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The 70 best phrases of perseverance

The 70 best phrases of perseverance

June 17, 2024

Reaching a goal or goal is a feat celebrated and shared with everyone, but the process to get to it is not always seen. After these findings, there is effort and perseverance.

In this regard, many important historical figures who forged their destiny They have written reflections and phrases of perseverance . That loyal companion of each triumph.

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Important phrases of perseverance

Below you will find a selection of perseverance phrases coined by great characters of our history.

1. Without struggle there is no progress (Frederick Douglas)

This phrase of Frederick Douglas speaks to us about the importance of action after success .

2. Impossible is a word that is only found in the dictionary of fools (Napoleon Bonaparte)

We can not say that something is impossible if at least we have not made a deep reflection on it.

3. Try it and fail, but do not fail to try (Stephen Kaggwa)

Do not kill your dreams by limiting yourself to achieve it.

4. Courage is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm (Winston S. Churchill)

Brave people are forged in the falls.

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5. Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard (Tim Notke)

Talent is not enough , we have to wield more.

6. You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it (Margaret Thatcher)

And we can not give up on the first one.

7. We must embrace the pain and burn it like gasoline for our trip (Kenji Miyazawa)

About learning, which can turn something painful in our favor.

8. Difficult things require a long time, impossible things a little longer (André A. Jackson)

We do not know how far we can go, but it is more likely that perseverance will lead to joint successes.

9. In the depth of winter, I learned that in my interior there is an invincible summer (Albert Camus)

On those forces that remain passive but never asleep.

10. Never, never, never give up (Winston S. Churchill)

Blunt phrase of perseverance of this English politician.

11. A successful man is the one who is able to settle a base with the bricks that others have thrown at him (David Brinkley)

When you stop trying something there may be people that rescue an opportunity from a failure .

12. The only struggle that is lost is that which is abandoned (Che Guevara)

We lose our experience of knowing where we could have arrived.

13. Difficulties make or break people (Margaret Mitchell)

The difficulties have an objective, we must reflect on them and continue with our progress.

14. I'm not discouraged because every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward (Thomas Edison)

On the richness of error learning.

15. Use the word impossible with the greatest caution (Werner Braun)

This phrase invites us to reflect on what we have before our eyes, before attributing any difficulty.

16. People are made of flesh and blood, and of a miraculous fiber called courage (Mignon McLaughlin)

And it is that courage that accompanies perseverance.

17. You were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it (Robin Sharma)

About the commitment we have and the use of our personal tools to achieve it.

18. Patience and perseverance have a magical effect in which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish (John Quincy Adams)

If we dare to bet on it, everything will be easier to carry.

19. Perseverance is the hard work you do after getting tired of the hard work you already did (Newt Gingrich)

It's an extra fee that you put on your dreams.

20. Perseverance is the basis of all actions (Lao Tzu)

With it everything comes to march.

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21. If you want to succeed in life, make perseverance your friend of the soul, of the experience your wise counselor, of the warning your elder brother and of hope your guardian genius (Joseph Addison)

This phrase of perseverance, makes us reflect on everything that implies to achieve a goal.

22. Permanence, perseverance and persistence despite all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities: that is what distinguishes strong souls from weak ones (Thomas Carlyle)

As an important piece of an impressive personality.

23. Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, dedication and respect for authority (Vince Lombardi)

One way of approaching perseverance in relation to football .

24. Writing without effort is generally read without pleasure (Samuel Johnson)

Since the message is caught in laziness.

25. Courage is not having the strength to keep going; is to keep going when you do not have the strength (Theodore Roosevelt)

The double effort applied to it.

26No one succeeds without effort. Those who succeed owe it to perseverance (Ramana Maharshi)

They never let themselves be easily overcome.

27. You will not find anyone who will be successful without making a sacrifice and without persevering (Lou Holtz)

It is something very difficult to find.

28. Adversity, perseverance and all those things can give you shape. They can give you a value and a self-esteem without price (Scott Hamilton)

In this way one Strengthens its own character .

29. Through perseverance many people achieve success through what seemed destined to fail safely (Benjamin Disraeli)

In that lies the miracle of perseverance.

30. Great works are not carried out by force, but by perseverance (Samuel Johnson)

Since its force has a more extensive power.

31. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, or a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will (Vince Lombardi)

That energy that moves us from the moment we start to finish it.

32. No matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop (Andy Warhol)

On not stopping the march.

33. Perseverance is to fail 19 times and succeed the twentieth (Julie Andrews)

This phrase of perseverance makes us think about never stop trying.

34. A noble purpose inspires sacrifice, stimulates innovation and encourages perseverance (Gary Hamel)

Perseverance has great motivations.

35. I walk slowly, but I never walk back (Abraham Lincoln)

The steps can be short but they are directed towards the future.

36. No matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop (Confucius)

Another phrase of perseverance that encourages do not leave our projects aside .

37. Surrendering is the only sure way to fail (Gena Showalter)

Also stumble part of the success

38. Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential (Winston S. Churchill)

Once again we have Churchill, reflecting on perseverance.

39. Through hard work, perseverance and faith in God, you can live your dreams (Benjamin Carson)

A clear message from this American politician.

40. Always keep in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything else (Abraham Lincoln)

About organizing priorities.

41. By perseverance the snail came to the ark (Charles Spurgeon)

The smallness of the snail is magnified by its feat.

42. Remember that you can do whatever you set out to do, but it requires action, perseverance and face your fears (Gillian Anderson)

We have to risk many things to achieve our goals.

43. The only guarantee of failure is to stop trying (John C. Maxwell)

We can not throw in the towel easily.

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44. The failure after a long perseverance is much bigger than ever having fought enough to call it a failure (George Eliot)

Since you will have grown in each step, in each fall you can grow as a person .

45. Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere (Sasha Cohen)

Important advice from this actor.

46. ​​Never stop pedaling to feed your dreams (Terri Guillemets)

Although the slope is very difficult, the landscape is a good companion.

47. A wise man will build more opportunities than he finds (Francis Bacon)

If it does not exist, create it. Use creativity

48. Without continued growth and perseverance, words like improvement, achievement and success have no meaning (Benjamin Franklin)

In the goal, these experiences they transform into pleasurable emotions .

49. The dripping of water makes a hole in the water, not by force, but by persistence (Ovidio)

The more we insist something will be produced that will bring us success.

50. We will find a shape or we will build one (Hannibal)

But we will not allow ourselves to fail easily.

51. After climbing a large hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb (Nelson Mandela)

On the constant battle to obtain our objectives.

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52. Perseverance is impossible if we do not allow ourselves to have hope (Dean Koontz)

Otherwise, failure is imminent.

53. It always seems impossible until it's done (Nelson Mandela)

And the satisfaction of that experience is incredible.

54. I do not believe that there is another quality as essential to triumph as the quality of perseverance. Overcomes almost everything, including nature (John D. Rockefeller)

As an important human quality.

55. Just because I failed once does not mean you're going to fail at all (Marilyn Monroe)

The failure is a sign that there is the willingness to try .

56. Perseverance is not a long race, there are many short races one after another (Walter Elliot)

And each of them is important.

55. The genius is composed of 2% talent and 98% perseverance (Beethoven)

Important phrase of perseverance.

56. It's always early to give up (Norman Vincent Peale)

We must give ourselves the time to experience each step on our way to success.

57. If you fell yesterday, get up today (H.G. Wells)

It is a general rule to achieve success.

58Nothing else matters except sit down and try it every day (Steven Pressfield)

On the importance of routine. One of the most motivating perseverance phrases.

59. Every strike brings me closer to the next home run (Babe Ruth)

We can always be close to our goal.

60. Success is not the end, failure is not fatal; is the courage to continue what counts (Winston Churchill)

What proves our potential.

61. Our greatest glory is not to never fall, but to get up every time we fall (Oliver Goldsmith)

This phrase of perseverance tells us about how we respond to adverse circumstances .

62. Never give up, because you are in the place and time when the tide will turn (Harriet Beecher Stowe)

Everything is part of a learning, do not usually what you already have in your hands.

63. If a person is persevering, although it is difficult for him to understand, he will become intelligent and even if he is weak he will become strong (Leonardo da Vinci)

Because it is constancy the sister of perseverance, which makes us achieve the unimaginable.

64. Sometimes even living is an act of courage (Seneca)

Face her every day with everything she can bring us.

65. It is not what we do from time to time that gives shape to our life. It's what we do consistently (Anthony Robbins)

To which we dedicate our energy, daily.

66. I'm not worried about you falling, I'm worried about you getting up (Abraham Lincoln)

About how we overcome each other in adverse circumstances .

67. May perseverance be your engine and hope your gasoline (H. Jackson Brown, Jr)

And we must be vigilant that both work well.

68. In the end, some of your great pains become your great strengths (Drew Barrymore)

Let everything be transformed.

69. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day (Robert Collier)

And only with perseverance will you have the energy to take each step.

70. What does not kill me makes me stronger (Friedrich Nietzsche)

We are all nourished by bad experiences.

Perseverance and the power of not giving up | Christine Krzyzanowski | TEDxWalnutStWomen (June 2024).

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