose a better future.

45. The day when our dignity will be completely restored, is the day when our purpose stops being to survive until the sun comes out the next morning. (Thabo Mbeki)

Setting ambitious goals is a way to grow.

46. ​​There is no more impressive dignity, no more important independence, than living with your own means. (Calvin Cooldige)

Independence gives us dignity.

47. Education can give you skills, but a liberal education can give you dignity. (Ellen Key)

Another way to learn gaining autonomy.

48. I have an option every time I open my mouth: I can speak with civility, dignity and grace, or not. (Dana Perino)

In every circumstance, there are usually options.

49. The bravest act remains to think for oneself. (Coco Chanel)

An act of rebellion.

50. The dignity of one can be attacked, vandalized and cruelly mocked. But it can not be removed unless it is delivered. (Michael J. Fox)

Another original metaphor.

51. Every woman who has finally managed to find out her value, has taken her suitcases of pride, has boarded a flight to freedom, and has landed in the valley of change. (Shannon L. Adler)

A way to describe the process of personal growth.

52. Dignity is essential for human life, as is water, food and oxygen. His stubborn retention, even through strenuous physical exertion, can keep a man's soul in his body, beyond what the body can bear (Laura Hillenbrand)

A comparison between dignity and biological needs.

53. Hiding your feelings when you are about to cry is the secret of dignity. (Dejan Sonjanovic)

An opinion with which many would disagree.

54. Education is a sign of dignity, not submission. (Theodore Roosevelt)

A way to become an individual person.

55. People have the right to be called as they want. It does not bother me. It's when other people want to call you as they want what bothers me. (Octavia E. Butler)

About the right to be oneself.

56. When decorum is repression, the only thing that men lack dignity have is to speak. (Abbie Hoffman)

Not rebelling as the unfair is often seen as a form of unworthiness.

57. I want to grow old with some dignity. (Pete Townshend)

Statement of intents.

58. All souls are beautiful and precious, deserving of dignity and respect, and worthy of peace, joy and love. (Bryant McGill)

Reflection on the need to respect all people.

59. Do not change your dignity by popularity. (Steve Maraboli)

Advice to follow in a society in which the spectacular predominates, regardless of its value.

60. Love and dignity can not share the same abode. (Ovidio)

Critical criticism of the concept of love.

61. Dignity is independent of national barriers. We must always defend the interests of those poor and persecuted in other countries. (Kjell Mange Bondevick)

The nationalities do not exist when it comes to appreciating the human nature of each person.

62. My dignity is worth more than four dollars. (Shivan Barwari)

Phrase about dignity that denotes rebellion.

63. Honor yourself by acting with dignity and composure. (Allan Lokos)

A maxim of life related to dignity and knowing how to be.

64. In love, swallow your pride, but never your dignity. (Carlos Salinas)

An interesting distinction between two key concepts.

65. Seeing a person lose their dignity used to be uncomfortable, and now it is expected as part of a program with which we feel comfortable. (Lisa Kudrow)

One of the effects of the society of the show.

66. Every woman has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. No one can humiliate or abuse you verbally. (Unknown author)

A defense of women's rights.

67. We learned about dignity and decency, that how hard we work matters much more than we do. That helping others means much more than taking advantage of oneself. (Michelle Obama)

Phrase about the need to strive to build a better world.

68. Dignity is the reward of obeying your heart. (Wes Fesler)

Aphorism about a compensation mechanism.

69. Solving poverty is not a gesture of charity. It's an act of justice. It is the protection of a fundamental right, the right to dignity and a decent life. (Nelson Mandela)

About the responsibility of not leaving anyone behind.

70. The dignity of the truth is lost after much protest. (Ben Jonson)

A phrase that invites us to reflect on our attachment to the truth.

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