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The 70 strongest lapidary phrases

The 70 strongest lapidary phrases

July 18, 2024

The lapidary phrases are those that, in a few words, condense lessons or messages so powerful that they need few clarifications more. I suppose that at some point in your life you have heard expressions that, although somewhat shocking, expressed some situation to reflect with a trace of comedy; this is just a sample of how language allows us to convey great meanings in seemingly simple ways. The lapidary phrases have accompanied us throughout our lives.

These reflections play with our preconceived beliefs that we surely learned from our parents' first source. They have also served to give humor to situations where truth gives us where it hurts most.

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The most impressive lapidary phrases

This is a selection of blunt and direct lapidary phrases , many of which can make you smile or think for a while.

1. Ignorance is temporary, stupidity is forever

While ignorance is fought with knowledge, stupidity may have no cure.

2. The passion to destroy is sometimes a constructive passion

The act of destroying can initiate a change or open the doors to innovation.

3. There are two words that will open many doors: "pull and push"

Recognizing that the pressure and impulsiveness of the will opens doors.

4. With age, the dictatorship of the "you" ends and the anguish that you get when someone talks to you about "you" disappears forever

About when we mature and feel the weight of circumstances.

5. Collaborate with the police: hit yourself

A form of protest in the face of police abuse.

6. If I were you I would fall in love with me

Of the most honest declarations of self-love.

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7. The one who laughs last ... probably has not understood the joke

How true.

8. Do not take life seriously; total, you will not live out of it

Nice way to say: relax and live the experience.

9. Slavery has not been abolished, only put on the payroll

While the laws do not contemplate slavery, there are certain ways to evade them.

10. The one that boasts of excellence usually shows its shortcomings

Sometimes we need to show ourselves to others wearing masks.

11. Aging is the only way to live a long time

Old age is not a simple consequence of watching time go by.

12. Copy to another: plagiarism. Copy many: research

Successful study or scientific work is not intended for one person , but to those who contributed to the bases of all the theories used.

13. Masturbate is not bad, but it is better to flirt and meet people

The person who coined this phrase was probably very concerned about the success of your social relationships.

14. It is symptomatic of the royal fascists to call the fascists to others

You have to be careful when distributing value judgments, since you can end up banning evil.

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15. Baldness may be a symbol of virility, but it reduces the opportunity to check

This sentence does sting a high self-esteem.

16. A wise man always thinks what he says and never says what he thinks

The right word for the right purpose, all with great prudence.

17. Every question has two points of view: the wrong one and ours

And in this way, you win all the battles.

18. If you do not think about your future, you will not have it

Believe in your own possibilities It is the first step to advance.

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19. The dog's best friend is another dog

Unfortunately human beings do not recognize the needs of other species so we decided to humanize them without repairing the damage we do to them.

20. A pessimist is an experienced optimist

Never distrust the advice of the pessimist, probably live better than an optimist.

21. Orientals do not bow, scan their interlocutor

The orientals are very clever.

22. I wonder: what would I do without me?

Of romantic individualisms that thrill.

24. I like repeat offenders because they do not change their minds

On impulsive and loyal constancy.

25. Cowards often fight the force of the word with the force of the police

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to observe battles of mistaken sides.

26. In wars, soldiers receive bullets and generals receive medals

Sometimes nobody knows who he works for, and less in contexts of violence .

27. I'm not a complete useless ... at least I serve as a bad example

It is beautiful to recognize our potential.

28. That the desire for freedom does not enslave us

Fans should review this reflection.

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29. Blessed are those who wait for nothing because they will never be disappointed

When expectations do not count, only what we are experiencing.

30. The future is hidden behind the men who do it

The future is under construction.

31. Do not get involved in the world of drugs ... we are many and there is very little

One of those lapidary phrases of an ironic kind about the effects of addiction.

32. Absolute truth does not exist and this is absolutely true

How true in this sentence.

33. You can learn a lot about love in the movies ... if we do not get distracted by the movie

The scenarios for love sometimes tend to be somewhat risky.

34. Having a clear conscience is a symptom of poor memory

This lapidary phrase invites us to search among the nooks and crannies of our past.

35. Life is a deadly sexually transmitted disease

Original way of seeing life.

36. Do not trust whoever tries to convince you of something. Everything you have to learn you will learn by yourself

We are our best teachers ; at least, in some circumstances.

37. The economy is not like a motor: it's like a bicycle. If it stops, you fall

Therefore, in some situations you have to push it.

38. All past time was previous

The past only has space in the past. Let's move forward.

39. Suppose there are no hypothetical situations ...

And we are not going to assume the intention of who invented this phrase.

40. You never have to hit a fallen man, you can get up

By an act of kindness, towards oneself.

41. Man of good habits, look for someone to take them away

Well, in love it is better to put the cards on the table from the beginning.

42. How do you want me to forget you if, when I start forgetting you, I forget to forget you and I start to remind you

This phrase addresses an everyday dilemma linked to love .

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43. To be bad is to take revenge in advance

There are people who prefer to be forewarned.

44. In the ocean of the Internet, it does not matter if the truth is revealed, since it is nothing more than a drowning drop in a sea of ​​falsehoods

This lapidary phrase, is to share it on the wall of a social network.

45. Life is expensive, there is another cheaper, but it is not life

Probably this phrase is directed to situations where we let ourselves be led by an easier path and not fight for our dreams.

46. ​​Do not talk unless you can improve the silence

Silence is also important we must have a good reason to break it.

47. The world is running out of geniuses: Einstein died, Beethoven went deaf ... and my head hurts

Apparently someone has a very good self-esteem.

48. The promises of freedom are usually the candy that we offer the child to be quiet

This phrase invites us not to deceive ourselves.

49. He who seeks the truth runs the risk of finding it

Sometimes the truth could not please us.

50. The one who is born poor and ugly has great possibilities that both conditions will develop as they grow

This phrase is over nothing hopeful panoramas .

51. Many times the problem lies not in knowing what to do, but in knowing who does it

Deciding who moves tab can become complicated.

52. There are people so poor that they only have money ...

And probably it is the saddest miseries.

53. Children always tell the truth; that's why schools were invented

Sometimes it is in the interests of adults to keep children occupied so as not to hear their truths, just as the system does the same with them.

54. Liberalism is based on encouraging fools to risk their money so that the smart ones have it

This lapidary phrase refers to the latest economic trends that have expanded the world jet set.

55. You have to work eight hours and sleep eight hours, but not the same

This reflection tells us that each activity has its time

56. I prefer that everyone agree with something I have said that some agree with everything I say

It is not honest friends always give the reason.

57. Blessed are the drunkards, who will see God twice

This lapidary phrase warns about the consequences of delirium tremens.

58. I have to go to the eye doctor, but I never see the moment

Well and apparently he does not see the problem either. You have to order priorities.

59. The math teacher has committed suicide, had too many problems

This lapidary phrase points to a somewhat dark humor.

60. Bad rulers breed ruled petty

This lapidary phrase points towards the control exercised by the rulers towards the people .

61. There are no opinions or stupid actions, only stupid ones that think and make decisions

You have to distribute responsibilities very well.

62. The future is always coming, the past is gone and the present is past when you perceive it

This phrase tells us how ephemeral time is.

63. If your boyfriend hurts your study, leave the studio and hurt your boyfriend

This phrase talks about useless revenge.

64The warning is to threaten for good.

We must never overlook good forms.

65. Kill yourself studying and you will be a cultured corpse

Everything has its time and space, We must find a balance .

66. Prevention is better than working

This phrase is probably focused on works that rob us of life.

67. Who moves, crashes, and who stays quiet, rots

Reflection on how we are flowing through life.

68. Those who fought so hard for equality finally achieved that their leaders equals them in poverty

Lapidary phrase that addresses a political context.

69. In the country of cowards, the pimp is king

There are successes that are only explained by the mediocrity of the rest.

70. I will only hear the voice of the one who speaks with facts, not with words

If words are not accompanied with facts, they lose all their power.

Ho'oponopono: Todo es Vibración, por Mª José Cabanillas (July 2024).

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