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The 75 best famous quotes of Rihanna

The 75 best famous quotes of Rihanna

February 3, 2024

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, better known as Rihanna , is a singer, songwriter, actress and business woman born in Barbados.

Known throughout the world for hits like "Umbrella", "Work", "FourFiveSeconds" or "Do not Stop the Music", the Caribbean singer rose to fame in her teens and has since become an icon of the pop music and a resident of the "Billboards" with the most listened to hits.

In addition to her role in music, Rihanna has always been involved in social causes, with special emphasis on feminism and the empowerment of women. Known as a strong woman, the artist was recently named Ambassador of Barbados.

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Phrases and famous quotes of Rihanna

With eight studio albums in its history, the Caribbean has always sought to reinvent itself as an artist, also reaching the big screen in films like "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets".

Then, we review the 75 best phrases of Rihanna .

1. I'm crazy and I do not pretend otherwise.

The singer has no qualms about saying that it comes out of the "normal".

2. I really want to see what life holds for me.

In spite of having lived it, Rihanna still wants more

3. I take risks because if I do not get bored. And I get bored very easily.

Not only on the stage is a restless woman.

4. I have always believed that when you follow your heart, when you do the things that best suit you, you can never lose, because to conform is the worst feeling in the world.

The key to Rihanna's success has been to believe in what she does and not settle.

5. We all have our things that we like and do not want to see. Everything is in the mind. That is why people make their own photographs, because it is difficult for someone to capture what they are looking for.

Interesting phrase where the singer compares the search for what satisfies us with photography.

6. Women feel empowered when they do things that only men are supposed to do.

She has always declared herself as a strong defender of feminism.

7. In my looks I always look for new things. Interesting silhouettes or something out of the ordinary. I have to do it own. That is the fashion for me.

Phrase where we see once more as it flees from the established.

8. If I cry it is because I am very angry because I can not do anything to solve it. That's when I cry

Nor does she get rid of the feeling of helplessness despite having "everything".

9. I do not have time to be alone. I am afraid to get into relationships and forgive them that are faithful and loyal because I can not give them 10% of the attention they need. It is the reality of my life and my calendar.

Not all are lights in the life of the stars.

10. In the future I will look back and I will be able to say that I have enjoyed my life and that I have lived it for me.

No doubt the singer has given everything.

11. If a person is right for you, you will know.

Deep down we know when someone is "that" person.

12. If you do not live your life, who will?

Reflection that invites to focus on oneself and forget others.

13. I do not do things because of the response they will receive or the controversy. I only live my life.

Rihanna, despite being in the spotlight, does not care what they say.

14. Most people take the complete picture of a person from just a bit of information they receive. Most of the time it is wrong.

We all know how carnivorous the tabloid press can be.

15. I love to sing. I love it and it's not superficial. Is an expression way.

It's not just your job, it's your passion.

16. All I want is to have a positive impact on women. Women are very powerful but we also have the most doubts. We will never know how powerful we are.

The singer is very aware of the role she plays in empowering women.

17. Making music is like going shopping for me. Each song is like new shoes.

Phrase where we see how Rihanna sees his songs.

18. I drink a lot of coconut water. It balances everything toxic that I put into my body.

What will you refer to toxic?

19. I could never identify with the word "weak".

Without a doubt, the Caribbean is a strong woman.

20. The single life is very overrated.

Do you mean that you would like to be a couple?

21. You just have to accept your body. You may not love him, but you just have to feel comfortable with him.

Interesting phrase where he compares loving with accepting.

22. I always feel observed. If I'm on the top floor with the curtains open, I feel like there are paparazzi.

And is not for less. It is one of the most popular stars.

23. I hate to go to gymnastics and follow a classic method.I hate something too squared, that has routine, too familiar. I get bored very fast.

Even in the gym you need something more stimulating, mentally speaking.

24. Never as a salad. I make sure I do not eat too much garbage, but I hate vegetables.

Curious as he keeps that figure without vegetables.

25. I get men with culture. That leave me wanting more. They do not have to have a career, but they have to speak other languages ​​or know things from other parts of the world.

The singer uncovers as sapiosexual.

26. I like to be taught. I like to feel like a student.

Given the power position she has, Rihanna still likes to feel apprenticed.

27. Robyn is who I am. Rihanna is an idea of ​​who I am.

The full name of the singer is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

28. When I imagine myself an old woman, I only care about feeling happy.

Not money, not fame. Just look for happiness

29. I always wanted to do what my brothers did. I always wanted to play hard games and wear pants and go out.

Phrase where he shows that he has never had any qualms about empowering himself doing "masculine" activities.

30. There is nothing better than a jacket. You can do everything with a big jacket. You can have the silhouette you want under a jacket.

In the hiding place of that garment she finds her strength.

31. I can not make a song for someone in particular.

Reflection where he talks about how he can only talk about general concepts.

32. I want to give people a bit of the Caribbean. Let them see my fun side.

No doubt the origin of the one that comes is much closer than that of the big city.

33. I am a girl but I have to think and act like a woman. The business forces you to do so.

Despite being in a position of power, deep down she feels like a girl-

34. I'm happy and I'm single.

Rihanna does not need a man by her side to be happy.

35. It's easy to make an album full of good songs, but what I want is for the ensemble to have value.

He prefers to look at the album as a concept that only makes "hits".

36. You have no power in how God does things.

Do you discover yourself Christian?

37. We always want what other people have and other people want what we have.

No doubt the world is moved by envy.

38. Sometimes on stage I make songs that I no longer feel identified with, so I want you to break the time barrier.

It's hard to deny that some songs are going to be "timeless".

39. I love reading people. I love watching and thinking about why they dress as they dress and why they smell the way they smell.

Observer born, without a doubt.

40. When I started partying with friends, when I was 14, it was the opposite of everyone. He was wearing poles and hats inside out. I did not want to be like the others.

From very small and the Caribbean began to stand out.

41. Streaming is a very big market for me.

The new platforms have undoubtedly become the new way to consume music.

42. I have a very vulnerable side. I think that people have a wrong image of me. They are not as defensive and aggressive as people believe.

We assume that this facet of dura is also necessary in order not to be oppressed in the world that lives.

43. I suffered bullying as a young man. I do not even know why.

How will those who abuse her feel now?

44. Love is the best subject to sing about. The purest

And the most recurrent theme too.

45. It's every girl's dream to be a cover girl.

A pity that this is the canon of success.

46. ​​I have nothing to hide.

Not that I can too much, since he lives with paparazzi around.

47. People believe that just because we are young, we are not complex. We can suffer as much as an older person.

And surely what is lived, is lived with more intensity.

48. Women want freedom. They want to empower themselves. They want hope.

Without a doubt, she is an icon of feminism.

49. Steven Spielberg was my childhood hero.

What will be your favorite movie?

50. All my favorite artists are from the 90s. They were all very brave.

Interesting phrase that leaves you wanting to know what the references are.

51. Children are the ones who create trends. The designers only take it, they do it again and they make the children buy it again but more expensive.

Curious reflection that emphasizes that designers are nothing more than "scouts".

52. I never know what day it is. Never never never.

With her agenda, the Caribbean has already lost track of time.

53. All my jewels are Claire's jewelery. Or from my mother's boutique in Barbados.

It must be one of the few that do not spend too much on jewelry.

54. I could never advise on relationships to anyone.

Well known is what happened to Chris Brown.

55. The best feeling I've experienced was winning the first Grammy. A few years before I dreamed of him and suddenly it was happening.

How would you feel now, to win one?

56. Music is in my DNA!

No doubt it is not a business for her, it is her passion.

57. My body is weird. I wake up when the sun rises and I have a hard time sleeping. I think too much at night.

It worries him that he is nor does he calm down at night.

58I would love to go out with someone cool, fun and entertaining.

Rihanna neither looks for men with fame, nor with money. That already has it.

58. My musical taste changes naturally. I do not force it. Sometimes I do dark things and sometimes I am very feminine.

Well known is that she is a very versatile artist.

59. I do not like good times. They make everything perfect and boring.

Bad news for the good guys of the world.

60. If you make music that you do not identify with, it's painful. It is painful for the one who acts and for the public.

Without doubting one of the keys to success is to connect and connect with music.

61. Men need attention. They need to be fed by the ego from time to time.

Being in an industry led by men, Rihanna has been able to know well how these work.

62. The day I get up without cellulit? That will be the perfect day.

Even being envied by so many, neither Rihanna escapes insecurities.

63. I have incredible experiences in my life

It is not difficult to imagine the anecdotes I could tell.

64. As a young girl, she was very rude.

Rebellion often goes hand in hand with not being educated.

65. When I cut my hair, all my sound changed. My style changed.

Curious as a simple aesthetic change could change the "mindset" of the artist

66. I like to be creative.

It is well known that the singer likes to get involved in the artistic concept of her music.

67. My mother would kill me if she posed naked. My mother has certain standards

Despite what physically imposes the Caribbean, his first boss is his mother.

68. I love music but after my first experience with movies, I can not wait to do more.

The artistic ambition of the singer is not reduced to music.

70. Dancing is very important to me because I grew up in Barbados. It is essential there.

Take the Caribbean in the genes and take pride in it.

71. I have too much clothes. I have too many options.

How big should the popstar closet be?

72. I know that a lot of my fanbase is gay. From the beginning they supported me. It is impossible for me to be homophobic.

The diva knows who owes much of her fame.

73. Honestly, lately I think about how boring I am. When I have free time I watch TV.

We can not imagine Rihanna seeing Masterchef with how moved she is.

74. I love Eminem. He is one of my favorite rappers and I love his lyrics. He is a true poet.

The Detroit rapper is part of their influence.

75. Music is what I like most in this life so when I'm doing it I never need to give myself a break.

As one wise man said, "get yourself a job that you like and do not go back to work in life".

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