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The 70 best phrases of the rapper Kase.O

The 70 best phrases of the rapper Kase.O

April 19, 2024

Kase.O is the artistic name of Javier Ibarra Ramos , a well-known Spanish rapper who became popular in rap group Violadores del Verso. In addition to his relationship with this well-known group, he has made three solo albums and is considered a reference in Spanish rap.

Do you want to know the best phrases and verses of Kase.O?

Best phrases and verses by Javier Ibarra (Kase.O)

Born in 1980, the career of Kase.O is simply amazing.

The lyrics of Kase.O are full of passion and popular wisdom. In this article we have compiled the best quotes from this artist , so you can get to know firsthand your thinking and your raw and real art like asphalt.

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1. I do not know why it costs me so much ... (The what?) ... Live, fuck, feel good, sing every day the disenchantment

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right attitude to face the pains.

2. Money, I search, I find it and I spend it, it's a green bill in my portfolio, for Saturday

Money is one of the symbols of capitalism and materialism, and it is there to be spent and consumed.

3. I'm going to spend my money on gifts, I want to give my ego vacations and free chaos, I will not keep a dime for the cemetery ...

Although the money can also be spent on other people to show what you care about.

4. Because to tell the truth it's fantastic to live in this fucking cemetery of dreams, city

A date in which some resentment can be appreciated, but also pride in your neighborhood.

5. Just let me see from afar so that I imagine, ultra good, I am the apple with poison the phenomenon, baby, nominated successor of thunder

Appearances sometimes cheat. But when you know the person, your image of the person can change.

6. I can not live either, I'm improvising

Sometimes you do not have to plan life, but let it flow.

7. Let no one dance with my music if it is not kicking a Nazi bastard, racist, you are a slob, I am Jewish and proud

The author makes clear his rejection of the Nazis and the racists.

8. Eyes that see hearts that feel

An opposite version of the phrase "eyes that do not see heart that does not feel. "

9. From what you see, believe half of what you do not see, do not believe anything

A reflection that goes to say that we must doubt the truth and be critical.

10. More than one wanted and could not, you repent before your sweat dries

A way to say that you are fortunate to be where you are.

11. That who does not keep love then does not hold a grudge

Sometimes sensitive people also tend to be spiteful and hurt.

12. If I do not shine, my absence shines, you do not hate me, you hate your impotence

When someone is frustrated he hates everything around him.

13. Life is simple you receive what you have given and to be happy you just have to forget the past

Give what you can and live the present. This is the way to be happy according to the author.

14. I bring chocolates and the liquor of rigor, I still hold the micro with formidable vigor ...

Meaning that he always has a busy life doing more and better rap.

15. I already made many letters yesterday, and I did not get cured, I never stepped firmly, today I just try to have fun and leave brilliant fame before leaving

The important thing is to do what makes you happy, that is, what you dream about.

16. Only drunks and children always tell the truth and I am a drunk and a half child, who fucks you with your clap

The author defines himself as a sincere and authentic person.

17. Since you will not love me if I am perfect, the problem must be something that I still do not detect

A way of saying that it is great, and that hardly has defects.

18. You want to pose naked and I picture you but there is no sensible verse for your beauty

When someone's beauty is so great that it is impossible to define it.

19. Call me crazy, whores, nobody is born crazy

A quote that refers to the grudge you feel toward a woman who has hurt you.

20. Many friends and true few

The acquaintances abound, the friends of truth are few.

21. I'm burned out of life, I need a miracle, I need a whiskey (I do not know), I need a something

There are times when you feel that you can not do more, that you need to disconnect.

22. I never wanted to be among the greats, I never wanted envy, I never wanted fame

Kase.O denying his fame, which comes hand in hand with success.

23. Now that I ignore you I have everything clear, I have no more hate than the hatred you have for me

In reference to people who feel envious that things are going well.

24. Because only dissatisfied are close girls' boyfriends

Meaning that there are people who stoop to the whims of some women.

25What you see is what you have, you are not fagots but I peep at you hallucinate I brought chaos where you go

Kase.O is defined as an authentic person, and is shown as it is.

26. The stars are messy

A beautiful phrase that refers to chaos.

27. It rained intelligence, it rained sensitivity and they saw the birth of love and they saw humor laugh

A quote that exemplifies those good moments of life.

28. Life is flowing, like these thoughts that try to flee, from a mind accustomed to suffer

A rhyme that aims to define what life is from the point of view of the author.

29. Six years later they stop me on the street and ask me: have you recorded another model? When does it come out? I do not know, since when did rap interest you? If a year ago you were Nazi and you wanted to blow me up

There are people who let themselves be influenced too much by fashions, who lack personality.

30. The first thing you have to be clear about is that I was not born to be a second person. The second: I have a mission in this world, drink and pray, try to float if I see that I sink

A verse that tries to explain what kind of person this rapper is.

31. You are going to dry your brain through the cock of so many straws thinking about it, leave it already

A date with a high sexual content, which refers to when someone has in mind the person who likes it.

32. Life lost by women and drinking

Sometimes, people can lose their way in life and let themselves be carried away by vice.

33. My name is Javier, I am an inimitable myth: my superiority in a micro is not questionable

A rhyme that expresses what this rapper is and what he has achieved with great effort and talent.

34. Each new flow exceeds the said two seconds before

A verse that invites deep reflection.

35. When the monkey does not come out the dog that we carry inside sometimes barks others I move the tail if I'm happy

Human beings can sometimes put aside reason to give rise to our instincts.

36. Girl I do not pretend that you fall in love, just behave well to get into Eden and then there are plenty of girls who love this young man

When you feel comfortable with yourself and do what you want, it becomes attractive.

37. Nothing is so urgent, baby, nothing so important, nothing is worth more than the moment in front of us

To be happy, one must live life in the present moment and not in the future or the past.

38. The mission is to prevent hip hop from being destroyed

Hip hop is not only a musical style, but associated with a culture that has become very popular in the world.

39. I have already created, my own religion, my own God, clear ideas to come to reason

One gives meaning to his life through his beliefs.

40. I do not regret my beginnings because brick by brick I have built a building

The author affirms that his success is the result of hard and constant work.

41. I'm going, to walk my face

A way of saying that you say goodbye and leave, but you are very good with what you are.

42. Live life like in a movie

One can be protagonist of his own life or be a secondary actor.

43. I am a pastor of glory and heartbreakers I am the hatred, the memory and the pain of the dictators

A very heartfelt rhyme pronounced in one of his songs.

44. It will be better than better, here is a grave with your name and we put flowers

When someone connects with their talent, they do not connect with life.

45. I was the one you loved and now I am the one you hate

It is common to go from love to hatred when a couple breaks up.

46. ​​I have the way of walking from the one who knows that they are watching, the way of speaking of the one who knows that you are listening, and that is that only vocalizing I am falling in love with all those who have been hesitating

When you feel like a true star and you know you're on top.

47. In the street as in sex walk with caution

In life, it is necessary to be humble and respect others.

48. Remember this date as a battle or a love the stars are in my favor

When someone feels good about himself, he does not care what others think.

49. Oh! Immortal Poseidon of the furious trident, I entrust myself to you in this difficult undertaking, propitiates that this sailboat comes to fruition

A rhyme that could be considered poetry.

50. I told you I'll make you dream, and dreaming is fine, but back to reality you'll be with me one hundred percent

A declaration of love in full force. A few words that demonstrate a confidence in itself.

51. That my hand does not shake if I have to take a bus and put on shit and fat to the fucking ass, sometimes I earn just to drink a liter and go home asking: who the fuck is cooler? I am an embrace lampposts, a pilgrim, my old girlfriend said to me: I see you very unhappy. Now I drink alone, sorrows float in wine, tomorrow will be another day ... another day like ...

A verse taken from one of his best musical themes.

53. I'm not calm, there's no reason to be, I'm not sober, there's no reason to be sober

When things are not going well, you may want to resort to alcohol.

54Crazy to produce unpredictable, pleasure in their heads, I feel seekers of certainties, my style is incredible, we are the time that we have left, the old search, the new test

Rap and spontaneity, letting go for the moment is happiness.

55. Today is not my day either but I smile like at Christmas

Although we go through bad times, we must maintain a positive attitude to move forward and not come down.

56. Honey I'm not made for you if you have vertigo

Meaning that not everyone is up to this crazy mentality.

57. Compare me with your boyfriend the ridiculous facade, you should have chosen it with the light off

A criticism towards a woman for having chosen the boyfriend she has.

58. It's a long time to give the coconut

Sometimes, it is much better not to turn things around and move on.

59. If I smell paradise, it's because I was there yesterday, but Eva threw me out

One can be up one day and down the next.

60. I follow the impossible, I describe beauty with a verse, often incorrigible

Kase.O defining what it is and what it does.

61. It's not for God's sake because of the oil monopoly, God does not hate, crap!

Money and oil are symbols of the capitalist system.

62. I'm burned out of life. I need a miracle, I need a I do not know, I need something

Sometimes you do not know where you want to go, because you are going through an existential crisis.

63. I put enthusiasm that is another kind of orgasm

When someone loves what they do, things go almost without thinking.

64. Shit of life, system shit, level of life shit on planet earth, do not presume of supreme, it's the rhythm of my blood

This society can lead us to feel like what the author defines with this phrase.

65. I have so many letters in my mind, I have so many good ones that if you find a bad one you will tell me how good it sounds

His art is transmitted because its authenticity spreads.

66. If there is no justice there is no peace and your fucking everything for the country makes me vomit

A few words that go against the fascist mentality.

67. I bring six million ways to die, only one to live. I'm b-boy to death is what I want to say

Kase.O is a rapper to the core. An MC of body and soul.

68. Do not come here if you are military, we will weaken you, to remove the urge to shout

The author does not like those who defend this unfair system.

69. Here we drink as if they were going to ban

A date that has a certain touch of irony and that talks about drinking.

70. Respect my roll that in yours I do not include myself

Tolerance and respect are fundamental values ​​for this rapper.

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