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The 70 best phrases of Elton John

The 70 best phrases of Elton John

June 21, 2024

Elton John (England, 1947) is an English pianist, singer and songwriter worldwide known for such famous songs as "I'm Still Standing", "Rocket Man", "Your Song" and many other classics.

His artistic career already has more than 40 years being one of the most prominent musicians in the sales charts. His sensitivity and his characteristic voice have made him a true idol around the world.

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Phrases by Elton John

An unrepeatable musician deserves a compilation of famous quotes. Therefore, in today's article we have decided to pay a small tribute to this Sir, compiling the best quotes of Elton John .

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1. Music has healing power. It has the ability to get people out of themselves for a few hours.

On music and its influence on health.

2. Ask someone if it was not for Elvis, I do not know where popular music would be. He was the one who started everything, and it was definitely the beginning for me.

The beginning of rock & roll, in the eyes of Elton John.

3. The less I say, the more my work is done.

Less talk and more compose.

4. From the beginning, I have always admired Eminem's thought. That's the reason why I wanted to appear in the Grammys with him when they asked me. Eminem has the balls to say what he feels and to make offensive things fun. That is very necessary today in America, with people gagging and irony becoming a lost art. Artists like Eminem, who use their free speech to express their opinion, are of vital importance. There just are not many people in the world with such big balls and such incredible talents.

Interestingly, Elton John is a great admirer of the Detroit rapper.

5. Live for every second without hesitation.

A positive phrase that the musician said in an interview.

6. You can cage the singing bird, but you can not force it to sing. And you can catch the free bird, but you'll have to cut its wings.

On freedom.

7. It is better to build a bridge than a wall.

It is always better to open communication channels.

8. If you write great songs with meaning and emotion, they will last forever because songs are the key to everything.

The greatness of music.

9. The AIDS disease is caused by a virus, but the AIDS epidemic is not. The AIDS epidemic is fueled by stigma, hatred, misinformation, ignorance and indifference. Science has achieved miracles in the last 20 years, and science can now put an end to this disease, but it can not end the epidemic. We need more than medicine. We can do something about these things. We need to talk about the changes we must make in our society.

A reflection on this terrible disease.

10. Sometimes, when I'm flying over the Alps, I think, "that's like all the cocaine I aspired."

Ironic phrase about his addiction to this prohibited substance.

11. I used to take hostages in my relationships and not let people be independent. It always ends in disaster, because you take people's identity away and end up full of resentment.

A tip for loving relationships.

12. Welcome to the world of shit, dear. You have arrived

Your optimism is not too big.

13. There is a time for everyone, if they only learn, that the twisted kaleidoscope moves us all in turn.

A metaphor to guide us in life.

14. I have only been interested in the artistic side of life.

The pragmatic does not arouse any concern.

15. I will fight for human rights, either silently behind the scenes or vocally to be locked up. I can not just sit down; It is not in my nature. I can not sit down and ignore it blindly, and I will not.

Your civil and political ideals.

16. Sweet freedom whispered in my ear, you are a butterfly, and butterflies are free to fly, fly, far away, goodbye.

Translation of one of your letters.

17. I love the idea of ​​the teachings of Jesus Christ and the beautiful stories about it, which I loved in Sunday school and picked up all the stickers and put them in my book. But the reality is that organized religion does not seem to work.

A critique of religions.

18. I always wanted to crush a guitar over someone's head. You just can not do that with a piano.

Funny phrase about his contained anger.

19. I'm glad I stopped using drugs and alcohol. It would be horrible to be like Keith Richards. He is pathetic. It's like a monkey with arthritis, trying to get on stage and look young.

A poisoned dart to the guitarist of the Rolling Stones.

twenty.And I'm afraid, in this day and age, trust, that I count like that, you know, I love loyalty. I love trust.

Honor and trust, basic.

21. Once you have people around you who do not question you, you are in a dangerous place.

The normal thing is to feel in the eye of the hurricane, or almost.

22. Mars is not the kind of place to raise your children, in fact it's cold as hell.

Ironic reflection.

23. It is the circle of life, and it moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, until we find our place, in the path that unfolds.

The lyrics of "The Lion King."

24. "Sorry" seem to be the most difficult words.

Another song of his: "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word".

25. The good thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be a star.

Even being apparently normal.

26. You know, it's a very treatable disease. You should not feel ashamed. But I'm afraid that has continued a lot since the early days of AIDS, when it was basically a gay disease. And then, of course, you know, it affected everyone.

Another reflection on HIV and in the gay world.

27. I love every minute of fatherhood, staying up all night, changing diapers, crying children, I find it really fun and inspiring. It connects you with the world in a new way.

About being a father and what he reports.

28. Fame attracts crazy people.

Nobody healthy should crave to be famous.

29. I am bombarded by breakfast in the morning, I am bombarded for dinner.

About your eating habits.

30. Today's bands have to learn their trade by putting hard work into what we were doing when we were young interpreters.

A tip to emerging figures.

31. Johnny, can not you go out and play in your empty garden?

From the song "Empty Garden".

32. I was just genuinely shy. He had always been a shy child.

In his childhood, Elton John is remembered like that.

33. People with HIV are still stigmatized. The infection rates are increasing. The people are dying The political response is frightening. The sadness of that, the waste.

A disease that was not resolved for political reasons.

34. My mother always used to buy a record every Friday.

That's where the love of music came from.

35. I want to make a musical movie Like Evita, but with good music.

Poisoned dart.

36. I have a much better relationship with the press, I think because I stood firm.

Although sometimes it is difficult to support the paparazzi.

37. Everything I thought I would hate to have children - crying, screaming - nothing surprises me. I love everything and I relax.

Nothing is so bad.

38. It is very important to have two tiaras when you are on the road. You never know when you will be invited to something really formal.

You always have to be proactive.

39. I never thought of myself as handsome, attractive or whatever.

A man not very presumptuous or vain.

40. All this science that I do not understand, it's just my work five days a week.

One of those phrases by Elton John to reflect on.

41. I just wish that more of my fellow queers would come out sometimes.

About the stigma that weighs against these people.

42. When I was a child, when I was a teenager, I could not wear fashionable clothes.

Prejudice hurt him.

43. I was sitting in the classroom trying to look smart in case the teacher looked at me.

A sympathetic way in which he remembers his childhood.

44. The world is almost climbing to the Third World War and where are the leaders of each religion? Why are not they having a conclave? Why are not they joining?

On current political conflicts.

45. I had no balance in my life. I was this person on stage and this person offstage, who really did not know much about life.

About his past

46. ​​I knew about AIDS. My friends were dying to the right, to the left and to the center. I made an album with Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and Gladys Knight.

Its way to help eradicate this serious disease.

47. There is a lot of hate in the world.

Unfortunately, that's the way it is.

48. I really did not know what it was until I came to the United States and had sex [for the first time] in San Francisco in 1970. It was with someone of my own sex.

About his homosexuality

49. I love drag queens and I love watching them perform because those people have so much character and courage. I love people with balls.

A comment a little uncomfortable.

50. You know that you can give a certain quality of performance as an artist, but as I grow up I am much happier in my own skin because when I leave the stage, I have a balance in my life.

The importance of harmony in all vital aspects.

51. She would walk a million miles to give her what she needs. But she would walk a million more to do what she believes.

Extract of a song.

52. I really appreciate that my performance is much better as I get older. I do not take it for granted anymore. I really enjoy it and I love it.

A sample of security in his artistic gifts.

53I grew conservative because my mother was conservative, and when I finally realized what the conservatives were, I immediately changed my mind.

Your political ideology

54. I have an optimistic view of everything. You have to do it, otherwise you would go crazy.

If you are positive, things can go well.

55. My sex drive has dropped so much since I stopped taking coca. I was one of the few people who, when I drugged myself, had a huge sexual desire. I still have a healthy sex life today, but it's not that important.

Cocaine does not help maintain positive relationships.

56. I love places that have an incredible history. I love the Italian lifestyle. I love food. I love people I love the attitudes of Italians.

About the Mediterranean country.

57. I have always been against festivals.

A format that does not please the great Elton John.

58. I love the way that American trade magazines never give someone a bad review because they fear that advertising will be eliminated. It is so hysterical.

On the prevailing hypocrisy.

59. He has been dead for so many years, but I am still trying to impress him. That's what gave me my impulse. "Look at me, dad, I've had success."

A few words in memory of his father.

60. Since I had that interview in which I said I was bisexual, it seems that twice as many people greet me in the streets.

Curious reflection on their sexual preferences.

61. Get the same rights as we do when we have a civil union. Heterosexual people get married.

No need to call marriage, according to John.

62. I do not want a wedding with Jennifer Lopez or anything like that. A commitment ceremony would be a good thing to do.

Their tastes are pretty little eccentric.

63. To forgive and be forgiven, if it is the last thing I do, then in the liberation of death I can find the peace that I never knew in life.

A phrase of the most lapidary.

64. There are no tears that curse you when jealousy is burned.

Reflecting on jealousy

65. Laughing like children, living like lovers, rolling like thunder, under the sheets, and I guess that's why they call it the blues.

You have to live life to the fullest.

66. I guess that's why they call it blues, the time in my hands could be the time spent with you.

About this musical style.

67. Like Elton John, my pop radio days are over, and I know and accept it and I'm not unhappy with that.

About a past stage in his career.

68. The goal of being in this business and being blessed and succeeding is that you can do things for your friends or your family, which means that they can also have something special in their lives.

The honeys of success, according to one of the most mythical phrases of Elton John.

69. Sting is one of my best friends and I love him to death.

Your friendship with the Police leader.

70. Deep down, I've always been a music fan. That part of me has never changed since I was a little boy, sitting in a room watching a spinning disc, looking at the color of the labels.

A great music lover.

TOP 20 Elton John Quotes (June 2024).

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