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The 71 best phrases of disappointment and disappointment

The 71 best phrases of disappointment and disappointment

May 14, 2024

Life does not only consist of victories. In this article we will see a selection of phrases of disappointment and disappointment that reflect through interesting reflections what happens in those moments in which our expectations do not square with reality.

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70 phrases of disappointment and disappointment

An unfair friendship, a love that disappoints us, a project interrupted prematurely ... it is very easy that things do not go as we want. We simply do not have control over everything that happens in our lives. The pain that produces these situations can lead us to distrust or to empower us by learning from these low hours . In fact, in many phrases of disappointment we can find small learning.

Next you will find just a compilation of phrases of disappointment that will be helpful if you or someone you love is going through a similar situation.

1. The woman who abandons us when our love was greater saves us months or years of small disappointments. Man is ungrateful for this one as for other favors (Paul Charles Bourget)

This phrase of disappointment contains the message that in this type of situation we can get a lesson.

2. There is no disguise that can hide for a long time the love where there is, or pretend it where there is none (François de la Rochefoucauld)

Many times we come to perceive the latter, but we are slow to accept it.

3. It is very difficult to maintain a relationship based exclusively on distrust. (Pierce Brosnan)

... since love is nourished by respect and trust.

4. Women may be able to fake orgasms, but men may be able to fake whole relationships. (Jimmy Shubert)

How much damage we can do just by living in constant deception.

5. Most things disappoint until you look deeper. (Graham Greene)

It is when we learn a great lesson.

6. Love can sometimes be magical, but magic ... can sometimes be an illusion. (Unknown author)

When an illusion vanishes, emotional stagnation may appear.

7. Love, of course love. A year of burning and flames and thirty of ashes. (Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa)

Sometimes recovering from disappointment can take a long time.

8. Put your forehead to mine and link your hand, and make oaths that tomorrow you will have broken. (Tennessee Williams)

On the fragility of the promises.

9. Love never dies a natural death ... it dies of blindness, of errors and betrayals. (Anais Nin)

For Anais Nin, love weakens until it perishes.

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10. Behind every cynical person, there is a disillusioned idealist. (George Carlin)

Sometimes we are not aware of the damage we can cause.

11. People are not always what you want them to be. Sometimes they disappoint you or disappoint you, but first you have to give them a chance (Chloe Rattray)

We are individuals in the process of evolution, and a certain dose of tolerance to failure can be positive.

12. Nothing is as difficult as not fooling oneself (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

A weakness of which we are all slaves.

13. It is more a disappointment, however cruel, than a pernicious uncertainty (Francisco de Paula Santander)

We will always prefer that partnership that can be accompanied with disappointment that anguish in the face of uncertainty.

14. I already see the crystal of disappointment, that I am dust, nothing and wind (Pedro Calderón De La Barca)

Sentence of disappointment in which Calderón De La Barca tries to convey that sensation that causes us to be in the face of disappointment.

15. Disappointment walks smiling behind enthusiasm (Germaine De Staël)

Many times the enthusiasm can be so intense that we can not control its effects and blinds us when making some decisions.

16. Once his passion is satisfied, every lover experiences a kind of disappointment, because he realizes that he has been the victim of the deceptions of the will of the species (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Schopenhauer presents us with a different perspective on the experience we experience when suffering disappointment.

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17. It is useless. They say that sometimes one drowns in disappointment; well, Resign after having jumped into the abyss of my affection! (Murasaki Shikibu)

This phrase of disappointment accompanies very well feeling that we can have while it occurs.

18. The ancients cultivated their celestial nobility and the terrestrial nobility came to them in addition. The men of today cultivate their celestial nobility so that they are given the terrestrial one and, obtained this one, they forget about it. Their disappointment is great because in the end they will also lose their terrestrial nobility (Mencius)

When the disappointment involves brutally throwing us to a reality that we have built superficially.

18Disillusionment is only the action of your brain readjusting to reality after discovering that things are not the way they thought they were (Brad Warner)

When we understand that everything was a mirage.

20. By dint of disappointments, I discovered that neither fairy tales nor true love exist (Elizabeth Eulberg)

When we carry the responsibility to elements that have nothing to do, it is likely that these situations continue to arise.

21. All because of a fool? "Someone might ask, and whoever has never suffered because of a fool who throws the first stone (Gabriel Rolón)

All of us at some point have experienced disappointment.

22. Enemy of his was anyone who was what he wanted to be or had something he wanted to do (Truman Capote)

When the disappointment makes us remain blocked and we act in a single way before him.

23. Youth is full of promises of happiness, but life only offers the reality of disappointments (Nicholas Sparks)

Or maybe we make it prone to disappointments.

24. Deception is a blessing. If you had never been disappointed, you would never know what is important to you (Kamand Kojouri)

Since it puts in balance the value put in the projects.

25. The problem is that in you there is nothing to fill me (Haruki Murakami)

The emptiness that brings disappointment and disappointment.

26. Only old Benjamin manifested remembering every detail of his long life and knowing that things never were, nor could they be, much better or much worse; hunger, oppression and disappointment were, so he said, the inalterable law of life (George Orwell)

Disappointment as an element of life's learning.

27. Too many trips maybe? Too many time lags, too many hotel roofs and too many nights without rest? Or too many lies (Anna Gavalda)

Sometimes what makes us feel fatigued and disoriented it is not so much the circumstances but one more disappointment.

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28. In the end, it turned out that it's not life that was big for me, it was you, your love, the one that left me small (Mónica Carrillo)

When the curtain that idealizes our partner falls, we see the sad reality. One of the phrases of disappointment with a more tragic and personal touch.

29. Do not ignore reality to console yourself, because when you do it, you make it easy for others to deceive you (Christopher Paolini)

Turning the face to problems will not make them resolve. We must learn from them so as not to repeat them again.

30. Disappointment is not something you are looking for, but it has a wonderful way of clearing your mind (Stephen King)

To leave it empty to be able to fill reality.

31. In reality, it was much more what separated them than what united them (Rafael Reig)

Sometimes the conditions to save us a disappointment they are present, we see them but we do not want to take advantage of them

32. He has seen it on numerous occasions: hundreds of clients who refused to see the reality of things. That they did not admit betrayals or disappointments, that they were stubborn no matter how much she tried to explain them (Erin Morgenstern)

As much as we want, people have a time to understand their reality and adapt to it, but sometimes they never get it.

33. How could he have been so stupid to think they would keep their part of the agreement? The deceitful hope, often the companion of great love, had blinded me (Jasper Fforde)

This phrase of disappointment brings us closer to a dialogue that draws learning from experience.

34. Never get married, Dorian. Men get married because they are tired, women because they are curious: and both are disappointed. (Oscar Wilde)

Oscar Wilde phrase in his work The Portrait of Dorian Gray, where he expressed a reason about his position of marriage.

35. We must accept finite disappointments, but never lose infinite hope (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Always observing each situation very well without being deceived.

36. We must all suffer from one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of repentance or disappointment (Jim Rohn)

We must strive to learn from mistakes.

37. If we are calm and prepared, we should be able to find compensation in each disappointment (Henry David-Jim Rohn)

From that position it is more difficult to deceive oneself.

38. Blessed is he who expects nothing, because he will never be disappointed (Alexander Pope)

When we go out to face life without illusions but prepared for everything that comes.

39. Disappointment is a term for our refusal to look on the positive side (Richelle E. Goodrich)

We must not let it completely envelop us.

40. 20 years later you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the things you did. Release the ties. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch favorable winds in your sails. Explore It sounds. Discover (H. Jackson Brown Jr.)

Do not stay in disappointment. There are new spaces to discover and enjoy.

41. Disillusionment is a kind of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy of a soul that spends too much on hope and expectations (Eric Hoffer)

A clear message that we should take seriously.

42The earlier the refusal, the less disappointment (Publilio Siro)

When we prefer to think that not everything can be perfect, reality becomes a comfortable but fallacious place.

43. When you have expectations, you are preparing for disappointments (Ryan Reynolds)

Somehow people seek to alleviate the inevitable reality.

44. A real desire to be or do something gives us the power -the reason- to get up every morning and start after each disappointment (Marsha Sinetar)

An honest desire with a clear objective.

45. Sometimes with disappointments you get stronger (David Rudisha)

Result of learning from experiences.

46. ​​There can not be a deep disappointment where there is no deep love (Martin Luther King, Jr)

Luther King tries to explain to us that everything comes back to us in the same way that we also strive to improve reality.

47. The principles of living grandly include the ability to face problems with courage, disillusions with joy and trials with humility (Thomas S. Monson)

When we have already reached understanding of life.

48. Life is a long preparation for something that never happens (W.B. Yeats)

Therein lie many of our frustrations in various aspects of our lives.

49. Every moment of life when you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and push (Les Brown)

Council of Les Brown before this type of situations.

50. Disillusionment is for a noble soul what water is for hot metal; it strengthens it, it gives it courage, it intensifies it, but it never destroys it (Eliza Tabor Stephenson)

Because in some way, it also nourishes it.

51. If you are betrayed, quickly release disappointment. In that way, bitterness does not have time to take root (Toba Beta)

An intelligent way to get rid of situations that bind us to unhappiness .

52. When we focus on gratitude, the current of disappointment goes away and the current of love goes (Kristin Armstrong)

We can always feel grateful even in bad times, because we learn to know them and try to avoid them in the future.

53. Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which there is no remedy, except laughter (Kurt Vonnegut)

An excellent alternative to help us face all kinds of setbacks.

54. If you know a lonely person, it does not matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy their solitude. It is because they have tried to mix before in the world and people have continued to disappoint him (Jodi Picoult,

A space that offers protection and tranquility, but spending a lot of time there can make us lose many things.

55. A minute of sincere gratitude can wash away the disappointments of a lifetime (Silvia Hartmann)

The power of gratitude is enormous.

56. There are always failures, disappointments and losses. The secret is to learn from them (Michael J. Fox)

In this message of disappointment we can see learning as a tool to mature.

57. God makes life fertile by disappointments, just as it makes the land fertile by frost (Henry Ward Beecher)

Everything has a purpose if we fight to make our lives an exciting project.

58. Assuming is the root of all disappointment (Rogienel Reyes)

Convince ourselves of what is in front of us is not reality is a way of fall again and again into deception and disappointment .

59. Disenchantment, be it a small disappointment or a great shock, is the sign that things are in transition in our lives (William Throsby Bridges)

Everything is in continuous movement.

60. One of the best protections against disappointment is having a lot to do (Alain de Botton)

You have to focus on useful and productive things.

61. Hope is tomorrow's cure for today's disappointment (Evan Esar)

A hope leads us to focus on real objectives.

62. It is easier to forget an enemy than a friend (William Blake)

Since the disloyalty of a friend is a disappointment difficult to overcome.

63. Nobody gets what they want when it comes to love (Scott Turow)

Because expectations are sometimes too inflated.

64. Expectations should not be taken as reality, because you never know when you will be disillusioned (Samuel P. Huntington)

Let's not get wrapped up in them.

65. The best hits come after the big disappointments (Henry Ward Beecher)

As long as we have learned to handle the mistakes made in the past.

66. If you do not expect anything, you can never be disappointed (Tonya Hurley)

A phrase of disappointment that includes a simple and direct advice.

67. Enthusiasm is followed by disappointment and even depression, and then by renewed enthusiasm (Murray Gell-Mann)

Sometimes it can become a vicious circle.

68. The early disappointment of hope leaves a scar that is illuminated when hope is fulfilled (Thomas Hardy)

And we realize that we have learned a lesson in life.

69. It is not defeat that destroys you, it is being demoralized by defeat that destroys (Imran Khan)

The defeat can show our vulnerabilities , making us feel disappointed.

70. Disillusions are often the salt of life (Theodore Parker)

These situations make our life a varied experience.

71The effort? Not only nor precisely the effort, but something like disappointment. But what disappointment? ... The fear of becoming illusions about oneself. Because the illusions placed in an ideal are not the fearsome: the ideal does not disappoint but is the ideal of a cretin (Rosa Chacel)

In the end we are the ones who create our disappointments.

Disappointment. (May 2024).

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