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The 70 phrases of Björk with more personality

The 70 phrases of Björk with more personality

June 6, 2023

Because of its expressive variety, innovation and eclecticism, this Icelandic singer has revolutionized experimental music and at the same time has been a voice in protest to favor the care of the environment. The passion for art, natural sciences and their way of being in the world can be reflected in the Bjork phrases ; ideas and reflections on society, love, art ...

The Bjork phrases with more personality

This is a selection of 70 Bjork phrases that reflect his philosophy, love of his country, his art and nature.

1. I will never act in another movie

In this sentence, Bjork refers to his participation in the film Dancer in the Dark and the impasses he had with Lars Von trier, director of the film.

2. When I wake up I have to recreate the universe, and I kill it in the afternoon

In this sentence of Bjork can reflect the passion for his work and how important it is to rescue his family life.

3. That's my mother: the ocean

The relationship of the singer with nature is well known.

4. I became a bit like David Attenborough, a little scientific .... How would you say? ... a little too analytical, too rational. Because I needed to hold on to something solid

Bjork is a singer with a tendency to rational analysis of things.

5. I think there are a lot of people who confuse the terms. For me there are two types of music: one that demands attention from the listener, and one that is simply a vehicle for dancing, practicing sex, or creating a certain atmosphere in an airport or in an elevator. People misinterpret dance music, because they wear headphones and listen quietly at home. Shit! that is not like that! Dance music is something tribal: it was born in Africa a thousand years ago and it is destined to performances and clubs so that people can dance for ten hours in a row if necessary. Listening to dance music at home is like putting a rock and roll record at a funeral or an environmental piece at a rock concert. It's stupid. What I do is not really dance; asks for attention and is for domestic use more than for clubs.

In this sentence Bjork talks about dance music and how to live it

6. For me it's like all the songs on the album say: 'Look, that's how it goes.' That's why I called the new album Post, because deep down I always compose the songs as if it were a letter to Iceland. For me to leave all my relatives, all my friends and everything I knew was a very important step

In this sentence of Bjork the singer lets see his longing and the relationship he has with his country.

7. I never thought I would act in such large places. I have always said no to this type of offers, because I think that both I and my music are very private, internal things ..., to listen with headphones. Many people still believe that remixing means recycling, a means for the company to make a song sound more radiable. But in music there has always been a tradition of making versions of the same song. Like when Bach made his organ leaks ... and I want to point out that I do not want to compare myself with Bach. Maybe I'm crazy, but not so much. " Telegram has all the elements of Post exaggerated: "It's like the heart of Post. That's why it's fun to call it a 'remix album', because it's just the opposite. It is more rigid than Post; it does not try to sound nice or pleasant to the ear. It's just a record that I would buy myself.

Bjork is often not understood, she has had to stay firm in her style, since she does not consider herself a mainstream artist.

8. I wanted it to be an honest record. Me, here, myself at home. I wondered if there was anything Icelandic techno and how it should sound. Well, in Iceland, everything revolves around nature 24 hours a day. Earthquakes, snowstorms, rain, ice, volcanic eruptions, geysers ... is very elementary and uncontrollable. But, on the other hand, Iceland is incredibly modern; everything is high technology. The proportion of people with computers is the highest in the world. That contradiction is also in Homogenic. The electronic noises are the rhythm, the heartbeat. The violins create an ancient atmosphere, the coloration. Homogenic is Iceland, my native country, my house.

Bjork is the reflection of Iceland and has always wanted to make it clear.

9. I feel incredibly honored to have been asked to write a song and sing it at the Olympic Games. The song is written from the point of view of the ocean that surrounds the whole earth and observes humans to see how they are doing after millions of years of evolution. Do not see borders, different races or religions that have always been at the center of these games

Yoga was composed to be the song of the 2004 Olympics.

10. It's about going to the essence of something.And with this album entirely vocal, that makes sense

This phrase from Bjork reflects the dedication when making his compositions .

11. I would like to think of life as a musical, because in musicals, nothing horrible happens

A reflection on the vicissitudes of life.

12. I have seen the water. It's just water and nothing else. I've seen it all. I have seen the darkness. I have seen the brightness of a small spark. I have seen what I chose. I have seen what I need and that has been enough

Fragment of a song from the movie Dancer in the Dark.

13. Why did you have it? Did you know that I would have the same disease as you?

- I just wanted to have a little baby in my arms

This phrase by Bjork is a line from the film Dancer in the Dark where it sums up the motherly tenderness.

14. I must believe that there is nothing more to see

Phrase that belongs to the movie Dancer in the Dark.

15. I am ashamed to hear my last CD. I have a lot of work to do, let's put it that way.

Bjork is very famous for being a perfectionist in her work.

16. I love being a very personal singer-songwriter, but I also like to be a scientist or an explorer

Since childhood Bjork had an approach to science since his parents always instilled love for her.

17. I love England. It is no coincidence that it is the first place I moved to for a more cosmopolitan life, which is the only thing that Iceland lacks

This phrase of Bjork reflects his preference for this lifestyle.

18. Sometimes I fall into the trap of doing what I think I should be doing instead of doing what I want to be doing

The pursuit of perfection , for Bjork, they can put us in this type of circumstance.

19. I would like to teach music It's strange how they teach music at schools like Julliard these days

Curious confession. I would be a very original teacher.

20. I made three solo albums in a row, and that's pretty narcissistic

To leave that feeling about his work decided to venture into the cinema.

21. It's funny how hippies and punks tried to get rid of conservatives, but they always seem to have the upper hand in the end

Interesting reflection, in this sentence of Bjork.

22. Now that rock is turning 50, it has become classic in itself. It is interesting to see that development

She herself is part of that development, since with her work she has contributed to the evolution of this.

23. The reason why I do interviews is because I am protecting my songs

In this sentence of Bjork, he addresses criticisms about his music.

24. There is no map for human behavior

This phrase was probably said by reviewing his own behavior. There are no borders for Bjork.

25. Getting rid of religion would be a good start, right? It seems to be causing a lot of havoc

Interesting position as a solution to many social problems.

26. Singing is like a celebration of oxygen

This phrase of bjork relates the song as a reaffirmation of life.

27. I feel that the 21st century is a new era. Not only can we collaborate again with nature, but we must do it. Is an emergency

In this Bjork phrase we can see its naturalistic framework.

28. I think I'm quite used to not being understood instead of being understood

Phrase that refers your perception to the world regarding your work.

29. It is amazing how nature puts women to care for people, and yet it is difficult for them to take care of themselves

A critique of the value of women for themselves.

30. Football is a festival of fertility. Eleven sperm trying to enter the egg. Sorry for the goalkeeper

This Bjork phrase reflects his sarcastic sense of humor

31. People always ask me about the Eskimos, but there are no Eskimos in Iceland

Many people have come to know Iceland through this singer.

32. Definitely, definitely, definitely, there's no logic to human behavior ... There's no map And a compass would not help at all

This phrase of Bjork alludes to that there are no exact theories that can explain human behavior and therefore can not be a guide of life.

33. I am one of the most idiosyncratic people of all

Bjork has always been respectful and a defender of diverse minorities.

34. Not only bankers will pay for the disaster, also politicians

In this sentence Bjork addresses a situation that relates politics and economics.

35. I have never worked many hours of the pull, I do not believe in creativity in that way, I prefer mine

Bjork has always been given space to stimulate his creativity.

36. Musicians are obliged to make their art more tactile and intuitive

In this sentence Bjork lets see his position on.

37. I spend weeks with each subject, with every little detail, I tried to make sure everything is fine, although I do not really want it to sound absolutely perfect

Another phrase that reflects your work style.

38. I have always liked the extremes. That's why I love solitude and also mix with other people and work with them

In this Bjork phrase, the singer describes her personality.

39. Feminists bore me to death.I follow my instinct and if you support girls in any way, great. But I prefer that you see it more as a lesson about following your own instincts instead of imitating someone

Marking their political and social positions and ideologies.

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40. Sometimes, when I have a lot of ideas and I want to do many things, or when I am traveling, I will lose energy and I can not do as many things as I want. So I have to plan day when I'm not doing anything. I find it a bit boring, but it is necessary

Bjork has always been characterized by this type of commitment that puts him to work.

41. I feel that the people of Iceland have a different relationship with their country than in other places. Most Icelanders are very proud to be from there, and we do not have embarrassments like World War II where we were cruel to other people

This phrase of Bjork marks his position towards his country.

42. I always wanted to be a farmer. There is a tradition of in my family

In this sentence let see other aspirations and desires.

43. I'm not interested in politics. I lose the microsecond interest stops being emotional, when something becomes a political movement. What interests me are the emotions

Delimiting his position on politics.

45. Usually, when you see women in movies, they feel that they have these metal structures around them, they are caged in male energy

In this sentence, Bjork lets glimpse that between the scripts, are the perceptions and desires of the men.

46. ​​In 2008, I was more thinking about using the touch screen to write the songs. From there I started to think about how I visualize music

In this phrase, the singer seeks to explain the elements or situations that generate their musical evolutions.

47. Everything is full of love

This Bjork phrase that appears in his song that has the same title as the title, caused much controversy and was censored in many places.

48. Imagine what my body might sound like a blow against those rocks. When I land, will they close or open my eyes?

This phrase belongs to the song Hyper-Ballad and has a pretty naturist content.

49. I do not expect people to understand me, that would be quite arrogant

Bjork has always tried not to show himself in such a way.

50. I thought I could organize freedom. What scandinavian of me

Another one of those Bjork phrases in which he identifies his thought with his roots.

51. Religion is a mistake. Its self-justification exhausts me. I believe that atheists should start screaming for attention as religious people do. Nature is our church

Bjork has always made clear his position on the subject of religion.

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52. I always try to wear clothes from unknown designers, and I make sure to pay them because I have money for something

Bjork has always preferred the independent regarding his style.

53. Coincidence only makes sense with you

Phrase that belongs to the song Yoga and that is addressed to humanity.

54. What probably confuses people is that they know a lot about me, although in reality there are many more things that they do not know

There are many speculations about his life because the audience relates their intimacy with the style of their work .

55. I'm a little nerdy, I would not mind working in a store selling records, or having a radio show where you can put dark singles

This Bjork phrase says a lot about his thinking about happiness.

56. There are certain emotions that even your best friend can not sympathize with, but you will find the right movie or the right book, and they will understand you

Artistic expressions also help us to understand ourselves and to express ourselves when we do not find words.

57. I never really understood the word "loneliness". I am always in an orgy with the sky, the ocean and nature

This phrase of Bjork reflects the deep connection it has with nature.

58. Iceland sets a world record. The United Nations gave people around the world a series of questions. Iceland excelled at one thing. When they asked us, what do we believe? 90% said, 'in ourselves'. I think I'm in that group. If I get into trouble, there is no God or Allah to help me. I have to do it myself

The way things work in your country is something that makes you feel proud.

59. You can not say no to hope, you can not say no to happiness

Phrase that belongs to the song Alarm Call and refers to reaffirm hope and happiness in our lives.

61. I think that choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. It would be foolish not to taste both when there are so many different flavors

In this sentence of Bjork, invites us to reject the war of sexes.

62. I mean, the human race, we are a tribe, let's be honest, and stop all this religious crap. I think everyone, or at least many of my friends, are so exhausted with all this importance of religious people. Just drop it.We are all fucking animals, so let's do some universal tribal rhythm. We are pagans Let's go.

In this sentence Bjork makes a call to focus on our humanity away from the prejudices or dogmas that separate.

63. I'm a whisper in the water

This phrase by Bjork is part of the song Bachelorette Homogenic.

64. I am self-sufficient. I spend a lot of time alone and I disconnect quite easily. When I communicate, I communicate to 900 percent, then I disconnect, which scares people sometimes

Bjork is dedicated with intensity at every moment, something that many people do not know and scares them.

65. Emotions were not created to simply lie down. You must experience things to the fullest. I have a feeling that time is running. We have to feel all those things to the fullest. Like, I do not eat much but I really love to eat. And I like to be precise and particular. There is a certain respect in that. If you can make your day depending on how you feel, and enjoy things too

Your work has a very emotional content.

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66. I am a half child, half old

In this Bjork phrase we see a definition of herself with respect to how she expresses herself before others.

67. It seems that most of the world is handled by the eye, right? They design cities to look great, but they always sound horrible ... They design phones so they look good, but they sound horrible. I think it was time for the other senses to be celebrated

In this sentence he talks about the importance of how things look before any other type of assessment to different senses.

68. You should not let poets lie to you

This phrase of Bjork became known when in a video deconstruyó a television to give to understand its rejection to this same one.

69. I'm not fucking Buddhist, but this is enlightenment

This phrase is part of the lyrics of the song Alarm Calm .

70. I do not believe in religion, but if I had to choose one, it would be Buddhism.

Bjork defines a position by an isthmus that always felt close to its principles.

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